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Tuesday 8 August 2017



By Innocent Onyeji
For Family Writers Press

As we are still mourning and observing reactions that have trailed the unfortunate incident that took place on our land in a broad-day light and the reports that followed the wanton killings raises a lot of questions that are still begging for adequate response or answers. It is no news that on the wee hours of Sunday 6th August, 2017, while worshippers are in church for Sunday service at Ozubulu, Ekwusigo Local Government Area, Anambra state, a group of armed gangs invaded the church and sporadically shot at them as was reported.

According to Anambra state governor Willie Obiano who visited the scene said that " the preliminary investigations by the police shows that it was caused as a result of feud between two Ozubulu sons which went bad, so they have to come to the church to settle their dispute". This investigation lasted barely two hours the incident took place. Another online report as allegedly given by an eyewitness has it that "the armed gangs invaded the church in the morning around 7.30am and first went straight to the generator house and switched off the generator so that they would not be identified when embarking on their shooting spree". Kindly go on social media and feed yourself with many information from different narrators and eyewitnesses.

Let us now examine the aforementioned:

First of all, the narratives by both Anambra state governor and his police commissioner that it was a misunderstanding between two sons of the soil that led to the massacre of the vulnerable and innocent individuals praying in the church. Ok then now;

1) Does it mean that the person that wants to get at the other brother does not know the brother's house in the village?

2) Was the said target surrounded by security men that it was difficult for the armed gangs to carry out their duty while he was on his way to the church or on his way home from church, assuming the operation must be struck that Sunday?

3) Does it mean that the target was spiritually fortified that he is only vulnerable in the presence of his "Maker" that makes the church the only viable arena for the assassination?

4) Does the church has security men on guard that would have possed a threat or resistance to these hoodlums that made them leave their target and sporadically shot at the innocent or should I say that the target was fully armed with gun and might be the first to shot at them if they had surrendered the church to fish out the target and got the job executed, assuming such target was present in the church?

5) Why did it took only few hours to investigate such a heinous crime and arrived at a conclusion and case closed?

I can go on and on, yet will not finish the questions surrounding this barbarity and the barefaced lies paddled by the Anambra state governor and his Hausa- Fulani police commissioner who speedily issued a press statement while sitting in his airconditioned office situated in Awka, Anambra state capital.

The second narrative by a purported eyewitness as reported and carried by most Nigerian online and print media only possess few questions.
In this part of the world, is it still dark as at 7.30am to have warranted the barbarians to moving straight to generator house and to first of all switch off the generator so as to hide their identity before executing the deal? No, offcourse even at 6.30am the cloud is not dark like midnight because the day have broken.  Let us assume it was carried out in a broad- day light, then why shooting at innocent people sporadically killing scores and not killing the target in isolation? Something is really smelling because instead of switching off the light, they would have masked themselves knowing that they will easily be identified while barefaced by survivors when apprehended? Apparently, it was a broad day massacre following this narrative empirically.

Even a combined team of Investigators from the FBI, CIA, British M16, Israeli MOSSAD and the Russian Spetsnaz will not conclude an investigation of such magnitude and heinous crime under two hours and come up with that simplistic and suspicious narrative that the Ozubulu massacre was as a result of a drug business that went South.
Governor Obiano came to the church, went inside and observed the carnage. He also made his way to the hospital and saw the injured victims, came out and with the professional swagger of a seasoned investigator, declared to the world that it was a drug deal gone bad. Meanwhile the Hausa-Fulani Anambra state Commissioner of Police was in Awka and released a press statement corroborating the governor's narrative. And some people are buying this useless story with a lot of holes in it. Ndi Igbo are we this gullible? That has to be the fastest crime investigation ever to be conducted and finished in the history of the Nigerian police force. These people want us to believe that two full-blooded Igbo men struck a deal in far away South Africa and when the deal went bad, maybe one of these men delivered some consignments and ran with the cash, his cronies did not trace him to his house, they could not trace him to any other place other than in a church early on Sunday morning? And when they still could not get him, they blocked the entrance of the church and unleashed untold mayhem on the innocent and vulnerable worshippers. Something does not just add up my people. This our buying and selling mentality has made us lose our survival instincts. Something that for all their faults the Hausa-Fulani have that in large quantity, that is why despite our claim of being a race of wise people, they easily hoodwink and spin us in circles because we are always clever haphazardly.

Remember, this was how they told us that the Ukpabi Nimbo, Uzo-Uwani massacre, was not orchestrated by Fulani herdsmen, rather it was a communal clash over a piece of land. That was their narrative until the lie exploded in their faces that it was really an invasion by armed Fulani herdsmen.
Worthy of note also is the fact that this massacre took place in less than 48hours after a song calling for a wholesale massacre of Ndi Igbo in the North went viral. Of utmost importance is the fact that we all know the particular ethnic group with almost unchallenged monopoly of violence and mindless bloodletting. They have left their mark on churches in Southern Kaduna, Gombe, Zamfara, Yobe Adamawa, Benue and many other states in Northern Nigeria. All of us know within ourselves the particular group of people who see the massacre of christians in their worship centres as a spot and as a  form of a short cut to their delusional Paradise. We know them and we know how clinical they can be when it comes to perpetrating unbelievable evil. It is time the government come clean on this and end this evil act once and for all. They should stop all these games of political correctness and go after those people that perpetrated this heinous crime in Ozubulu. Name desert dwelling barbarians and shame them because if we do not, we are just postponing the doomsday.
Who knows where the next theatre of evil will be? It might be your village and it could be just about anybody.

However, let us not underestimate this people up North, because they know how to unleash acts of savage barbarity and still turn around to play the victim, even the indigens of Southern Kaduna are still nursing their wounds since same incident occurred on their land 25th December, 2016. The federal government and the Anambra State government should come clean on who is really behind the Ozubulu Massacre because until a well researched and forensic investigation is conducted, we will not believe the hogwash in the name of investigation. They should summon up the testicular resolve to tackle this evil  that has reared its ugly head and befellen us in such a manner. Undoubtedly, we are now in a dangerous and perilous time of all times.
Until then, Oh Motherland why you delay? Come and save your people.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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