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Wednesday 8 November 2017



By Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

As governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State is presently brutalizing Biafran traders in Onitsha markets with his rented thugs to obtain fake endorsement of the traders for the Anambra State gubernatorial election, it is forming another basis to make you know that all politicians in Biafraland especially in Anambra are heartless and do not have the interest of the people at heart. Gov Willie Obiano with the support of other aspirants in the election, conspired and endorsed the constant killing of Biafran youths by the Nigerian Army, Police and DSS in order to protect their political interest. Their constant criminal silence whenever Biafran youths are butchered by Nigerian soldiers and police is an evidence glaringly substantiating the claim. Recall that it was under the direct supervision of Willie Obiano, the incumbent governor and governorship aspirant in the forthcoming election, that hundreds of Biafran youths were murdered at Nkpor in Anambra state during the Biafra heroes day celebration in 2016.

Those youths were not disrupting or breaching public peace or even posed any security threat to be matted with the kind on carnage that generated outrage both within Nigeria and international communities. Biafran youths were massacred inside the church, a place of worship for that matter, while they were sleeping in the eve of the heroes day celebration. Many were dragged and baptised with raw acid and were left to be burnt by the raw acid so as to die a slow but painful death. There were also forceful arrests with accompanying torture. Those that were arrested were killed at Onitsha military cantonment and were buried in shallow graves while others were taken to an unknown destination probably for summary execution or assassination. All these atrocious crimes against humanity were single handedly perpetrated by the Nigerian joint military forces under that watchful eyes of Willie Obiano and other Biafran politicians without any of them raising an eyebrow in questioning the rationale behind such barbarism, mass murder and ethnic cleancing of a people.

Even international human rights organisations like Amnesty International ( AI) that were outraged by such inhumane treatment were accused of peddling lies and stage-managing their evidences. Recall that Amnesty international, after the killing of Biafran youths at Nkpor by the Nigerian security agents who apparently denied even killing a fly, conducted an authentic and first hand on the ground investigation after which an eye boggling report with forensic evidences was released on the 23rd of November, 2016. The report indicted the Nigerian military on the killing of Biafran youths which Amnesty International(AI) demanded an investigation committee should be set up to carry out an unbiased and thorough investigation on the said issue.

After a period of time, the Nigerian military formed a fraudulent committee for the investigation of the incident, with governor Willie Obiano standing as a witness. We all watched Willie Obiano deny that not even an ant was killed on 30th May, 2016. That is to say that "when one is a judge in one's case, no one is found guilty or culpable". With this, all the politicians in Biafraland remained mute in the face of evil, thereby aiding and abetting the killing of their own people.

However, the reason why there is no politician in Biafraland that is better than another is because of their criminal complicity and conspiracy of silence in the killing of Biafran youths by the Nigerian murderous security agencies which did not start with the incumbent governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano, but also happened during the tenure of Mr Peter Obi who endorsed the killing of Biafran youths, with the dumping of their lifeless bodies in Ezu River in Amansí, Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra state on the 19th of January, 2013. Ezu River is neither Sambisa forest nor Bermuda triangle that kills and takes out of site, it's victims.

Since 19th January 2013, there have been hundreds of unanswered questions staring the authorities in the face. It is yet fresh in our memories, remembering how the people of Amansí woke up from sleep that fateful morning to discover quite a number of floating bodies in their river which happens to be their only source of drinking water. Until today, the report of the purported investigation of that incident remains a mirage.

Should Biafrans in Anambra forget so soon all the aforementioned atrocities aided and abetted by the so called leaders and others not mentioned, to go against the directives of IPOB leadership which stipulated and advised that all Biafrans in Anambra State should boycott the forthcoming guber poll slated to take place on 18th November, 2016 and goes out to vote, they would have endorsed the killing of Biafran youths with their thumbs.

It is pertinent at this juncture to remind Biafrans in Anambra state that electing a different candidate be it Osita Chidoka, Tony Nwoye, Godwin Ezeemo, Obaze or any other flagbearer of the Nigerian political parties, that there is no difference between governor Wille Obiano the murderer in Anambra state government house, and any other person that will be replacing him if voted in because they are one and the same people in the fraudulent game of Nigerian politics where evil rares it's ugly heads and dewels' amongst humans.

However, it is therefore indisputably necessary,  to state unequivocally, that no Biafran in his or her right senses will find any cojent reason to move out of his or her abode to cast a vote for any of these men in politics, presently scavenging for positions to service their egocentric interests and that of their slavemasters up North. All these politicians do not have the interests of the people as their driving force. What will be your gain therefore, while standing out there at the risk of your life, going out to cast your ballot and after four years you still remained where you were?

It will be absolute insanity for any Biafran in Anambra state to come out on 18th November to cast their ballot. When you stay indoors enjoying your "OFE NSALA DAY" with your family without coming out to vote, you must have done a great thing for Biafra and your reward will definitely be Biafra referendum which we are craving for.


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