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Wednesday 1 November 2017



By: Ekwenye Samuel, Paul Emerenini and Sunday Okafor
For Family Writers' Press.

    ** TOPIC **


Biafrans! the right to vote in public elections in order to select a leader of your choice otherwise known as franchise, immediately you attain the age of 18 is your Fundamental Human Right, which nobody has the authority either legally or illegally to take away from you no matter who the person is at a particular given time. To this effect, there are reasons we said that your franchise( right to vote) in an unworthy country called Nigeria, is the reason for our slavery so far. To emancipate ourselves from this slavery, the upcoming November 18 governorship election in Anambra State and subsequent elections in other States within the Biafran territories must be boycotted in totality.

Nigeria is an unworthy country in the sense that her three main tribes; namely Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, are made up of three different people with different historical background, traditions and religions, which are the three main characteristics that differentiate people. This made Nigeria a no man's land as all evils and wrongs go unchecked and we Biafrans have decreed and declared that never again shall we live among people who do not respect our values not to talk of sharing them with us. In an evil forest like Nigeria, all animals therein prey on each other. We Biafrans, enslaved as preys within the forest, need to free ourselves only by not coming out to vote on the 18th November. This is our ticket to freedom.

Do you really know what it means to be called a Nigerian? Have you not noticed that you are automatically a suspect if you mention "Nigeria" any where in the world? Are you not tired of the stigma associated with Nigeria? Nigeria lacks what it takes to be an independent country therefore, she has to be sent back to the colonial era to acquire the necessary requirements for her freedom.

Voting under one Nigeria constitutional rights has caused us so much pains such as the untimely deaths of our beloved innocent children, youths, mothers and fathers since the inception and creation of Nigeria as a country most especially from 1945 till date.

Your choice to exercise your rights of selecting a leader is absolutely fine and cannot be denied of you but have you not been deceived enough? We have to shake off the shackles of political deceit in our land come November 18. Save your vote for our dear Nation Biafra.

Are you not tired of having same dreams every night without them coming to manifestation?  Eight years ago, you chose a leader through votes and they promised you heavens on earth without fulfillment. Last 4yrs as well, you chose another leader who promised to rebuild your fallen and muddy houses to modern houses, none was fulfilled rather they  sent thugs in military uniform to demolish that your local houses without building even a canopy for you to dwell in. This year again, you are planning on how to elect another person who simply promised making the visible electric cables and poles to appear invisible. My dear, is your name Mr. Vote Static?  Enough is enough!


When you are a slave to someone, you always get tortured while working for the person while the person keeps eating, enjoying and getting fatter. That is exactly the case between Nigeria and Biafra because almost everything that makes Nigeria a wealthy nation is mainly being extracted from Biafran soil yet, all the Biafran States are not developed like the Northern and Western States of Nigeria. Our roads are not passable and that is why the Nigerian government and her colonial masters connected underground pipes and took the resources to Lagos and Abeokuta in Ogun State to mine  there thus, telling the gullible ones that those mentioned States are among crude oil producing States in Nigeria. You can clearly see how developed Lagos seaport is while Port Harcourt seaport is redundant. We have granites, coal, and diamond yet, all these are shipped out of our land into Nigeria. We were not created by God to live as one, but the activities of evil men bound us together.
You might not know the damage for serving and labouring for Nigeria now, but your little children (upcoming youths of Biafra)  would suffer for what they knew nothing about.

Are you a Biafran father, mother, young man or woman aiming to become fathers and mothers someday, its high time you saved the future of your children and that of Biafrans worldwide by standing to your feet to declare: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Its high time you showed  totally compliance to election boycott in Anambra State if you are an Anambrarian. If you are not from Anambra State, you must also do same in your various States when it is time for elections.

Nigeria is not habitable. We must go to the promised land - Biafra.


With this, we end this week's edition of FWFFA. Until we come your way again next week, remain blessed. Goodbye!

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