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Thursday 5 October 2017



Written by Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers Press.

The heavenly ordained project of Biafra restoration that is fleet-footing Nigeria to oblivion and on the colossal upsurge among the entirety of humanity is masterminded and deep-rooted in the genius of the new generation of Biafrans.

The intimidating activities of this noble and ingenious sophisticated breed of Biafrans have left the illusion called Nigeria in total dismay, disarray and chaos. It's symbolically interesting that political gangsters ironically referred to as Nigerian leaders are held spare bound in delusion and emotional trauma by this unique set of Biafrans. They remain the greatest nightmare to the rancid Nigeria and its government. This new breed of Biafrans are inarguably a poisonous hook in the intestine of Nigeria, and which is obviously eating her up.

Notwithstanding, it's ticklish to give a competent or a crystal depiction of the new generation of Biafrans, however, below lies an aesthetical clues about the catalysts inherent in the virtuous winning Biafrans.

The new generation of Biafrans are intellectual monsters who are resiliently hell-bent on the restoration of the nation of Biafra. They believe that Biafra must be restored in truth and in honesty, and this attests to the reason they have made truth their greatest weapon in which they have been using in destroying their enemies.

They are extremely fanatical about truth and Biafra freedom, hence they love Biafra more than their lives; in fact, they are epitomized in Biafra and are highly focused on Biafra restoration. Their strongest resolve is to restore Biafra, using every means possible. The word impossibility doesn't exist in their dictionary, hence they see possibility in every impossibility coming their way.

To them life without Biafra, life is meaningless and ought not to be lived. Biafra remains their last hope and a medium through which their greatness can be achieved. The love of Biafra has enveloped them, hence they listen to nothing else other than the truth which is embedded in the Gospel of restoration of Biafra. That's the only language they understand. A good number of Biafrans are scattered all over the world, and its worth knowing that they're a set of people who places love first in everything they engage themselves in.

Nevertheless, when the new generation of Biafrans under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu emerged, those who lack the understanding of their resolve on Biafra restoration see them as being addicted to an impossible quest, they described them as being insane. When they started preaching the Gospel of restoration of Biafra, they were seen as miscreants and gullible minds who will end up no where. However, little did they know that the activists are operating on God's mandate.

Their doggedness and resilience of Biafrans in pursuit of Biafra freedom have earned them an outstanding results and enormous successes. In line with this, their voice are heard across the globe. It's of truth to say that Biafra is discussed in every language known to man. Different countries of the world have pledged their support for Biafra. People of good conscience are asking questions on the crimes against humanity being committed against the people of Biafra.
Today the diligency of IPOB have placed Biafra on the horizon. Under the umbrella of IPOB and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra has become a global phenomenon. To many, Biafra is now their religion, to others it's now their name and what they can't live without.
It's obvious that this generation of Biafrans must restore Biafra. We may not know Sir Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, we may not know Sir Philip Effiong, but our fight will get us Biafra. Biafra freedom under our watch is non-negotiable. The mistakes of our fathers has been corrected. Honestly there's no stopping to us. We pledge to all our adversaries that Biafra must be restored under their watch.

That long awaited day is fast approaching, when we shall sing a song of victory, dancing with a heart filled of joy, on that faithful day that humanity will rise to honour and and hail the great nation of Biafra. Yes! in no distant time, the world must surely join their voices together with Biafrans to say- ALL HAIL BIAFRA, ALL HAIL THE GREAT GREAT NATION OF BIAFRA.

Edited by Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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