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Friday 20 October 2017



Family Writers Intelligence Crew nosed into the activities of the Nigerian military in the North and discovered that Biafrans in the Nigerian military are unjustly treated with the sole aim of eliminating them. Some Biafrans who were the unfortunate victims of the cruel and wicked tendencies spoke to our media crew on condition of anonymity, revealed that almost all the commanders in the Army are from the North. They revealed that even if a Biafran is qualified to take over as the commander of a particular battalion, the senior Northern officers would insist a northerner replaces or takes over instead of a Biafran.

According to our intelligence gathering, top military officers from the Northern extraction are making merchandise with the Boko Haram terrorists. Our crew gathered that, apart from giving military training to Boko Haram, military choppers often supply food for the terrorist group. More surprising was our finding that the top Hausa Fulani military officers are very much aware of the location and operation of the Boko Haram group in Sambisa forest as they often instruct them not to shoot at Boko Haram. One of the officers revealed that the Hausa-Fulani top officers are always aware when Boko Haram is to strike. Once it's time for the operation, the said top officers will leave the Nigerian Military Base, leaving our Biafran brothers in the Camp to be attacked and ambushed by Boko Haram.

We also gathered that most of the military hardwares used by Boko Haram were seized from the military and it is deliberately orchestrated to continue to empower their Boko Haram terrorists, used to execute their Islamic agenda targeted at Biafrans. They  set  our people up deliberately to be killed and their hardware's seized.
Most times when our people are killed they are secretly buried to suppress any tension it might brew and to destroy any evidence. For instance, if Boko Haram is to attack by 2:00hrs at midnight, the commander will leave the camp and  pretend as if he is off for a special assignment only to call back by 2:30hrs or 3:00hrs to ask the boys on ground if anything happened by 2:00hrs.

If Boko Haram terrorists changed their minds for whatever reason and could not carry out the attack again, the Fulani Commander will express surprise with the exclamation "ah ah!", meaning why did Boko Haram not attack as agreed. Hmmmm! What a systematic military genocide against our brothers serving in the Nigerian Army!
This genocidal ploy is part of the ethnic cleansing agenda which Buhari and his Chief of Army staff Buratai have perfected to carry out against people from the former Eastern Nigeria.

They have killed us with guns, they are still killings us with  systematic military ambush and now they have resorted to using chemical weapons to exterminate our future generation by forcefully infecting our school pupils with killer diseases in the guise of vaccination. There is so much being perpetrated against the Biafran people by the Islamic Republic of Nigeria yet the world is quite.

According to the source who pledged anonymity, there is more to Boko haram terrorists than what the mere eyes could see. He stated:

"Sometimes our Hausa-Fulani commanders would just drive into the camp and tell us not to fire any shot today because they know Boko Haram plans to attack us so that we can be easily ambushed and killed. Whenever they say that, as Biafrans we always use our tongue to count our teeth because we know what the commanders meant by that statement ".

"Biafrains  are posted to Northern Nigeria and sent to violent pron areas like Sambisa forest to battle Boko Haram, knowing that the military might of Boko Haram exceeds theirs".

"Every of our movement is being monitored including our phone calls and social media activities as if we are slaves", one of the officers lamented.
"We are suffering here but those from the North are treated like kings.
We are not happy over here in the North and I want our people back home to know that we are seeing everything the Nigerian military is doing to them. In due time Biafra will come and we will come back home. We are watching".

The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra has severally asked our brothers serving in  the Nigerian Army to return home to serve our motherland Biafra and we hope they heed to that call as the Nigerian military continue to set them up to be ambushed by  the Boko Haram terrorists.

Meanwhile, Family Writers Intelligence Crew recently delved into the secret atrocious politically motivated in tricks historically occasioned by the Northern Oligarchy for the total extermination of the people from the Bite of Biafra, traceable to the execution of the British colonial intents as manifested in the illegal creation of the fraudulent contraction called Nigeria.
Our media adventure to the Sambisa forest and other Northern States supposedly affected by the Boko Haram activities revealed a high level of tribal sentiments and genocidal plots designed and fashioned to ethnically cleansed Biafrans serving in the military.

The enclave fraudulently named Nigeria by the British sponsored agent  called Lord Lugard who merged the Northern and Southern protectorates through a process politically known as amalgamation in 1914 has learnt the artistry of lies and systematic genocide as successive governments have stolen several billions through unconstitutional means over time, leaving the Islamic Nation in absolute absurdity and under developed. Besides all this atrocities, it has become clear that this forceful marriage between Nigeria and Biafra will not work. It has never worked right from the onset. Biafra referendum is all we need.

Complied by Family Writers Intelligence Crew

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