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Sunday 9 July 2017


•9TH JULY 2017•

By Maxwell Chuks
for Family Writers

Welcome to Spotlight Of The Week from Family Writers Press. In this special edition, we will be bringing to you amazing and wonderful updates, which made newspaper headlines and got people talking in and outside social media during the week. You know how we do it, Let's drop the gist once again as usual.

• "Investigate sources of weapons of killer herdsmen" - Sultan tells Federal Government of Nigeria.
But guess what...
Ever since this call was made; the FG of Nigeria is yet to say anything and this keeps us wondering why no move have been made to at least counter the speculations and prove they don't know those sponsoring the wild herdsmen.
Anyway, patiently we are waiting to see the end of it all.

• Still on the predictable update in Nigeria which emerges every week:
Herdsmen hack 64-years old father of seven to death in Ondo.

• "Malaye's recall: Our signatures forged" - 18 constituents in Kogi state alleged.
Recall:- There have been news going round Nigeria that constituencies in Kogi state signed signatures for the recall of Senator Dino Malaye over what is described as misrepresentation. But shortly after the signatures surfaced; 18 constituents have raised serious alarm saying "We didn't sign for the recall of Malaye, our signatures were forged to witch hunt him".
Hmmm.. Welcome to Nigeria.

• Still inside Nigeria and their politics..
"We don't know when Buhari will return from London" -APC (the ruling Party in Nigeria) tells Nigerians.
Ghen! Ghen!!!!!
Still on the matter;
"Buhari's doctor said he can no longer function" - Femi Fani-Kayode tells the masses as he blast APC.
Are you wondering what's going on? Keep watching as event unfolds.

• During the week; traditional rulers, Elders and others welcomed the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as he visit Obu Gad in Anambra state, where according to history, is Biafrans' ancient home.

• Biafra: "Your call for referendum is a waste of time" - FG of Nigeria tells agitators. This came after the presidency said referendum is not contained in the Nigeria constitution and some Northern politicians added by saying they won't allow Nigeria divide now for any reason.
"Those who think our agitation for Biafra and demand for referendum is a waste of time should expect the worse which will befall Nigeria" - Biafran Youths replied Federal Government of Nigeria.
Ghen! Ghen!!

• As the week rolls it's boat gentle down the stream; mysterious death came knocking again at the door of Nigeria.
Guess who it took....
Buhari's nephew, Mamman Daura's brother. The very man who vowed he'll never be alive to see Biafrans divide Nigeria.
Oh death! We feel like asking why but you've already taken him away so there's no need asking.

• "Igbos can't continue living as slaves in Nigeria, let's break in peace" - That's according to Chief Mbazulike Amaechi.

• Still on Spotlight Of The Week:
our attention was drawn to Abia State where Abians disgraced Former governor T.A Orji by throwing satchet water and stones at him.
Hmmm.. Fruit of his labor.

• Biafra: "Aside Old Eastern region, every Nigerian is agitating" - Achuzie voice out.
That's pure truth because from observation here on Spotlight desk, Yorubas are agitating, Those in the Middle-Belt are agitating, North-Easterners are agitating and Fulani Youths are agitating by saying they want to be left alone. The only difference is the way everyone carry out their agitation.
So it's time to say "To your tent everyone".

• "DSS detention of Ex-militants, breach of Niger Delta peace process" says Ijaw Youths.

• Report released during the week says: DSS to begin crackdown on Biafra agitators, says it won't spare those threatening national peace.
.....Here they go again.

• During the week; a video of Boko Haram terrorists celebrating sallah in sambisa forest, surfaced on social media.
Recall: "Boko haram terrorists are not Muslims" - Muslims alleged. Now, what do they have to say about this?.

• "Oduduwa Republic will be created 6-months after Biafra emerge" - Femi Fani-Kayode reveals.

• "You must do ANYTHING to stop Nnamdi Kanu from dividing Nigeria" - Obasanjo advises presidency.
Hmmmm.... Mind you, ANYTHING absolutely mean assassination or any action which is capable of harming someone.
In response to the statement made by Former president Olusegun Obasanjo, "We'll hold you responsible if anything happens to Nnamdi Kanu", Biafrans warns Obasanjo.
Still on same issue; "Pray nothing bad happens to Nnamdi Kanu" Biafran Youths worldwide warns Nigeria government.

• We now move over to the power sector where Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) said "South East gets only 9% of energy generated in Nigeria".
Welcome to Nigeria!
As a matter of fact, this South East is were the resources for generating power(light) comes from and this region contributes much to the power sector yet they don't see and enjoy power supply like


• "Nigeria can't go back to issues settled during the civil war" - Osinbajo replies call for referendum.

• Dr. Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) rejects restructuring, backs Nnamdi Kanu's self-determination movement.

• On the battle of 'NO ELECTION IN ANAMBRA STATE' between IPOB and the so-called Igbo leaders; Anambra stood still as millions troop out to welcome Nnamdi Kanu in Amagba Onitsha Anambra state.

• Guess what....
Senator Ben Bruce is at it again, he said:
"Goats are better than some Nigerian leaders". In response to this statement, the Masses said " Gbam, exactly".
That simply means Biafrans were not wrong by calling Nigeria a zoo.

• "Conduct a referendum to decide a way forward" - Igbo World Assembly urges Nigeria.

• Again; court postpones Nnamdi Kanu's trial indefinitely.
The question now is- Is this a sign of confusion, frustration or is Nigeria Government on the run?
Well, time will tell.

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