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Thursday 21 September 2017



By Prince Chukwubuikem Akuchinyere Nwata
For Family Writers Press

 Dear governors,

I want to thank you all very much for what you have done to your own people in Biafra land. Thanks for collaborating with the Hausa Fulani army to perpetrate genocide against your people. One thing is certain, what you are cooking right now is about to be done, and you can never finish the food. It is not a matter of sending your children and relatives abroad.  Now you have made us to understand that the genocidal war of the 1960s never ended. The difference is that now, you all are the accomplices and perpetrators of the ethnic cleansing against your people.

The truth remains that your collective stupid actions and inactions are subjecting the British contraption called Nigeria into an irredeemable catastrophe. Since my life, I have never seen where Nigeria fought any war alone and win; not to mention of withstanding the rage of highly wounded Biafrans.

OKEZIE IKPEAZU: I want to pass this message personally to you. The people of Abia state are totally disappointed in you and your government. We are totally fed up with your gross insensitivity to our plight. So this is what you have been planning with people who are ever desperate to Islamise, subjugate and kill us? By allying with the Nigeria government in desperate attempts to assassinate IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, OKEZIE you have bitten more than you can chew.

You have soaked your hands in the blood of Biafrans, and i must tell you that hundreds of innocent Biafrans whom you have sent to an early grave are crying out loud right now for justice and vengeance. What is the meaning of Operation python dance or whatever you may call it? What have come over you IKPEAZU,? You were there when the army took their armored tanks to Kanu's house, yet you did not do anything, even when they broke into his house and started shooting sporadically at everyone inside the house.

Are we in a military regime or democracy? My heart bleeds when our so called political leaders keep mute in utmost hypocrisy and shy away from condemning the crimes against humanity being perpetrated in our land by the murderous Nigeria security agencies.  What then shall we do? Is it not better to defend ourselves from this barbaric contraption since you all are busy wining and sharing money in Aso Rock and celebrating that your people are being killed?

Do you think that after all these military show of force, heavy gun shootings, clamp down and brutality, that we will still come out in the street to vote for you people to come and continue the killings? Hell No!

We shall will no longer vote for anyone, because the war has started and we shall use whatever we have to teach you all a lesson you can never forget.

I want to assure you all that despite all these intimidation and harassment, Biafra must surely be restored by our generation.  Like we always say, we can never give up, because we have been killed, maimed and incarcerated. One thing you all must know is that the genocide which you have been unleashing on us, you all shall pay a painful price when the time comes.

 The more you conspire to kill us, the more stronger and indefatigable we become. For all Biafrans, it’s time to get what rightfully belongs to us, and   we shall do everything possible to take it peacefully or forcefully.


  1. Isè,
    And so shall it be,
    Biafra or Nothing.
    All Hail Biafra,
    All Hail Chukwuokike abiama.

  2. Nothing lyk peaceful protest again,Kingdom of God suffers violence and violent take it by force


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