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Wednesday 5 July 2017



By Obulose Chidiebere N.
For Family Writers Press

The tragedy and heinous crimes of 19th January 2013, carried out at Ezu River in Amansí, Awka-North local Government Area of Anambra state, are still very fresh in our memory. The blood of those innocent, young and promising Biafran men mowed down by the agents of Anambra cum Nigeria government, has continued to seek for vengeance against those that perpetrated that dastardly act of wickedness.

The questions that have persistently remained unanswered include;

1) Has Ezu River become Bermuda Triangle that cannot be accessed for security reasons?

2) How many bodies of those slain Biafran men were actually dumped into the Ezu River?

3) Why has the Anambra state government kept sealed lips over that gruesome act?

4) Who is still holding the autopsy result of the Ezu River saga?
There has been some speculations that couldn't really confirm the exact figure of the bodies that were dumped into the River. Some said over 30 bodies, while others suggested 50. What or who actually masterminded the death of these young men?

The erstwhile governor of the State, Peter Obi and the hawkish Nigeria government have been fingered to have carried out these heinous acts. An eye witness account confirmed that the murderous Nigeria security operatives called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a detachment of the Nigerian Police Force with the consent of the then state governor, Peter Obi, did it. The eye witness said that police vans with the inscription SARS, were sighted conveying and dumping them in the Ezu River. It then calls for answer why such gross wickedness of pollution should be carried out in a flowing river that serves as source of drinking water and other salient activities to many rural communities within that axis of Anambra state.

This poser should be better explained by the Nigeria Police detachment known as SARS, former Governor Peter Obi and his All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) political party agents. This evil to many, has become a mystery but to others, a matter whose source is fully known. The Ezu River didn't kill these men and so could not be a Bermuda triangle extension located in Anambra state. The people that committed these crimes are not spirits and are very comfortably being shielded from arrest and prosecution. This type of tragedy can only be perpetrated in a country like Nigeria where evil and wickedness do not only thrive but are cherished and celebrated. Nigeria, an evil forest where it's vampiric leaders derive satisfaction in killing, shedding innocent blood and strangle to death even at will, their supposed followers to death cannot be exonerated.

Peter Obi as the then governor of Anambra state who also doubled as the chief security officer has in conjunction with his APGA party, blatantly refused to advance satisfactory explanations to Anambrians, Biafrans and the entire civilised world, the offences committed by the slain that would warrant such barbaric treatments from those who were supposed to be protected. If Peter Obi and the Nigeria Police claim not to have known what transpired, why then hasn't there been any commission of inquiry instituted to unearth the perpetrators? If the then Anambra State Police Commissioner, Bala Nasarrawa also claims not to have a hand in the death of these young men, let him tender the autopsy report of the conducted tests carried out on the bodies. If also the Police Officer in-charge of SARS in Anambra State, James Nwafor, Police Superintendent (SP) claims he is unaware of the incidents nor isn't an accomplice in these atrocious crimes, let him boldly and publicly make a statement. If the then murderous Inspector General of Police (IGP),  Mr. Abubakar claims he knows nothing about the evil acts of his men, let him out of good conscience, stand before God to declare his innocence.

It is really heartbreaking to state here too that it smacks of grave criminality, the hurriedly organised mass burial of these slain Biafrans without concise efforts put in place to determine their real identities and the causes of their deaths. The myths surroundering their demise and dumping the over 50 bodies into Ezu River need to be unravelled as a matter of principle and good conscience. If Anambra State lacks the required expertise to investigate their deaths, common sense requires in this 21st century, the involvement of Federal or International bodies. How much cost will the state incur that won't worth it if the willingness to really show concern for her slain citizens was there?

I can recall when "the headless and limbless body" of a five or six-year-old child was discovered near Tower Bridge in London in the month of September 2001, the United Kingdom Police spent millions of Pounds to carry out investigations on it. And of course "When forensic tests involving samples taken from the bones, linked the body of the child to West Africa and subsequently to Nigeria, officers investigating the case visited Nigeria in search of the child's roots. Now more than 50 unidentified corpses were discovered and mass burial was hurriedly arranged for them by a governor and his police collaborators. What a sad contrast? Peter Obi may not have personally killed these young, innocent Biafrans but may have willed it through his inactions as a supposed chief protector of all Anambra citizens.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the ebullient and resilient leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide and director of Radio Biafra/Biafra Tv respectively, has  effectively educated and enlightened Biafrans on the imminent tragedy of voting in any election, these political vampires into positions of authority and emphasized the needs in unmistakable terms, to stop them and their agents from ascending the pinnacle of power. This is the time to truncate the plots of these Biafran political bloodsuckers from furthering successfully, their evil antics against the people. Some deranged bigots like the murderous Anambra State Police Commissioner from the North called Garba Umar shamelessly voiced to the public that the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) cannot stop the planned Governorship election in the state this coming November. For how long would Biafrans continue to elect criminals and puppets of the Northern Islamic Oligarchy into government who would return not only to mortgage their future and that of the unborn generations but to kill them? It is time for us to take our destiny as a people into our hands and stand firmly and decisively, against this persisting tide of evil. We must boycott every activity lined up to oppress and victimize us in this evil contraption called Nigeria until we gloriously match into our beloved Nation, BIAFRA. And when it is fully restored, we can then decide mutually, who our political leaders should be.

The Decision Day is 18th of November, 2017. Be on the know of this date for the scheduled Anambra State governorship election. Do not fall for their traps.

Let us play the men for our God!

Biafra restoration is booting!!

Do not prevaricate!!!

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

1 comment

  1. How can this kind of atrocities be executed against human-living souls,yet such tyranny is veiled, authority kept mute over same, at same time anticipating positive change.I've realized there's no amount of correspondence or demonstrations that will propel Nigeria onto penitence & restitution.As it's with FG,so it's with State Government. We want freedom. Let there be referendum.


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