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Saturday 30 September 2017



Written By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers Press.

Nigeria remains the worst thing that has happened to humanity. The tragic events surrounding Nigeria  is furiously disheartening and magnanimous to count. The existence of Nigeria has been the reason great talents and virtuous destinies has died without being harnessed or utilized for the betterment of humanity. Nigeria is obviously created for the perpetual enslavement of Africa, and that's why Britain is fighting tooth and nail to keep it as one.  Africa is still wallowing in abject poverty as a result of the existence of Nigeria. This is as a result of the best brains exemplified in Biafrans who are being caged and subjugated under the enclave created by Fredrick Lugard.

 Nigeria has done more harm than good to Africa and everything else it has come in contact with; and until Nigeria is dissolved to pave way for the freedom of Biafrans, then we should be ready to expect a worst Africa than what we  already have.

Since its creation by Fredrick Lugard, Nigeria has since been a poisonous hook in the intestines of its inhabitants. Inarguably, Nigeria remains the worst and most dangerous place to inhabit on earth. Hell must be a safer place to live in than living in the noxious Nigeria. It's too rancid and sickening to discuss about Nigeria.
 Even before the creation of Nigeria, our forefathers were massacred, our youths tortured and our woman mal-handled and maimed in order to create Nigeria. All sorts of inhuman acts and crimes against humanity were meted on Biafrans for the creation of Nigeria. Against all odds, Nigeria was later created and amalgamated in 1914 without a due consultation  or approval of the conglomerates; which laid credence to the fact that Nigeria was created and forced on our forefathers against their own will.

The nocuous Nigeria later gained her so called independence from the  British colonists  on October 1st 1960. However, Britain had already resolved into indirect rule using the Hausa Fulani puppets who are daft and very unlearned, hence they are easily manipulated to continue dragging Nigeria into perpetual slavery.

In line with this, Britain has always frustrated and destroyed every plan to make Nigeria a better place to live. It's still on record that a good number of visionary personalities who had at one time or the other fought to make Nigeria a better place, have always been killed or frustrated in one way or the other. It's on this note that of the likes of Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe (The Zik of Africa) could not be allowed to rule as the premier of Western Nigeria despite the fact he won a free and fair election.
It's worth knowing that the foundation of Nigeria was built on the corpse of our forefathers, characterised with falsehood, watered and sealed with the innocent blood of Biafrans that are  still seeking for justice today. Therefore we ought to be seeking for justice for the innocent people massacred for the sake of Nigeria and not Nigeria.
We must have in mind that if the British government continues with her evil manipulation, and Hausa Fulani remains part of Nigeria, Nigeria will continue to grow from bad to worst. Nigeria will not work because her hands are heavily soaked in the innocent blood of people sacrificed on its altar of creation and continuous existence. Until justice is gotten for them, Nigeria will never work.

Yes! Nigeria has not worked and will never work, because it's programmed by the slave masters to continuously remain a burden and chains on our legs, hands and neck. And the only way to break up that chains is the total dissolution of Nigeria.
The 1st of October 2017 will make Nigeria 57th year of independence, yet there absolutely nothing to write home about her. Nigeria can't boost of ordinary clean drinking water, steady electricity and motorable roads, which are the least among the things a country should be able to provide for its citizens. Nigeria has ruined many dreams and frustrated many destinies. We can't be celebrating this Nigeria that's responsible for our pain, shame and anguish.

Why celebrating Nigeria?

Are we celebrating Nigeria for executing genocide against our people?
Are we celebrating Nigeria for starving to death over 2.5 million population of our innocent children?
Are we celebrating Nigeria for making the lives of over 170 million people miserable?
Are we celebrating Nigeria for inflicting perpetual pains and taking away joy and peace of mind from our families?
Are we celebrating Nigeria for frustrating skills, killing dreams, destroying potentials and swallowing  great destinies?

Why celebrating a Nigeria that has torn unity and love apart among us?
Nigeria is the reason many can't sleep with their eyes closed.
Why celebrating Nigeria that has been the reason many have died and are still suffering for the crime they didn't commit?
Why celebrating this same Nigeria that's responsible for abject poverty that Africa is wallowing into today?

I see no reason to celebrate this shameful Nigeria that's full of chaos, pains, anger, hunger, starvation and death. There are millions of reasons to send Nigeria should not exist, therefore we should hasten to make sure Nigeria becomes history for the betterment of our lives, Africa and the world at large.

I rest my case.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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