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Friday 17 November 2017



Dear Yul Edochie,

I hope you are fine as always.

I find it very important to put up this piece of letter as it regards to your journey into Nigeria politics, and more importantly your aspiration to lead the people of Anambra as a governor.
Without any prevarication, I must say that such motive is a good move, but you made the right step at the wrong time.
The truth is that I never took it serious the first I saw your campaign posters and adverts  online , because I thought it was one of your usual motion-pictures in the Nollywood movie industry. In fact, I felt less concerned and was only waiting for the time the movie will hit the cinemas. That was it, I never knew it is for real.
I am a concerned brother, and you are one of the most cherished actors in the movie industry whose roles in movies I love to watch, as your character is always exceptional. Obviously I love your exceptional talent in acting, it is overwhelming and I commend you for that.

Actually, I began to give your political ambition an attention few weeks ago, when I started seeing your fellow veterans in the movie industry displaying your election posters and campaigning for you on various media platforms. So as a fan, a concerned brother and a fellow Biafran, I deemed it necessary to bare my mind with you as it regards to your feature in Nigerian politics and most importantly, your aspiration to become Anambra state governor.
Below are my candid advice, and I wish you carefully read it with understanding and possibly swing into action without any form of delay.

Without mincing words, your decision to join Nigerian politics is execrable. Whether you believe it or not, Nigeria was never created to better the life of its inhabitants. The inarguable fact remains that Nigeria was created to exploit and extirpate us, and never to exalt or aggrandize us. The colonialists positioned Nigeria in such a way it will never better the life of its inhabitants for their selfish reasons, no matter how hard you may try to change it. Nigeria was created by Fredrick Lugard, only for the economic interest of the great Britain, and not for the interests of its inhabitants. Nigeria will not work as far as Hausa-Fulani remains part it.
 There is a saying which has it that " you cannot teach an old dog a new steps". You cannot be a saint and at the same time be dinning with the devil, for politics in Nigeria is overhauled and deep-rooted in evil. It is a game of " if you cannot be them, then you join them".
Change is not obtainable as far as the name Nigeria is concerned. It is in this respect that I admonish you to join the nearest IPOB family, for that is the greatest step you can take that will bring the expected change which we have all been craving for.

Let me make it abundantly clear; you cannot become Anambra state governor without the endorsement of the Hausa-Fulani monarchs, that is the norm and the only way to gain access to any tangible political post in Nigeria.

You must understand that before you achieve success in Nigerian politics, you must be an Hausa-Fulani loyalist, ever ready to carry out all their instructions without minding how dangerous it might be to the well being of our people. If you do not dance to their tune, then you have to let go whatever tangible political post you might be pursuing. It is useless to venture into the politics of Nigeria that cannot let you do tangible good works for your people. The north is our problem, that is the way the colonialists programmed it, and you cannot reconcile it, because it is bigger than you, or unless the north wishes to let go the power handed over to them by Britain, which is exactly what IPOB is fighting for.

As a young enlightened African mind of the tremendously blessed Biafra nation, I clearly understand that your venture into politics may be of good motive, to bring the long awaited change to the abjectly impoverished citizens of the state. But such is not obtainable with the present political structure of Nigeria. This is why IPOB is working assiduously for total freedom and emancipation of the entire people of Biafra from the shackles of the rancid Nigeria.
 Like I said earlier, change is not obtainable with that name called Nigeria, so the change we all need is Biafra freedom. In a free Biafra, we shall determine for ourselves the life we want to live, without interference from external forces. The case of Ibeto Group and the rest of other suppressed Biafra entrepreneurs remains a shining example of what Nigeria have to offer if we make a step of building a better nation for ourselves under the Nigeria state.  You must understand that we cannot build a better Biafra nation  under the enclave of Nigeria, because we will always be frustrated by evil government policies drafted by Fulani hegemonic oligarchies and the imperialistic masters.
Nigeria is a comfort zone for the few fanactically corrupt politicians and others whose hands are deeply soiled in evil.
The truth is that you might be living comfortably with the system in Nigeria, but think about other millions of people who cannot afford a three square meal daily. There are  people who pass through hell to survive the day with one square meal without a hope of how to feed once again tomorrow. How do we secure a future for those who has no hope of a better tomorrow? Those who are living in the dark and wallowing in nocuous poverty. What about those who managed to pass through the University who has no means of survival to mention but a few? The present day Nigeria is not doing and will never do anything to better our lives; therefore it is only Biafra that will save us from this ravaging Nigeria. Honestly, Biafra freedom remains the answer to all our strenuous adversities.

Nevertheless, joining IPOB to work for the freedom of Biafra will create a historical landmark that will forever remain golden in history. And I hope you will not afford to lose the chance. Withdraw your mandate for governorship aspiration and toe the path of freedom of your people if you truly love them.

Notwithstanding, the youths and the entire people of Biafra are no longer interested in Nigerian elections. The only language we understand is Biafra freedom. As a matter of fact, we have vowed to boycott all Nigerian elections until a date for referendum is given to us to vote ourselves  out of Nigeria. In line with this, we the people of Anambra are sitting at home on November 18th 2017, which is the slated date for the Anambra state gubernatorial election. We have declared the slated date an "Ofe Nsala Day" and we will all stay at the comfort of our homes and enjoy our spicy ofe nsala delicacies. Although, in Nigerian gravely corrupt election the people's vote does not count, but I assure you that you and your counterparts are likely not to get a single vote on that day because we are not voting. We are tired of voting because we  get nothing good in return rather than mass murder and inhumane sufferings.
The same way Enugu people boycotted chairmanship election on the 4th of November 2017, is the way it will definitely happen in Anambra.  In democracy, power belongs to the people and we are no longer interested in Nigeria, for they don't value us. The marginalization by the government is rapidly growing on a daily basis, and for that, we have vowed to exit Nigeria. Biafra freedom is our heart desire and that we must get it, come what may.

Biafra freedom remains our greatest priority and you have to toe the path of freedom as we are all doing for total emancipation of Biafra, for that is the genuine heart desire of the people.
This is my message to you. And I hope you give your discerning spirit a chance.

                   Yours sincerely,
 Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius
 For Family Writers Press.

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