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Tuesday 7 November 2017



By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
For Family Writers Press

It is a forbidden election,
We will not vote,
We have no reason to vote,
Obviously there is no need to vote,
Therefore, we will boycott the election.

The worst thing we have been doing,
Voting and participating in elections,
elections which we get nothing good in return.
Rather, we promote criminals,
And egocentric crapolas;
Who trade our future, safety
 and well-being for money-

People that only care about their family,their pockets,
their selfish interest and aspirations.
They do not care about the well-being of the people,
They do not care about the wants and needs of the people,
Neither do the troubles and pains of the masses touch them.

The only time they remember the masses,
Only during election and campaign periods;
They are all evil people,
We must not vote for them,
Because this is a forbidden election.
We must not vote,
we will not vote.

Gone are the days,
we lived in the dark,
The days we accept-
Their phantom and unfulfillable promises,
They woo us into voting-
 with their sweet tongues,
So desperate-
To make us believe they are Savours and Messiahs,
That will bring peace and enthrone justice.

But alas!
The reverse is always the case,
Now we have learnt our bitter lessons,
We will never fall for them again.

We are wiser now,
Our eyes have opened,
Our conscience and consciousness is at alert,
Now we clearly understand their antics,
And we will no longer fall prey.

Now is the time,
 To prove to them,
How they are useless and inconsequential-
Without our support and mandate.
That we can not be fooled anymore.
Just a total boycott of the election,
For that is the only way
We can make them understand our value.

The truth remains if we continue to vote,
Our sufferings will continue,
Our pains and anguish will keep multiplying-
In hundred and million  folds.
We can't afford to leave our land-
In the hands of the oppressors.
We can't afford to subject our future,
Unto slavery, marginalization and subjugation.

For Verily, verily l tell you,
If we continue to vote,
We shall know no peace,
But will continue to live in chaos, anguish and regrets. 

This is a time of vengeance,
For the crimes and injustices,
They have been subjecting us to.

A golden opportunity,
To register our displeasure;
A time to pass a vote of no confidence,
It is time we taught them a bitter lesson,
A time to force them to come back to their senses,
A time for revenge,
Not by guns and bullets,
Or other weapons of warfare,
But by absolute boycott of Anambra election.

This is the only opportunity
we have to prove ourselves,
And we must not misuse it,
This is the time to make the long awaited change,
We cannot keep doing same thing,
And expect a different result,
Therefore, we must not vote.

If we can achieve this,
It will send them a strong message,
That truly, they no longer have our mandate,
And I tell you after now,
They will accord us the deserved respect,
They will no longer maltreat us with impunity,
They will have no choice-
 Than to give us what we want,
And must surely subscribe to our long awaited heart desire,
Which is freedom.

In democracy,
Power belongs to the people,
Therefore we must understand the very fact,
That power belongs to us,
And nobody can take it away from us.
Come November 18th, 2017,
We must demostrate in Anambra,
That power belongs to the people,
And not some stuporous corrupt goons parading themselves as politicians,
It is true that election will hold,
But it is our duty to sit at home,
And enjoy ourselves.

Anambra election,
Is a forbidden election,
We must not participate in it.

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