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Friday 30 June 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
Family Writers

One thing that has seriously baffled many Biafrans is why the IPOB declaration of "No More Election" in Biafra land has continued to be the headache of the people in Abuja, Sokoto and Kano. It is worthy of note that  Biafrans have vehemently vowed that there will be no election again in Biafra land beginning with a plan to resist the conduct of Anambra governorship election billed for November 18, and ultimately boycott it should INEC and Nigeria government defy IPOB declaration and go ahead to conduct the election. Biafrans are making the world to know that by the civil disobedience to be demonstrated with "No Election" arrangement of IPOB Worldwide, they have peacefully wanted to use peaceful means to withdraw all the political office holders serving or representing Biafrans in Nigeria government because they have rejected Nigeria government and everything associated with it.

There will be total rejection, resistance and eventual boycott of all the proposed  elections if Nigeria government fail to organized a referendum for Biafra, there will be nobody elected anymore as a Senator, House of Representative member, Governors and House of Assembly members in Biafra land, because there will be nobody to vote in any election anywhere in the Biafraland. When this arrangement which we are perfecting in Biafra land is completed, Biafra land must have cut off legislative and executive ties with Nigeria government. As for the propaganda of Nigeria government against Biafra agitation with threats of war, IPOB has no business with Nigeria government over the beating of the drums of war because a demand for referendum has never been construed anywhere in the world as a call for war except in Nigeria which is a place of intellectual bankruptcy.

Biafrans want to use the rejection, resistance and outright boycott of the elections to tell the International Community that they are no more interested in Nigeria government and thereby peacefully chose to stop sending representatives in the government which they have rejected because after October 1st, 2017, any government structure of Nigeria in Biafra land as whole will be considered as forcefully occupying the Biafra territory without the approval of the indigenous people because Biafrans will no longer willfully give allegiance to Nigeria government and accord it the deserved respect as their Federal government. This development will be manifesting itself through an unprecedented freestyle of contempt and flagrant disdain against Nigeria government because it will be considered as an empirical alien government of dark ages only obtainable centuries ago during the Roman Empire under Caesar Augustus or Emperor Nero.

It is upon this ugly development coming against Nigeria government within the next few days, that IPOB Worldwide hereby advise Nigeria government not to wait until this ugly development set-in before relevant actions could be taken to remedy the battered image of Nigeria government which must have been seriously made caricature of by Biafrans by that time. Nigeria government should just organize a referendum for Biafra without further delay because there is no more going back on the issue of Biafra restoration struggle. When Biafra eventually exit Nigeria, the new sovereign nation called Biafra and the remaining parts of Nigeria could be good neighbouring countries.

So, why are Nigerians wailing now as we have decided to withdraw our representatives from Nigeria government through the instrumentality of the election boycott all over the Biafra land? For many years now, mischief makers in Nigeria have being challenging Biafrans to withdraw their Senators and House of Reps members from Nigeria National Assembly if they do not want Nigeria any more but truly desire Biafra restoration. As it is at moment, Biafrans have decided to respond to the challenge of Nigerians in withdrawal of their representatives from Nigeria government through direct peaceful election boycott. It is important for Nigerians to know that Biafrans are not terrorists like Arewa people who believe in doing everything in violence but they are civilized people who do things peacefully because Biafrans knew very well that a person must be elected through an election before he becomes a Senator, a House of Representative member, a Governor and a State House of Assembly member. Therefore, Biafrans as peaceful and civilized as they are always, they will never violently remove the serving Senators, House of Representative members or the serving Governors but any time their tenures elapses and Nigeria government yet to organize referendum for Biafra, let it be known to the world that Biafrans will not even allow election again in Biafra land not to talk about electing anybody into any office representing Nigeria government from Biafra land.

In conclusion, let Nigeria government and the world at large be aware that Biafrans have started the process of withdrawal of our representatives from Nigeria government as we were challenged to do by Nigerians months back if we are truly demanding for Biafra restoration. As for Anambra governorship election, we are not only going to boycott it but resist the conduct of it against INEC in totality.


1 comment

  1. A shame it is.
    Right now busy as when Nazi Estonia spyorganisation was given chairman in eu-shit.
    They will be between. Same as we did with Isis..and allies US DNC democrates. That's a big move forward against Sharia mania.
    You must understand there is lots of work behind it..and we will come to you, dealing with idioism and insanities chewing drugs like machineguns.


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