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Friday 17 November 2017



By Solomon Iwejuo, for Family Writers Press.

A popular Bible  saying opines that the love of money is the root of evil, so it is evident in the political spheres of Biafra land. Money has become the driving force behind most human activities, the reason why human beings are desperate to acquire it and are ever ready to get  money by all means. This has led to  deception and injustices in our society. The quest for money has made many people to loose their integrity, that no genuine activity happens without monetary inducement.
In history, few leaders have shown that money worths nothing in a quest to lead human beings. Notable of them are Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Chinua Achebe a renowned literally icon, Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu the leader of the defunct Biafra republic and now, Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. There have been leaders who put their lives at stake to rescue the lost hope of the common man. We see an example of such leaders today in Nnamdi Kanu.

The quest to have money has destroyed homes, families, communities, churches and even relationships. It is assumed that having money or controlling money is automatically having power. This notion is rampant in Nigeria.
 Money provides every good things of life: security, accommodation, electricity, good water etc, it also commands respect, followership, recognition and above all leadership. It is not surprised that what ever it takes to acquire money is highly encouraged by Biafran politicians even if it will cost the lives of their constituents,they rarely show concern  when hundreds of the common people die but when a single millionaire or politician lost his or her life; radio, television, news papers will report it and  even bring out register in different government institutions for people to register their condolences over a renowned criminal in politics who passed on. Money no doubt is the root of all evil.

These politicians have  exchanged the lives of their constituents with the financial benefits they got from various allocations  which is supposed to be used to cater for the welfare of the people. In fact, there seems to be no hope for the people because of these selfish politicians whose motive of being in government is to acquire wealth for themselves and their cronies.
Electioneering periods are characterized by killings and bloodshed with no one asking questions.Their agents kill openly, secretly and sometimes manipulate accidents on our roads. Today, security men are  paid or heavily rewarded for wasting lives . All the elections conducted in Nigeria have not gone without  bloodshed of the innocents. The United States of America with her population size  has never witnessed the magnitude of loss of lives recorded in Nigerian politics. Also, the British, the brain behind the  edifice called Nigeria  has not recorded casualties during elections;why always in Nigeria?
If these  politicians in Biafra land do not enjoy wasting lives , why would Fulani herdsmen kill and maim Biafrans in their own land without being  punished or condemned  by these self-serving  leaders called senators or governors?

 In Abia State, the killings  of the Indigenous People of Biafra at National High school Aba by the murderous Nigerian security agents affected governor Okezie Ikpeazu's cousin but  he never  paid a condolence visit to the family that lost their only son.
 Biafrans have been massacred at Nkpor and other towns in Anambra State during 30th May Biafra remembrance day and none of the leaders  summoned the perpetrators of these inhumane acts.

Recently, during the Nigerian army "Operation Python Dance dance II" exercise in the South East , the Nigerian army killed scores of innocent  Biafrans, many in their homes, shops and on the streets which led to a public outcry  that the governor of Abia State on 13th of September 2017, announced through a  State own radio station that the Nigerian Army would  leave Abia on Thursday being  14th September, 2017 but that same day the Nigerian Army invaded the palace of the traditional ruler of Afara  Ibeku the home of the   leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mr Nnamdi Kanu and killed 28 unarmed innocent people, destroyed many valuables and ever since then the whereabouts of the IPOB leader is still unknown and many believed he was also killed by the Army during that operation.

With all these killings going on, the leaders from Biafra land  went to Abuja to celebrate the killings of the people they claim to represent which  led to the  belief that they were the sponsors of these killings.

Therefore, any attempt to return these people to power  will spell doom for us and humanity will hold us accountable. It is time we reject these leaders who do not care about the demands and will of the people who elected them. It is evident that their political career is more important to them than the freedom and liberty of their people. Biafrans are on this premise, advised to stay away from every election  of the Nigerian government starting with the Anambra State November 18th gubernatorial elections.  Do not vote. Sit at home and boycott the election which will be in best interest of our quest to effect a referendum for Biafra.

#Sit at home on 18th November.

Biafra referendum is our only hope!

Editor : Comr. Ogbuanya Chikezie Nnamdi.

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