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Sunday 6 August 2017



By Charles Ogbu.

Published by Family Writers Press

It is no longer news that unknown gunmen invaded St. Philip Catholic church, Ozubulu early morning of today, Sunday the 6th day of August, 2017, killing not less than 35 people and wounding more. I am just leaving St. Philip Catholic church, the crime scene for a related place. So don't even think I'm peddling rumours here. What is news is that the Nigerian police has, for the very first time in human history, successfully concluded an investigation into a very heinous crime and came out with a report less than 2 hours after the incident.

According to the official statement from the police, the incident was not unconnected with a feud between two sons of the community, one of whom was believed to have built the church.
Just pause.
Wait a minute!
The police want me to believe that two sons of Ozubulu community had a disagreement over whatever business they may have transacted and one of the two guys felt so aggrieved to the point that he wanted to kill his colleague but for some reasons which even Amadioha can't explain, this aggrieved partner now decided to go into a church of all places and turned his gun on innocent worshippers even when that partner of his who supposedly angered him was not in the church?????????
I mean, like seriously????
I should just believe this horseshit????
What happened to our education?

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Is this not the same Nigerian police which told us that it was "hoodlums" who killed dozens of people in Nimbo, Uzo-uwani, Enugu state even when Muna, my two day old puppy, knew the killing was done by fulani herdsmen?????
It is a very sad day when a police force that is supposed to be well sophisticated in the ways of investigating crime elect to be the official #AmeboNigeriaLimited over issues as serious as the deadly attack on innocent worshippers in a church.
The country called Nigeria is officially a failed state. All the indices are now complete. We are just living in denial.
By evening or sometime tomorrow, expect a couple of IPOB guys who will be paraded by the same police as the killers. Their only "crime" might just be using an hankerchief with the Biafran colour. Don't say I didn't tell you.
I dey come first. Let me keep doing my own investigation. I might simply find something useful even before this criminally inept lot masquerading as the police can come up with any concrete info.
Ndigbo mourns!

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