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Thursday 28 September 2017



South-east governors

Written by Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers Press.

The south-east governors of Biafraland have indeed shown and proven beyond every reasonable doubt, that they have no atom of regard for the people who voted them into their respective offices.
 It's deplorable that these iniquitous men of shame, who have sold their souls to the devil came out openly to run their putrid mouth in condemnation of their children, brothers, sisters, uncles, fathers and mothers who are exercising their inalienable and universal right to self-determination. Nevertheless we wish to bring to their understanding that no politician or legal system anywhere in the world has the right to proscribe unarmed and peaceful civilians exercising their inalienable right to self-determination, as enshrined under article 13 of United Nations charter of the rights of Indigenous People.

As a result of their selfish interests, they proscribed IPOB, meanwhile forgetting that every action of IPOB has direct impact on their personality and well being, for they're Biafrans too. No one with a true sense of belonging and conscience would classify a people with zero crime record or violence as terrorists. It's indeed laughable to proscribe an indigenous people with over 70 million population, only for asking for self rule peacefully, without arms or indulging in violence.
It is also atrocious and unscrupulous to proscribe IPOB which is the most peaceful and unarmed freedom fighters of all time in history of freedom fighting.

Now, it has been verily substantiated that we don't have political leaders in Biafra land other than monumental and egocentric crapolas who doesn't care about the tears, pains and true heart desires of the people.

This despicable action of the south-east governors of Biafraland towards IPOB is yet another cogent reason why Biafrans will never again participate in any Nigerian subsequent elections or vote in Biafraland unless a referendum date is announced. Voting and participating in Nigerian elections is the worst thing we have been doing for ourselves as a people, because we keep voting into offices hardcore criminals and political puppets who rob us of our resources, happiness and hope for a better future. Biafrans can never vote for those who kill and label them terrorists for committing no crime, and in the same vein, expect us to keep voting them into various political offices.

Every conscientious being will never vote those who cannot protect the interest of the masses nor defend them from external attacks. Those who will only sit and watch their defenseless subjects being massacred and maimed for committing no crime. Those who support and accomplish the ethnic cleansing of their own people are not worth voting or appointing into any political office to represent the people. We won't vote for those who do not care about the well being of the people who voted them into office to represent their interest in the government. We can't vote for those who can't provide social amenities for the people. We won't vote for those who are loyalists to caliphate of the Fulani oligarchy.  We won't vote for Abuja errand boys who doesn't have a word of their own and can't defend the people even at critical and hard times. We won't vote for those who pledge to forever be loyal to Hausa-Fulani in order to retain their political positions.
Those who will campaign and promise to bring change, but will in a speed of light, turn around to bring shame and disdain to the people.

Those who who will plan and connive with the enemies to massacre their own people in order to attain their political aspirations. Those who only remember that the masses exist during election periods. They come and humble themselves, share tokens of money, gift items, foods to the masses in order to gain their votes, after which the impoverished citizens are left to wallow in abject poverty, malnutrition, death, hunger and starvation.

It's clearly obvious that these governors, politicians and elders of shame parading themselves as our leaders are only interested on how to fill their pockets with the peanut and token of money given to them by Hausa-Fulani from the voluminous resources they're getting from Biafraland. The governors and politicians only care about themselves and their families; therefore, they don't give a damn about the poor and impoverished masses.

Judging from the above clarified and veracious facts, it's therefore a height of stupidity for Biafrans to keep participating in Nigerian elections and voting in Biafraland. Biafrans has been voting for 55 years now, yet we can't boost of ordinary social amenities like drinking water, electricity and motorable roads. It is said that it takes foolishness to keep doing and repeating one thing the same way and expect a different result.  Biafrans can only exonerate themselves from the above assertion by boycotting the forth coming Anambra gubernatorial election slated to hold on the 18th of November 2017, and every other  Nigerian elections that will come up in the nearest future.
Now is the time we said a capital no to voting in Biafraland, for our past votes have done more harm than good to us as a people. We can't keep voting for vampires and blood sucking demons, who love to perpetually impoverish and kill us. Each time we vote, we get death, intimidation, disdain and chaos in return.  Together we have said there's no voting in Biafraland until referendum is given to Biafrans to determine their fate in the Nigerian state.






Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba.


  1. Foolish, brainless and develish pigfaced Murderers. Go to hell to enter fire. All hail BIAFRA !!!

  2. So it would amount to ethnic injustice and hate speech, if the Fulani herdsmen terrorist that have killed thousands of nigerians in their homes and communities are declared as terrorists but would not amount to ethnic injustice and hate speech as peaceful and non violent IPOB. Nigeria will always get disunity as they want to enforce murderous unity on Indeginous People of Biafra who don't want nigeria unity. For we Biafran youths Proscribing and tagging IPOB a terrorist group is ethnic profiling and a hate speech. No referendum No election. peaceforall


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