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Saturday 30 September 2017



Written by Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers Press.

It's on record that the British colonists massacred millions of our forefathers for the creation of Nigeria, which many are jumping up and down today in enthusiasm for its celebration. Our youths and women were tortured, raped, maimed and subjected to all sorts of inhuman treatment, only for the creation and continuous existence of Nigeria.  The fact remains that the innocent blood of Biafrans, and those humiliated for the creation and continuous existence of the horrendous and rancid Nigeria are still seeking for justice till death.

Whether we believe it or not, Nigeria has not worked and will not work because the blood of the innocent people massacred for her sake are still seeking for justice.  Britain killed, humiliated, maimed and massacred innocent men and women to create Nigeria; and till date, the trait of massacre and killings and inhuman sufferings has not been obliterated from the face of Nigeria. The foundation of Nigeria is laid on  the innocent blood of Biafrans, who resisted the name Nigeria and chose to rather die than denounce their God-given identity to accept Nigeria.

Today it's an understatement to say that the hallmark of this contumelious Nigeria is massacre and carnage. It's awful and distasteful that many are still holding unto Nigeria as an identity and in same vein, are even proud to celebrate this bane of evil.

It's shockingly astonishing that Africans are yet to understand that this same Nigeria they're jumping for it's celebration is created for the perpetual enslavement of the black race. The main purpose of the creation of Nigeria is to ensure total and unremitting subjugation of Africa. In the bid to continuously make Africa a conquered territory, and the benefits of colonial imperialism, the name Nigeria was created to enslave and to do away with the freedom of Biafrans- the best brains of the black race.

Today, the light of Africa (Biafra) is concealed in Kingdom of darkness called Nigeria. It's painful that Africans are yet to understand that the greatness of Africa lies in the freedom of Biafra, which is her light. As long as Biafrans continue to remain under the existing baneful enclave of Nigeria, Africa will continue to wallow in abject poverty  until Biafra regains her freedom. the story of the black race cannot be rewritten forever.  The only road that will lead Africa to becoming the greatest continent of the world remains Biafra, because she has all it takes to liberate Africa from mental slavery.

Obviously, the civilized world are seeing Nigerians as an insensible people for celebrating their own slavery. We must ensure that Nigeria ceases to exist in order for us to gain our place in history and restore dignity among men.

The truth is that we should be ashamed of the name Nigeria instead of celebrating her, because it has done more harm than good to us as a race and as a people. Yes! the aftermath of Nigeria has degraded to  nothing unto Biafrans as a people. Much of our innocent blood have been wasted on the abominable altar of this disgraceful Nigeria.

Anyone in his/her right senses and conscience knows that Nigeria is not worth any celebration; rather it deserves destruction, because it has swallowed uncountable talents, frustrated lots of skills, left great potentials unharnessed and have destroyed numerous destinies.

 No sane mind would like to be identified as a Nigerian, because Nigeria is the reason millions of children have been starved to death in a bid to keep it existing.  Nigeria remains a crime against humanity. Inarguably, Nigeria is the worst thing that has happened to the black race.

We should as a matter of urgency boycott everything relating to Nigeria, to enable us appease the spirits of those massacred in order to keep Nigeria in existence.

We can't appease the spirits of millions of innocent people massacred to preserve Nigeria, if the nations forcibly joined together in Nigeria do not regain their freedom. Even at 56th years of her so called independence, Nigeria still have nothing good to be proud of because of her continuous soaking of hands in the blood of the innocents.
Celebration of Nigeria is a celebration of evil and crime against humanity.




Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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