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Wednesday 22 November 2017




By Ekwenye Samuel
For Family Writers Press.

On the 18th November 2017, our correspondents were dispatched all over Anambra State, to witness and report the situation from the various polling units around and within the various towns they are apportioned, because we knew that since Nigeria government does not want Biafrans to leave Nigeria, they have paid the media outlets, especially that of Punch Newspaper, Channels Tv and Sahara Reporters to report something else. That was why Punch News and Channels uploaded a picture which was taken in 2015 during presidential election in Nigeria to confuse people that Anambra State election witnessed massive turnout of voters, but they however, pulled it down when Biafrans realized that and attacked them on social media.

From the pictorial proves of our correspondents, which has it that the election witnessed no or low turnout of voters at the polling stations; it is now very clear to all and sundry that Nigeria government has rigged the election by selecting their preferred candidate instead of relying on the massively boycotted voting process. This is  because they want to by every means, have Biafrans glued to the oppressive Nigeria state as one people.

Meanwhile, according to INEC's released controversial results, at Ayamelum local government area of Anambra state, there were a total of sixty thousand and thirty four (60,034) registered voters, while the total votes cast were twenty three thousand, six hundred and thirty five (23625)votes. As a result, 36,399 people obeyed the order to boycott the election in that local government.

At Awka South, a total of registered voters is one hundred and forty nine thousand, two hundred and seventy nine (149,279), while the number of people that voted  stood at thirty three thousand, two hundred and seventy (33270), and a total of One hundred and Sixteen thousand and nine (116,009) people boycotted the elections.

At Dunukofia local government area, there were a total of sixty-three thousand, eight hundred and sixty one (63,861)registered voters, while a total number of votes cast is Eighteen thousand, six hundred and two (18602) votes. Therefore, the number of people who registered but boycotted the election in this local government stands at Forty-five thousand, Two hundred and Fifty-nine (45,259) people.

At Njikoka local government, there is  a total of Eight-eight thousand, Seven hundred and ninety-three (88,793) registered voters; however, only Twenty-eight thousand, two hundred and ninety seven (28,297) people voted. Number of people who decided not to vote is 60,496 people.

At Aniocha local government, There is a total of Eighty-nine thousand, five hundred and fifteen (89,515)registered voters, but only Twenty-five thousand, two hundred and ninety one (29,291) people voted. Number of people who stood with Biafra for no election is 64,224 people.

 Remember that Anambra State has a total of 21 local government areas, but from the  analytical figures released above, there are a total of Three hundred and Twenty-two thousand, Three hundred and eighty-seven (322,387) registered people in the five LGAs who decided not to vote, hence they all boycotted the election as ordered by  the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, while a total number of votes cast  is One hundred and Twenty-nine thousand, and Ninety(129,090) votes.

Recall that few weeks and days before the election, precisely on the 12th of November, we raised an alarm of how people are being imported into Anambra State from Ebonyi State to come and vote, this was the reason why INEC, Independent National Electoral Commission Awka could not make a listed piece containing all the 21 local government areas of Anambra State. They knew that when summed, the figure will be much more higher than the population of Anambra State as a whole, including the ineligible voters (children below 18yrs of age).

Election in Anambra State was massively boycotted,  even with the figures listed above, not minding who voted and who was imported to vote. If the minority 129, 090 people who voted are been regarded than to 322,387 people who said no to election in the state, why is it then said that majority carries the vote?

If the European Union, African Union, United Nations and the international community keep silent on this issue, then it will be certain to all and sundry, that the world simply want Biafrans to take laws into their own hands, which  will be used  as evidence to wipe Biafrans off the earth.

INEC must make it public, the details of  everything that transpired in Anambra, and how it happened.
These corrupt government of Nigeria and the candidates must have conspired within themselves that since IPOB had said no more voting, that a total number of of votes should be added to the most competitive candidates in each local government to prove and confuse the international bodies that the election witnessed massive turnout of voters.
This is exactly how Nigeria is aiming to do when referendum date is scheduled for Biafrans. They have concluded plans to import some northern and western hungry people to come and vote against Biafra on the referendum day; but with the resolve of Biafrans, there shall be no hiding place for Nigeria.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

1 comment

  1. With all due respect, your analysis of the Anambra election is far from accurate. The number of those who didn't vote doesn't necessarily reflect the number of people who boycotted the election due to the IPOB order to stay away.Even without the IPOB boycott campaign, many people still wouldn't have voted.This is just a fact of democracy. A better measure of the boycott effect would be the percentage of those who didn't vote in this last Anambra gubernatorial election less the percentage of those who didn't vote in the preceding Anambra gubernatorial election. If the difference is positive and very high you could then say the boycott was a success. Otherwise, IPOB should take stock and begin restrategising for improved effectiveness next time around. The worst lie is the one you tell yourself.


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