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Tuesday 10 October 2017




Civil disobedience has become a veritable approach recognised by  international laws as a means of pressing home one's demand. The indigenous people of Biafra IPOB has reached this stage in the struggle to liberate themselves from the contraption nation called Nigeria. On this basis, IPOB have decided not to participate in any Nigeria government  election starting from the Anambra state gubernatorial election coming up on November 18th.

The election boycott will send a strong signal to both local and international communities that we are serious in our pursuit of self determination, participating in the election will mean that we are still enslaving ourselves the more and will make the whole sacrifices we have made so far to be worthless and may portray Biafrans as unserious  in their demand for referendum for Biafra freedom.

I want our people to understand exactly what IPOB is saying because I know that some have misunderstood the process. IPOB did not say that election will not hold in Nigeria we only say that indigenous people of Biafra who are seeking for their independence  from Nigeria are not going to participate in any election in Nigeria again starting from  Anambra state election which comes up on the 18th of November, 2017.

Nigeria can go on in conducting her elections but let them count IPOB out because we have  determined to boycott every election that has to do with Nigeria now and forever. The boycott of Anambra election and every other election in Nigeria will not only be of paramount help to only Biafrans but to all ethnic nationalities who are being maligned in the false country.

By boycotting every election in Biafra land, the world and international communities will now know that we are serious and that of a truth we really want to opt from Nigeria. Our mission is simple;to liberate the helpless, to give hope to the hopeless youths who are desperate and traumatized in this second hell fire called Nigeria and from the hands of the evil politicians who always use them as thugs during every election and after the election they will abandon them entirely because they have achieved what they want to achieve from them.

since Nigeria government in collaboration with the governors in Biafra land  tagged IPOB a terrorist organization, the election boycott will tell them that terrorists are not expected to vote in elections.
We have a lot of  reasons why we should boycott election in Biafra land and I want our people to key in and make it a success.

 I know that as we are working towards boycotting these elections , those criminal politicians we have in Biafra land will also be working secretly to frustrate it by bribing our people with money, food items etc but I encourage us not to allow yourselves to be deceived anymore by collecting bribe from these politicians in order to come out to vote in the day of election. For the spirit of those our people who have died in this journey of Biafra struggle will continue to haunt you if you try such. After all you have been voting for many years now with nothing to  show instead after voting, what they will use to reward you is hunger, suffering, killing, arrest, torture and kidnapping. Therefore, see all these as a reason why you should not vote. Don't listen to anybody or any radio station telling you to come out and vote on the day of Anambra election, I tell you Willie Obiano and other aspirants has bribed all of them and they are now doing the work of their pay master in other to swallow down the money being paid to them.

What we are fighting for is what will benefit both this generation and the ones to come so don't sell our future because of a porridge of soup. Let the day of Anambra gubernatorial election be a day of white soup (ofe nsala) for you and your family. Sit at home that day and enjoy with your family. Don't even come outside that day to watch what is going on, buy what you are going to eat on 17th of November so that on the 18th of November you sit at home and enjoy your ofe nsala. Let our people in Anambra state help us that day by not sabotaging our efforts by going out to vote please. There is no amount that Obiano will pay you to come out and vote which will be bigger than your freedom. Let us join hands to do this once and for all so that our freedom will come quickly. Let us not disappoint our leader mazi Nnamdi kanu  who has given all he has including his life for the cause of this struggle. Let us not also disappoint those who have given their lives in this struggle so that you and I will live.

Again I say, boycott Anambra gubernatorial election, boycott every election in Biafra land. Resist Obiano and his bribe. Don't sabotage our efforts, don't allow yourself to be used by these criminal politicians in Biafra land in order to achieve their selfish interest. Support Biafra referendum!

And don't be a saboteur!.
God bless and protect our leader  mazi Nnamdi kanu wherever the Nigeria army has kept him.
God bless Biafra
Edited by Comr. Ogbuanya Chikezie N

1 comment

  1. All true Biafrans must boycott Anambra governorship elections on November 18 and any further elections in Biafra land. These Fulani jihadists cannot come to your land in collaboration with your political prostitutes and slaves, invaded the royal family residence of IPOB leader, massacred and wounded many unarmed Biafra youths in Umuahia, Aba and Port Harcourt and you want to go vote in Anambra elections. That’s stupidity. Please stay away, stay home on November 18 and never participate in any further elections in SE and SS regions until a date for Biafra referendum is set. We cannot continue be fools and remain in enslaved and in bondage in our God-given land. Enough is enough. Moreover, boycotting elections is your prerogative. No one can force you to cast your vote. After all, you have been voting all your life, what have these corrupt politicians and governors done for you.


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