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Thursday 31 August 2017

Biafra: The Exceptional Leader-(Poem)

Biafra: The Exceptional Leader-(Poem)

You are like water,
Your enemies hate you at their own peril;
Nnamdi Kanu
Even those that see you as an enemy-
Can't do
Without talking about you-
 be it for good or bad,
the fact remains that they talk about you.

You are like air,
Your enemies see you as unstoppable.
As unpredictable as you are,
They find it impossible to predict your next line of action;
They set a trap and got entrapped themselves.

You are wisdom personified, you never lack words;
You are ready and prepared at any given point in time.
Even when they think you are not prepared,
Then you apply the powerful and thunderous words
Whose tsunami and earthquake leaves them trembling.

You are a prophet,
You see and read meaning into the future,
Your Godly spirit keeps alert,
Your prophecies are accurate and undiluted.
They manifest sooner than expected
whenever they are gloriously pronounced.
Your enemies seek asylum upon hearing your word.
To many, you are a divinely ordained Messiah.

You are an education:
Humanity comes to you for knowledge acquisition.
Your intelligence and knowledge is unaffordable,
Yet you offer yourself free of charge.

You are like a Bible;
Your emergence remains a mystery unending.
People of different denominations use you as a reference point,
 They read and adhere to your voice.
Your name attracts more soul in the community of the faithful, Your gospel is preached all over the universe.

YOU are a poem;
The little children uses you to learn how to talk.
Your song is a delicacy in the mouth of lovers of freedom. Your name sounds so sweet like a music of emancipation.

You are divine;
The power of death was unable to take you,
 Poison was made protein in your body.
 Tear gas canisters were made powerless at your feet.
Bullet submits at your presence.
Your voice causes tyrants to tremble.
They flee in fear and seek asylum in a foreign land.
Your command is a nightmare to the inept power drunkards.
Every writer places you on the front page,
Every reader has you as favourite.

You are courage;
Intimidation is scared of you,
Fear knows not your dwellings,
Humiliation melts at your presence,
You are Nnamdi the son of the Rising Sun.
You are Okwu(word) that is made flesh,
You are Kanu the divine messenger,
You are an irresistible dynamite, Those that resisted you earlier are now accepting you.
You are a living legend.

Long live Nnamdi Kanu
Long live Biafra nation
Long live freedom fighters of Biafra.

Written By Paul Emerenini
For Family Writers Press.


  1. What a poem. what a man Nnamdi Kanu. what a life. how infectious one can be. your courage have turned us from lamb to lions. what a leader. what a glorious life we have bcos of you. millions happily go to slaughter for freedom. what a martyrdom. Biafra or death.

  2. Nigeria hausas is very devilish people for long hausa Britain are ruling Nigeria not good have come out of Nigeria hausa is like a cow that is why Nigeria as a country look like where the keep cow no light no road no health care a president is sick he is not are shamed to fly to another man country for treatment and west our tax pay money in London why can him build the same thing in Nigeria incase someone have same he have will be able to treat him or her Nigeria pls pls pls Nigeria let biafra be we are not one people go ur way let biafra go there way pls


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