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Sunday 13 August 2017


(13 Aug. 2017 edition)

By Maxwell Chuks
for Family Writers

On this edition of 'Spotlight Of The Week' from Family Writers Press; we'll take you round BiafraLand, Nigeria and some parts of the world as we will be bringing to you updates and events which got people talking during the week. Also on this edition are reactions, thoughts and observation from the public and Spotlight desk.

• "Our quit notice stands; Igbos must leave the North before October 1st" -Arewa Youths and elders insist.
This came after it was rumoured that Arewa Youths & elders (Northerners) have withdrawn the quit notice given to Biafrans. But after holding a meeting,, they(Arewa Youths) made it clear and open that the quit notice still stands.

• Still on Northerners, Quit Notice, Biafrans and Nigeria;
Northerners release a song a war/hate song, calling for the massacre of Biafrans..
Hmmm..... Another bloodshed looming. The world should take note.

• India considers dumping Nigeria's crude oil for US crude.
Ghen! Ghenn!!
* India's Hindustan Petroleum Corporation is considering dumping Nigeria's crude oil for US crude. This came less than three years after the US stopped imports of Nigerian crude oil.

• "Buhari where are you?, Resume Or Resign" Groups in Nigeria and London holds protests.
This matter didn't just end there, in fact it turned out to something else. This group under the slogan 'Resume Or Resign' and "Our Mumu Don Do Movement", commenced what they termed 'daily sit out' in both Nigeria and London to demand for the return or resignation of Muhammadu Buhari who have been away since he took over the presidential seat of Nigeria. The group also said Buhari is holding Nigeria to ransom.
Hmmm.... Still watching.

• Biafra -
Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state tenders apology to IPOB over 30th May 2016 killing of IPOB members at Onitsha, insist he was misled by the police. Hmmm...
In respond to the apology, "Your apology won't bring back, those massacred at Onitsha. Prove your remorse by calling for Biafra referendum" Biafrans tells Obiano.

• It was a bloody Sunday in Ozubulu Anambra state as Islamic terrorists attack St. Phillips Catholic church during morning mass, kill many and left scores injured.

• "Biafrans do not have the culture of carrying out mass killing" - Nnamdi Kanu condemns Ozubulu Catholic church massacre, voice out over the report by the police who alleged those who carried out the attack were Igbo speaking Biafrans.
On same vein; • "Hausa-Fulani militia responsible for Ozubulu massacre, Nigeria government trying to cover up the truth" - Fani-Kayode react.

• Still on Ozubulu massacre:-
Contrary to the report by the Nigerian police that the attackers were Igbo assassins sent to assassinate a drug baron, an eye witness who spoke to newsmen said: "It was a Jihadi attack, the gunmen were not Igbos. The report of the police is false".

• "Buhari should be made 'minister of affairs' if he'll not resign" - Governor Fayose spites fire.
Speaking further, he said: "Why didn't they take me to London? It's obvious they know I will come back to tell the truth".
Hmmmm.. Still wondering and trying to know what the truth is all about? Keep watching this Nigeria political movie.

• Now we move over to Anambra state where the 'No Election' declared by Biafrans, for the forthcoming gubernatorial election is giving political parties and politicians headache.
"Ignore IPOB, election must hold" - that's according to APGA.
In respond; Biafran Youths blast APGA, insist on 'No Election'.

• While protesters are busy protesting and the Nigerian police are busy brutalizing them,, the Nigerian Senate wore their cap, sat on their red chamber and said....
"Buhari won't resign".
Ohuoh! Welcome to Nigeria.

• Arewa Youths again!
Guess what they said this time...
"Nnamdi Kanu hindering peace talks". Heheheee.
Questions everyone has been asking are - Which peace talks? How is Nnamdi Kanu hindering it, and when?.
Guess what....
After these questions, no reasonable reason have been presented by this group who accused Nnamdi Kanu of hindering the so-called 'Peace talks'.

• "Arrest and Kill Nnamdi Kanu now" - Arewa Youths tells Federal government of Nigeria.

• "Stop donating your children as suicide bombers" - NCWS urge Northerners.

• Again, still on Ozubulu massacre; " It's a terror attack, Not a drug war. Police deceived the Governor and public" - that's according to Hon. Ikenna Ofodeme, Local government chairman of Ekwusigo L.G.A.

• During the week; Charlie boy a.k.a Area Father, slumped and faint following police brutality on anti-Buhari protesters in Abuja.
Welcome to Nigeria!

• "We clamped down on anti-Buhari protesters because their act was a disturbance of public peace and a near breakdown of law and order in the nation's capital" - that's from the police.
This came shortly after the senate condemned the brutality on the protesters who demand that Buhari should Resume or Resign.

• "Your demands are unreasonable, leave Buhari alone" - Senate tell protesters.

• "Leave Niger Delta before October 1st" - Militants warn Northerners and Yorubas.

• Still in Nigeria; Father dumps four children with notice lamenting of hardship in Nigeria.
Note - He's not the first or only person lamenting of hardship in Nigeria neither is he the first person who did the amazing because of the hardship in Nigeria.
Surprise? You don't have to.

• Police uncover ritual den in Obadeyi Ajala street, Ijaye Ojokoro area of Lagos state, where they also found body parts and shoes of those killed by the ritualists.

- Now we gradually move out of Nigeria -
• After threats from North Korea; during the week there have been serious tension as U.S, Japanese troops prepare for war over North Korea's missile threat.

• During the wonderful week; Spotlight plane took me to Kenya, where the Incumbent president, Uhuru Kenyatta wins Kenya's hotly contested poll.

• "Without restructuring, there will be no peace and there'll be no election in Nigeria" - Ayo Adebanjo tells FG of Nigeria.

• Back to BiafraLand -
Anambra guber, "If Biafra referendum is not conducted, There will be No Election" - The leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu insist as he visit Anambra again.

• During the week; IPOB took over construction of South East dilapidated federal roads abandoned by Nigeria government for decades.
According to IPOB Umuahia Zone,, the construction of the road is to ease movement.
Wow! Great.

on from Family Writers

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