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Sunday 12 November 2017



By Okedinachi Chidiebere
For Family Writers Press

Nigeria is a country ostensibly built on lies, deception and injustice and these are the basics why Biafrans are unrelentingly demanding to exit the evil empire contrapted by the British in 1914. The Nigerian media is equally bedevilled with this madness that instead of professionally upholding the tenets of true journalism as a way of  helping to remedy the situation, reverse has always been the case.

Abraham Lincoln,  once said and I quote: "You can fool some people for some times but you can not fool all the people all the time", end of quote.  Nigeria is a country founded on hypocrisy and so, is bound to collapse beyond remedy.

The Nigerian political class in criminal affinity with virtually all the Nigerian media, have over the time, heavily synergised through the instrumentality of bribery and corruption, to distort justice before the people. The struggling populace who have been abandoned to their fate for survival even in the midst of abundance, have been enslaved and impoverished.

The just concluded Enugu chairmanship election which was massively boycotted by Biafrans for instance, stands out to confirm the disdain the oppressed people have developed against this evil establishment. Biafrans have been grossly mistreated by the Nigerian government of lies and deception and even on their own land. The Hausa-Fulanis and their Yoruba cum the caliphated political bootlickers in Biafraland, under the crafty supervision of the British, have sworn to perpetually enslave us by means of their evil policies established within the foundation of the Nigerian state. The Nigerian media which is professionally bound to be the voice of the oppressed, has very shamefully resolved to seal it's conscience by inventing, reporting and peddling lies to the satisfaction of their political paymasters. Both the Nigerian frontline public/private Electronic and Print media outfits are the major culprits in this anomaly.

These are the reasons why fair and credible elections cannot be conducted in Nigeria and because these politicians and their overseeing cabals know fully well that they are outlaws, they can install any of their criminal fellows in whatever political office whether people vote for them or not. And because they do not have the overriding interest of the people at heart beyond personal gains,  that is why there yet exists till date,  even after elections and election promises, dilapidated roads, non-supply of drinkable water, affordable health care services and education which conspicuously dot our different localities.
It is therefore heartwarming that  unto Biafrans, a very unique opportunity has been offered this time around, to rightly retrieve what belongs to us from our oppressors.

We are through this medium, asking the civilised world to exceptionally disregard all Nigerian baked news pushed into whatever domain by the brown-envelop journalism of the most corrupt country of the world. Truth and justice have been murdered in Nigeria and that is why the gullible are helplessly being deceived.

Biafrans have come to terms with this litany of evils gravely glamorised in Nigeria and have irrevocably decided to take their destiny as a people in their hands, and secure a very promising future for their upcoming generations. Every election in Biafraland must be massively boycotted forthwith, thereby sending strong signals to all that we are already out. The Nigerian media outlets have ridiculously sold lies to the public that elections for example in Enugu state chairmanship contests were held but we know from various pictorial and video reports that flooded the social media as reported by the crack team of Family Writers Press, that there were no elections in all the local government areas visited. The world must keep abreast with the Family Writers Press reportage on unfolding events in Nigeria for uncompromising detailed accounts.
On Saturday the 18th day of November 2017, is yet another day billed by Biafrans to further showcase their resolve and resilience in their struggle for the restoration of the sovereignty of the Biafra nation. There will be unprecedented massive boycott of the scheduled Anambra state gubernatorial election on that day and all Biafrans of good conscience have really decided to "Sit At Home" as ordered by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide. It is a date Biafrans have with history and every event within Anambra state that day will be professionally covered and dished out to the world undiluted by the Family Writers Press team of journalists. The lies and deceits of the Nigerian establishment as peddled by the media will be roundly countered.

This is our time once again given to us to demonstrate our unmatchable resolve for our freedom which must never be compromised.

It is Biafra Referendum for our Restoration or nothing!

Boycott Anambra state gubernatorial elections!!
Long live Biafra!!!

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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