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Wednesday 6 September 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

Once again, I am compelled to write about the issues concerning the dangers of military siege in a peaceful society like Biafraland. I have always say this and I am saying it again. Any armed military presence in the open peaceful society like Biafraland is a total demonstration of dictatorship. In the last few days, there is an overwhelming deployment of military personnel and hardware into Biafraland such as armoured tanks and combatant vehicles which has made me to begin to ask about what neccessitated the renewed military siege in Biafraland. Family Writers Press eagle-eye investigative team of journalists all over Biafraland have being making serious inquiries into what is likely to be reason for the renewed military siege in Biafraland.

According to the information in the possession of the Family Writers Press journalists, it was due to vehement peaceful stance of IPOB worldwide under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that the ancient nation of Biafra must become sovereign again that the Nigeria government deployed the troops as ordered by the Sudanese Gen Buhari impostor occupying Aso Rock. Another information has it that it was Biafraland politicians led by Sen Ike Ekweremmadu and Gov Willie Obiano and Rochas Okorocha that requested that Nigeria government should deploy thousands of the trigger-happy Nigeria army into Biafraland in order to stop IPOB declaration that there will be no election again in Biafraland.

It is very bad that political cynicism will make Biafraland hypocritical politicians who sings love for Igbo people like Sen Ike Ekweremmadu, Sen Enyinnaya Abaribe and all these governors in Biafraland will join hands together and invite this type of military siege against Biafra commoners. In these few days of these military siege of Biafraland by these jihadist Hausa/Fulani soldiers with their armoured tanks, Biafraland has started once again noticing high rate of senseless killings, brutal intimidations, alarming rate of roadblock extortion, sacrilegious sexual promiscuity with the sacred young ladies of Biafraland which will culminate into rape at no distant time, and all round human right violations at overwhelming proportions.

It is upon these discoveries that it become necessary that Biafra youths both in Biafraland and in diaspora hereby mandates Biafraland governors, Senators and every politician whose hand is in the invitation of the military siege upon Biafraland just because of November 18, 2017 election in Anambra, to as a matter of urgency compel Nigeria government to return the soldiers and their armoured tanks to army barracks due to the brutality which the poorly educated jihadist soldiers have meted on Biafrans in these few days ago.

It is the height of negligence to the plight of Biafrans for the same governors, senators and House of Rep members which we elected to be the ones that will be siding Islamic government of Nigeria to be unleashing terror on peaceful Biafrans with military siege when no part of Biafraland is at war or under emergency rule. Biafraland is the most peaceful place on earth and thereby does not need military men on their streets because the armed military presence is a nuisances to a place like Biafraland. If there are place where military siege is needed at the moment in Nigeria, it should be Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states where emergency were imposed by former president Dr Goodluck Jonathan since May 13, 2013 till date, not Anambra, Rivers or Abia state because these states are very peaceful. If the politicians fail to compel Nigeria Islamic government to return these soldiers moving up and down in Biafraland and brutalizing innocent and law abiding Biafrans, then Biafran youths will begin a serious revolution which the first targets of their voracious aggression are going to be these politicians and their family members in their villages.

Are you a relative of Sen Ike Ekweremmadu, Sen Andy Uba, Dr Chris Ngige, Gov Dave Umahi, Rt Hon Chibuike Amechi, Gov Rochas Okorocha, Gov Okezie Ikpeazu, Gov Willie Obiano, etc, why not begin to call on them to compel Nigeria government to send back these soldiers and their military hardware back to barracks because Biafra youths are just few days away from a dreaded revolution that will make many heads to roll. Let these politicians know that no matter the quantity of soldiers on our roads, these poorly educated soldiers of Hausa/Fulani extraction remain aliens in our land and may not be able to tame the gorilla like hurricane of revolution which is about to hit these politicians and their extended families should Nigeria soldiers still occupy our in land the next 14 days. Let the United Nations, Africa Union, European Union and ECOWAS be witness of Biafra youths that Nigeria jihadist army were violating our people's human right on daily basis and we revolted. A word is enough for the wise.

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  1. AMERICA RUSSIA and other country who sold weapon to nigeria to fight boko haram. They should watch their good work.when biafra told you that this weapon is biafra you people doubt biafrans. Is biafrans boko this democracy. Where those that role Nigeria is animal care taker. They can reason like their animal under APC.if you could see i6is it by force to marry.


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