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Thursday 17 August 2017

IPOB: Biafra Security Service (BSS) - A Welcome Development We Must Embrace

Biafra Security Service (BSS): A Welcome Development We Must Embrace

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika
For Family Writers Press

This essay is specifically designed to achieve two aims. First, to water down the unnecessary tension that is building up in some quarters concerning BSS ( Biafra Security Service ) and secondly, to bring to the fore the functions and immense benefits this civil and unarmed intelligence gathering organization will be to Biafrans.

For record purposes, on the 15th of August 2017, almost every media platform within the world in general and in Nigeria in particular was agog when the video of Biafra Security Service surfaced online. Millions of Biafrans and Nigerians alike reacted to it in different ways. Some people said Nnamdi Kanu is assembling men to wage war against Nigeria government while some people in their own school of thought said he shouldn't have allowed such sensitive security display in the public glare. Well, I believe people have the right to think in any direction concerning the mind blowing scenario three days ago but one thing is still crystal clear, mischief makers should not blow such a lofty movement out of proportion.

More importantly, Biafra Security Service was born out of necessity. I can prove it. The inability of the Nigerian government to provide optimum security has warranted the baptism of BSS. Perhaps, Biafrans in their own land have been maimed, raped and killed by the rampaging herdsmen without any substantial effort on the part of the so called government to arrest the situation. When we raise alarm over their lame duck approach, they will hurriedly rush to their compromised media to tell the world a bogus and empty lies that the perpetrators came from a neighbouring country ( Libya, Chad and Niger ) and not Nigeria. This terror group armed with AK 47 Kalashnikov operate with so much audacity that keeps every right discerning individual thinking if they are State sponsored terror movement. Nobody has the temerity to question how they got their guns. They are above the law. Daily, Biafrans all over Biafra land are being confronted with this problem of insane marauding men who move around with sophisticated guns and their cattles, butchering young and old who tries to stop and question why they take their cattle's to graze on their farm land, their only means of survival.
In some cases, when our people react in self-defense, one illiterate in Abuja will issue order for dozens of army and police to be drafted in the affected community in other to intimidate and cow our people into submission. What happened in Enugu is a clear case in point. There are other occasions when this terror group will send threat letters to their target communities, intimating them on their possible invasion and which they will end up doing while the police and the army will stand by the side and watch. Biafrans can hardly distinguish between the people ( Police and army ) who claim to protect them and the terror groups that comes by the night (  like Herdsmen  ) to snuff life out of them. The only thing they care about is how to set up check points for continual extortion of money from hapless motorists and pedestrians alike.

What about Ozubulu terror attack that led to the soaking of innocent blood in the church of God? What about the Assemblies of God church attack that took the life of a police officer and another innocent Biafran which the police criminally narrowed down to arm robbery attack? Agatu massacre? All these things are happening because our oppressors are the same people policing our environment while we sleep. He that dines with the devil must do that with a long spoon.

Biafrans listen, we must welcome BSS with warm and open arms. Why did I say so? I am saying this because, a rejected person cannot also reject himself. It is impossible. We have been abandoned to our own fate when it comes to security. Nigerian government is not perturbed by the porous state of security situation in Biafra land. Now that our own BSS has come on board, we must work together to use this civil and unarmed organization to re-strategize more especially in the aspect of intelligence gathering. They will be proactive in gathering intelligence with the major objective of forestalling any possible attack in any part of Biafra land. They won’t be parading around with vans, they will move around on plain cloths snooping every nook and cranny of Biafra land. BSS is simply a conglomerate of young volunteers who have chosen to risk their lives with the sole aim of getting classified and decrypted information that will help to grease the faster restoration of Biafra. Nobody should give us the bad impression that BSS is designed for war, it is far from that. We are not waging any war. If I may ask, can unarmed civil organisation wage a war? The answer is practical no. We are not war mongers

There are several unconstitutional security organisations in Nigeria such as CJTF- Civilian Joint Task Force ( of which am not against ) which was a child of necessity, there is sharia police and numerous others. All of them came on board because of the inability of the government to provide maximum security and therefore Biafra BSS won't be an exception. The reason why some people in their little enclave are raising unnecessary dust is because of the name 'Biafra' that appeared boldly on it. The name Biafra can be very intoxicating to some mischief makers. I wonder why people will be having sleepless night over an organisation that is civil and unarmed. To show you BSS has nothing to hide, they showcased their activity to the world. Can Nigeria terror DSS do that? I guess we can possibly answer that question.

Even some 'wannabes' were very fast to issue press statement in the name of dissociating their dead personalities from BSS. I don't blame such lame ducks because most times it takes a lion heart to develop a strong rational mental spirit. IPOB has not in any way nursed and sponsored any arm group or has abandoned the democratic template set by UN that will guide any Indigenous People seeking for their freedom. All our demands and actions have always been in line with the extant laws. It will be sheer flippancy for any wannabe to be spewing lies from his comfort zone against IPOB that has broken and set new records in the art of freedom fighting. The most non violent freedom fighting movement ever known in the history of mankind.


 Biafrans, just like what I said before, we must embrace BSS with warm and open arms because of the following benefits:

1 ) BSS will close up the big security lacuna that has led to constant attacks against our people occasioned by poor intelligence gathering by Nigerian security agencies. By providing firsthand information to our volunteer journalists who will now ensure that our people are properly educated and fortified on how to be security conscious

2 ) BSS will also help in controlling our rallies or any form of IPOB evangelism. If we are very observant, in most of the places our leader has visited, you see them building human chains around the venue. This will help to keep criminals and trouble makers away from our activities. We are peace loving people

3 ) It will also remind our oppressors that we have lost faith in their security agencies. We want to help ourselves against the invaders that kill with AK 47 and impunity without anybody arresting and prosecuting them

4 ) BSS will also help to counter cheap lies with superior information and evidence against Nigerian government whenever they want to tell their usual lies to their gullible audience. We have not forgotten the staggering lies they tried to sale to the world concerning what transpired at Ozubulu in Anambra State. In such situation, BSS will neutralise them with audacious and verified facts and figures.

5 ) Ultimately, it will give Biafrans that very sense of belonging that there is an eagle eye hovering around them, making sure that their lives and properties is properly protected. There is nothing like 'our own'.

We must eschew any atom of fear and remain focused. We are only helping ourselves. Insecurity is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Biafra BSS is not an arm group but only a volunteer civil intelligence gathering organisation with the sole aim of risking their lives in getting classified and decrypted information that will help in Biafra restoration. I rest my case.

All hail Biafra!

Forward ever!

And backward never!

Edited by Emeka Gift
For Family Writers Press


  1. A much welcome idea. I applaud Mazi Nandi Kanu and IPOB leadership for this strategic initiative.

  2. The idea is a good one. People from Niger and Libya will not come and kill our people in their homes and worship places for murderious terroriste sponsor nigerian government to be tell us nonsense. Peaceforall

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