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Wednesday 15 November 2017



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

My dearest readers, I crave your indulgence to start this article with this epic but sad and shameful encounter a Family Writers Press correspondent, Ibeh Amarachi Gift had with prison warders in a Nigerian prison, as she went to pay some Biafra men and women held illegally by Nigerian government a visit.
In her own words, she wrote;

"I visited our brothers in prisons and rebuked some Nigerian prison warders for money extortion from families of detained victims who came visiting. Their Boss called me closer, demanded I calm down and decided to speak to me".

Hear him..
"Biafra woman. You see the country called Nigeria, corruption will never stop. Even Buhari who promised to sweep corruption, is still corrupt.
There is nothing anyone can do about it. They said visit is free in prisons, but we still give them their returns of every visitation. Anybody who refused to pay "Prison Visit Fee", will not be allowed to enter. But, I will let you in, but next time give us our money. They do it in their political offices and we do ours here".

I looked at him and said, "The Only Solution To All This, Is The Restoration Of Biafra, Because The Failed State Called Nigeria Has No Remedy".

This encounter between Family Writers Press correspondent and the prison warder is just little compared to what is happening in Nigeria. It is quite unfortunate that many who should have stood firm and demanded a stop to all these things are there, hands on their hips and legs akimbo, professing how Nigeria should remain one, instead of speaking out against lawlessness and evil. As old as I am today, I have never seen anything Nigeria does well, other than killing her own and keeping them down in abject poverty.

In 2001, Nigerian military went into Zaki Ibiam, a village in Benue State shooting everything that moved. They killed defenseless civilians, leaving more than 100 of them dead. Till today, no one has answered any question about the death of these civilians. Not the then President, and not the soldiers that carried out the atrocious act against humanity.

On November 20th, 1999, yet again Nigerian military unleashed their beastly nature on the village of Odi in Bayelsa state, raping and killing hundreds of civilians. Among the dead were school children, aged men and women.

Again, the Nigerian military on 12th December 2015, carried out a mass murder of Shiite Muslims in Zaria, killing more than 300 civilians simply for holding prayer procession in the streets. They were so wicked on those victims that they still went to their leaders house, killing anybody at sight and had the house burnt down, even those inside the house were burnt alive while those that tried to flee were gruesomely murdered. The Nigerian military that carried out such atrocities, were quick to brand Shi'ite Muslims terrorists so as to justify their terroristic murderous acts. They hurriedly buried all the victims in shallow graves. Even the leader of Shi'ite and his wife are still held in prisons incommunicado and that ugly incident led to the death of all their children. Till today, the killers of more than 300 Nigerians, have no questions to answer because killing Nigerians is being celebrated and attracts promotion.

That is exactly why Nigerians can be killed in South Africa, Spain and Malaysia without Nigerian government taking action against the countries or even speaking up for her own citizens. The last time, it was the Cameroonian soldiers that murdered more than 25 Nigerian fishermen and nothing happened. They just helped them out in doing what they know how to do best. So why ask for explanations, when even the government that is supposed to protect her own citizens are also the one killing them, aiding and abetting those that also kill for religious sake.

In the South Eastern Nigeria, the military killed more than 150 Biafra agitators of which Amnesty International, an international Human Rights organization, got it covered. On the eve of May 30th 2016, in Nkpo, the Nigerian military went on a killing spree inside a Catholic Church, killing more than 50 Biafran youths that assembled to honour their fallen heroes and were all asleep when the military invaded the church. The Nigerian military killed them and made them fallen heroes to be remembered too. What a pathetic situation  things have become in the Nigerian enclave.

Again in Aba, Abia State, the military unleashed terror on innocent civilians. They killed many Biafran youths, had chemicals poured on their bodies and threw their bodies into a borrow pit. When they were discovered, they all were unrecognizable as Biafra insignia were found on their lifeless bodies, even their hands were tied up at their backs with Biafra flag material.

Not long ago in Umuahia, Nigerian military invaded the home of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, killing not less than 28 youths and made away their lifeless bodies to cover up evidences against such a beastly act. It was later discovered in a forest near Afara-ukwu, Umuahia, in Abia state, where the decomposing bodies of those Biafran youths were dumped by Nigerian military of shame, the killer squad of innocent civilians, no wonder even school children flee when ever they sight any Nigerian military.

The Nigerian military are simply unprofessional trigger happy men in khaki and killing is their stock in trade. There is nothing they have done to better the lives of ordinary Nigerians, common good life, they can not afford Nigerians, but have continued to gift them with untimely death.

The Nigerian police are not left out of the mess as they keep embarrassing themselves on every roads collecting money from motorists and taking bribe up and down, which is worst in Biafraland. What does it take to sanitize the Nigerian police force?
What does it take to sanitize immigration service?
What of the Nigerian custom service?
The Senate, house Of representative, and the President, are all involved in the mess that is Nigeria. Like the prison Boss said, "they give the "Ogas' at the top" returns".

Corruption in Nigeria is a chain reaction. Every serving Nigerian politician can not function effectively without being corrupt. Just like it is not easy for a Nigerian police not to soar his hands in bribery in the cause of their services. The only remedy to Nigeria is her prompt division. Nigeria needs to go into extinction and let Biafra go. No one in Nigeria cares on whether Nigeria is burning or not. They are only making sure they preserve the fraudulent entity called Nigeria as far as the oil continues to flow. That is why President Buhari asked the World Bank to concentrate development, only in Northern Nigeria. He does not believe in Nigeria, he believes in "Northern Region". The people called Nigerians today are really not one and they know it. That is why they are ready to kill millions like they did in 1967 to 70 as to keep the fake nation united.

Believe me, Nigeria can not get better as far as anything that can make her better is not beneficial to Northern region. That is why the North will continue to resist the much touted  restructuring of Nigeria. The only way the people that call themselves Nigerians today can get better is to rediscover their identity, know whom they are before the scam called amalgamation took place, build their own nation and develop at their own pace. And that is what Biafrans seek through IPOB, the Indigenous People Of Biafra.

Boycott Anambra state election and demand for referendum.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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