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Thursday 31 August 2017

Nigeria Is The Dwarf Of Africa

Nigeria Is The Dwarf Of Africa

Written By Ibeh Gift Amarachi,
For Family Writers Press.

It is preponderant to discern the fact that, Nigeria the speculated Giant of Africa, is now irrefutably  an apparition of the 21st century. The comical Giant of Africa exhibits undoubted characteristics of a dwarf entity in every facet and frame of reference, that no ingenious and discerning mind can refute.

It is only in a dwarf country, that a sitting  President absconds  with an undisclosed ailment, from an office that was renovated sequel to his swearing in, only to show up with fallacious excuse of 'rodent invasion'; and worsestill,  the government has even budgeted 4.9bn for environmental sanitation, whilst workers are denied salaries. Not even an exact of minimum wage is being paid, while pensioners are dying of heart attacks, as a result of destitution and indigence.

Furthermore, despite the large production of Coal in Enugu State, Ikere Gorge Dam in Oyo State, Bakolori Dam in Sokoto, Kanji Dam in Niger State, Shiroro Hydroelectric Power Station in Niger State and several other source of electricity generation, Nigeria suffers the most devastating epileptic and doddery power supply, to the extent that even the so called Nigeria Power Holding Company and Aso Rock Presidential Villa make use of generating sets.
Businesses are frustrated and the economy stagnated.  Emergency solutions to issues are made handicapped, thereby making the livelihood of the average citizenry, rickety and intolerable.

Nigeria operates a petroleum mono-based economy and controls more Oil Blocs, when compared to smaller countries like Kuwait, yet the level of privation and impoverishment, is astonishingly alarming , upon which, she falls into one of the poorest countries in the world.
 Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE, operates same Petroleum-Based economy, yet runs a large government subsidisation which benefits her citizens in every facet of life.
When you circumnavigate to Oil Rich Biafran states; malnourished pregnant mothers and teenagers infected with various ailments are seen everywhere, thereby resulting to an unimaginable increase in mortality rate.

A Dwarf Nation, abandons dilapidated roads also known as death traps, which ruin life and bankrupt the economy. Nigeria have the most precarious road network and drainage system in the world, that shortens the hope of the common man. Flood persistently destroy people's lives and properties, even as fatal accidents and death toll increases, due to this unplanned dwarf drainage system and road networks.

The inability to recite Nigeria Anthem, by Buhari's Ambassadorial nominees, is a clear indication that Nigeria is not only the dwarf of Africa, but also an unexpurgated failed State.
Schools and social amenities are so dilapidated and ramshackled, that pupils and students, are seen sitting on bare floor, to acquire education. The few who beat the poor standard of education with their life savings are bestrewed everywhere, devoid of employment, which compels them to riskily take illegal routes, in search of greener pastures.

The Athletic and Sports section is also a prove of Nigerian's dwarf syndrome and precarious setback. Nigeria Athletes in Rio 2016 Olympic games, were embarrassingly, begging for funds online.
Coach Siasia resigned as the coach of Under- 23 Football Team, as he publicly announced his five months unpaid salaries, in a Country where children of Politicians own expensive private jets.
This is a clear indication that, only insane minds, can still tag Nigeria to be a Giant.

The oil spillage and environmental pollution experienced in various Biafra regions, are intensely disastrous and heartbreaking. The indigenous people are suffering from contamination of water sources with Benzene, high extractable hydrocarbons in the environment, which abuses the World Health Organization guidelines.
High mortality has become a trademark of these regions whose natural resources serves as the main economy base of the country, yet zero effort is put, to halt the contamination which could take decades to eradicate.

The derelict and ramshackled state of Nigeria is so irreparable, that division and the restoration of Biafra, where a confederate system of government will be practiced and the indigenous people of Biafra will be in total control of the resources found in their locality. This stands to be  ascendant and remedy to the Dwarf syndrome of British contraption known as Nigeria.

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