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Thursday 23 November 2017


One of the polling Unit in Anambra

By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

As the Anambra state election boycott ordered by IPOB which recorded 98% compliance of Biafrans in Anambra State has come and gone, it is important for me to make the world to know that Nigerian government is only using the compromised Nigerian media to deceive the world that people came out to vote although with low turnout so as to create avenue for the INEC to announce fake result to the world with nobody unable to query it. In putting the record straight here, I want to make the world know, it is over statement to refer to what happened in Anambra election, as low turnout of voters but the right statement should be total boycott of the election because all the polling centers where I covered as Family Writers Press' Anambra election boycott coverage mandate correspondent in Nnewi North, proved that residents of Nnewi North boycotted the election completely not just low turnout as Nigerian media put it.

As a person from Nnewi who knows virtually all nook and cranny of Nnewi City, I tried my best and visited about 3 to 4 polling stations in each ward of the 10 Council Ward of Nnewi North. The 10 Council Ward of Nnewi North as listed below:

1. Otolo Ward 1
2. Otolo Ward 2
3. Otolo Ward 3
4. Uruagu Ward 1
5. Uruagu Ward 2
6. Uruagu Ward 3
7. Umudim Ward 1
8. Umudim Ward 2
9. Nnewichi Ward 1
10. Nnewichi Ward 2

These are the 10 Council Wards in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State where I served as on the spot correspondent of Family Writers Press. All I saw in the polling centers was that few people came to collect the money which PDP, APC and APGA were sharing and inducing unwilling voters to vote in the presence of the already compromised Nigerian police, civil defence and road safety officers who did nothing as these things were happening. The Nigerian security agents of shame were watching and the party agents were inducing hunger stricken Biafrans with money to vote. I wonder when it comes another norm in Nigeria electoral system to use town criers to invite electorates to polling station to come and vote as PDP shared #2000, APC shared #2000 and APGA shared #1000 at the polling centers and the security officers and INEC officials did nothing.

In fact, there was a woman of honour in Biafra Land whom I am ashamed of calling her name here due to obvious implications it might generate, that I saw in St. Stephen Anglican Church polling unit in Okpuno-Egbu in Umudim Ward 2 in Nnewi North, who was shamelessly standing and sharing money for APGA and it was a shock to me. But upon the broad daylight buying of electorates by the party agents, yet the polling centers were deserted by Biafrans who vowed never to vote again until Biafra referendum is conducted. All I saw in the streets of Nnewi City was young men playing football in the streets and men having a good day at beer parlors.

I started my visit to polling stations from Ezemmaeba polling units where I usually vote when I was still in Nnewi to Obi Okpuno-Egbu polling units, to St. Stephen polling units, to St. John Catholic Church polling unit Akammili, all in Umudim Ward 2. I moved on to St. Mary Anglican Church polling unit in Uruagu Ward 1 to St. John Catholic Church polling unit in Egbo in Uruagu Ward 3. I moved on to St. Marks Anglican Church polling unit in Nnewichi Ward 2, to Obi Abubo Nnewichi polling units in Nnewichi Ward 1. I moved on to Eke Ama-Obi polling units in Obiuno Otolo Ward 3 to Abada polling units in Okpuno Otolo in Otolo Ward, to Uru Hall polling units in Uru Umudim Ward 2 and many other polling stations in Nnewi North as my childhood friend who is an ardent IPOB member carried me about on the election period with his car, although he later casted vote against IPOB order for us to continue to beat the uncountable numbers of road blocks mounted for the purpose of the election.

However, one thing that is common in all the polling centers where I covered during the election period was that the polling centers were all deserted because IPOB election boycott order was obeyed by Biafrans 98%. As the intimidating presence of Nigeria Police and Civil Pefence and even Road Safety officers did not allow me to take pictures of most polling units where I visited. It is important to make the world know that there were polling centers where nobody come to vote at all. There were many others where 7 persons voted and others 5 persons and some 3 persons. It is unfortunate that Nigerian media and INEC have connived and jointly declared high result which was not obtained from Nnewi North where I covered as Family Writers Press' correspondent.

It is important for the world to know that IPOB is in charge of Biafra Land because it is the orders from IPOB leadership that the people obey at the moment. The love for Biafra restoration struggle made Nnewi residents who are used to be known as money mongers to massively reject financial inducement to obey IPOB this time around. That was why Anambra State was locked down on November 18th, 2017 as people completely refused to vote. With this development, one will come to conclusion that there was no election in Anambra State not to mention low turnout of voters as Nigerian media put it. INEC was just making caricature of themselves and playing with the intelligence of the world by pushing high the election results that took place in nowhere just to please the already frustrated Nigerian government that they are defeating IPOB. But nobody can defeat IPOB because IPOB is the people of Biafra and not any organization as many people mischievously believed. I rest my case!

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