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Friday 13 October 2017



Report by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

Up until now, the effect of Wednesday's incident in Anambra state and it's environs is still lingering. People are scared on being forced to be injected while teachers complains' of the fact that parents have refused to bring their wards to school and as a result, academic activities in most schools in Onitsha and it's environs are being halted while the schools are under lock and key.

Family Writers Press correspondent, Ebere Okolie took a stroll around Onitsha and met schools with very low turnout of students and pupils. Interviewing a teacher in one of the schools visited who pleaded anonymity, she said that, they were so scared when they got the news of forceful injection of school children by the Nigerian Army in some schools in Anambra state at gun point which made them to shut down school activities immediately, as parents were already waiting at the school gate to take home their wards.

The last schools the correspondent visited has no teacher or pupils seen around the school premises and what was seen on the school notice board was" No School Till Monday". This particular school according to people living around the area, was in section during the time the news of forceful injection broke out but decided to close down for the week to avoid being invaded or taking unawares by the Nigerian Army.

The purported administration of vaccine to school children is not a new thing in Biafra land but at least there will be full awareness and sensitization of the public both on electronic media and print media which will avail parents the opportunity to understand what is to be administered to the kids and as well give their consent to the school authorities for their wards to be immunized. But the case here is different. There was no sensitization what so ever, and here we are seeing our children being injection with a killer virus by the unprofessional medical personnel on khaki.

1 comment

  1. What wicked a country we live it. The Nigeria Army has been massacring pro-Biafran Youths with life bullets since 2015 and Fulani herdsmen are also all over the SE/SS committing all kinds of atrocities. The gory pictures of torture and massacres are making news around the world. Now, they have devised such a wicked way to exterminate Biafran people - through injecting the school children with poisonous virus to kill them slowly. Nigeria is cursed indeed. God will surely continue to punish the perpetrators of this sinister and satanic attacks. Please Ndigbo wakeup and protect your people and land from these evil and murderous jihadist Fulani tribe. Please do not allow your children to be killed slowly by these evil Nigerian Army.


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