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Tuesday 25 July 2017



By Samuel Ebeku
Published by Family Writers

It is now a known phenomenon that when one wants to attract traffic on his wall, he derogates Nnamdi Kanu either by writing rubbish about him or distorting his statements. You may call Nnamdi Kanu a clown or a miscreant but he has so far achieved what your professors, your governors and your so called intelligentsias have not been able to achieve. Prior to his emergence, a mere mention of Biafra can earn one a good beating cum jail sentence but today Biafra is discussed both locally and internationally.
Nnamdi Kanu has awakened the consciousness of people to the myriads of injustice that Nigeria state represents.

Nnamdi Kanu
Because of Nnamdi Kanu's unwavering struggle for the emancipation of Biafra, the whole Nigerians are now calling for a restructured Nigeria which otherwise was a no go area. About 2 months ago Afenifere, the pan Yoruba group, issued a joined communiqué with their Igbo counterpart, the Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo, to boycott the 2019 election should the Hausa/Fulani insist on its opposition to restructuring. As a way of yielding to this pressure, the APC led government has constituted a quasi restructuring committee which the masses saw as dead on arrival because of the lopsided composition of the members. Despite its rejection, that's a plus on its own and the credit must be attributed to Nnamdi Kanu led struggle.

Nnamdi Kanu has given voice to the voiceless. Today, because of the wave of agitation crises crossing the entire nation, a certain Prof. Jerry Gana can now stand bold and tell the core north should Nigeria break, they will not go with the north. The middle belt have been under siege by the core north prior to this period but today they have issued various communique demanding the Republic of middle belt.

Prior to this period, I have never heard of a group under the aegis of Hausa Christian movement. Today they have secured their voice condemning the killings of Christians in southern Kaduna and other places in the north and warned of a grave consequence should the killing continue, they warned should Nigeria break up today southern Kaduna will go with Biafra whom they thing have the same value system, Instances like these are legion.

Kanu may has his flaws as a human being but take it or leave it, Kanu has positively impacted so much on the general psyche of this nation within a very short time that any lover of justice must give him a maximum support rather than the unnecessary media distractions most of whom derive pleasure in distorting his words. Last time Nnamdi Kanu said "He was given Biafra with 5 Igbo states but he insist on the inclusion of Rivers and lower Benue" while the media published that he demanded the whole of Benue state. For your myopic mind the lower Benue are the Igbo speaking Benue that were originally from Ebonyi state before they were geographically carved into present day Benue state during state proliferation.

Unfortunately, most of these people calling Nnamdi Kanu all sorts of malign names lost their voices when the combine team of police and military tortured and massacred our brothers and sisters in Biafra soil. They were dead silent when fulani herdsmen butchered our kind in various towns in Igbo land. Haters, I have this advice for you, save your time and data, Nnamdi Kanu is a household name in Biafra land and no amount of your name calling and distortions can change that.

Finally, I want to say that Nnamdi Kanu is on a genuine mission to set his marginalised people of Biafra free from the massacring jaws of hausa fulani oligarchy through a series of peacefully coordinated civil disobediences, therefore anybody who advises him to get involved in Nigerian politics do not mean well for Biafra emancipation. The moment IPOB indulges itself in politics; it will become the duty of INEC to floor them thereby killing the movement. Moreover, Nnamdi Kanu doesn't possess the guiles of an average Nigerian politician. No wonder Prof. Ben Nwabueze, a renowed constitutional lawyer, recently referred to him as "The only genuine Igbo leader alive".
All hail Biafra.


  1. The time to unite more closely with other Biafrans (So called militants) fighting for a fairer share of the oil resources in now.
    Those so called militants still trust the Nigerian government to implement a negotiated agreement to give a fairer share of resource control to the communities. We know this will not happen unless the Fulani dominated FG is under pressure to reach an agreement with the communities.

    The Petroleum minister already said we have less than 30 years of oil reserves left. So the Fulanis are fervently pumping out our resources while buying time with a useless promise to negotiate.Right now, there is no need for them to negotiate, so they are dragging their feet. The freedom fighters (so called militants) should get assisted to stop further oil pumped out of our lands. Just a pure guerilla hit and disappear program until the oil production comes to a complete stop will motivate the fulani owners of Nigeria to urgently negotiate and solve the problems of cheating in Nigeria.

  2. Enemies & haters will surely submit aftermath.


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