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Wednesday 15 November 2017



Madam Stella Oduah

By Ikeyahkadibia Onyeji
For Family Writers Press

Just recently Madam Stella Oduah, the former Minister for Aviation let out a terrible blunder. In an apparent knee-jerk reaction on the election boycott as stipulated by IPOB, she remarked that if Biafrans in Anambra boycott the upcoming election exercise, that the federal government will reciprocate by imposing a state of Emergency on Anambra State. Of course, nothing can be this far from the truth.

Surprisingly, no one among the so called constitutional lawyers, journalists, political experts and so on, has challenged her on this bogus claim. It says a lot about the country, when politicians can get away with such fear-mongering and scandalous claims.

That a politician of Stella Oduahs ilk can descend so low and peddle lies in such brazen fashion and gets away unchallenged portrays Nigeria as truly a lawless society. The way and manner, the lie was disseminated with zest, by the hacks in the Nigerian print and paper media, portrays Nigeria as a society that reeks of putrefaction, whose affairs are run by scoundrels who are morally bankrupt. Ethics, fair play, truth and justice are an anathema to them.

The downtrodden Nigerian masses are without hope. The journalists who should harass the sensibilities of the evil politicians have sold them cheap. They all seem to be in a competition, on who will impress the politicians more by manipulating the truth to suit the rogues in government, so that they too can be invited to join in the ceremony of looting called governance in Nigeria. The case of erstwhile journalist turned media spokesman Femi Adesina springs to mind. But then, I digress.

Still on Stella Oduah and her mendacious claims about a bogus state of emergency. If Madam Stella can be so economical with the truth now she is out of power and looking for a way back in, what will such a cheap liar do when she eventually gets to wield executive power? I mean here is a woman, with no obvious source of income before she made it into the House of Assembly, the then minister for aviation, and suddenly she is now a billionaire. Is God not wonderful my people? This is a woman who can not inspire anybody positively except to serve as a personification of crime and thuggery. That is the kind of half-baked leaders they produce in this abominable country called Nigeria. That is the kind of emergency billionaires they produce, who have more money than common sense when ascend into power. Honour, integrity, truth and uprightness are  diseases to them. No wonder she thinks an act of Civil Disobedience like the election boycott, which is in line with all laid down rules of fair play and justice can lead to a state of emergency.

First and foremost, the reason why IPOB is advising all Biafrans and lovers of freedom in Biafraland to boycott the elections is simply because it is Civil Disobedience which is still within the ambit of law. It is an inalienable right that is as old as democracy itself.

Secondly, when we boycott the elections and the elections subsequently declared inconclusive, (if there is truth in them),  the  1999 constitution (as amended), the Electoral Act (as amended), is quite clear on what should happen. Therefore, the thought of Military Administrator or a State of Emergency is downright nonsensical.

Chapter 6, Section 180, sub-section 2a & b, of the 1999 constitution states clearly the terms by which the governor of a state will vacate his or her tenure. In summary the constitution made it clear that the governor must vacate his office at the end of the expiration of his four years, commencing from the date when he took his Oath of office. That is to say that the seat of the Anambra state governor must be declared vacant by November 18th, 2017.

On the other hand, the constitution is also clear on the requirements that must be met before a winner in a governorship elections could emerge. Apart from being a citizen, being of legal age limit, having the right educational qualification and an excellent criminal record, a winner can only emerge if he or she obtains the highest number of votes cast at the election. He must also have at least one-quarter of all the votes cast in each of at least two-thirds of all the local government areas in the state. An effective boycott will ensure none of these happens and will lead to a vacancy at the State House in Awka, with the elections having been declared null and void. However, section 190, sub-section 2 of the 1999 constitution takes care of that emergency. Hence, it is stated therein black and white that should there be a vacancy, the Honorable Speaker, House Of Representative assumes authority for a period of three(3) months during which INEC will conduct  fresh elections.

Our people, especially the educated once should endeavour to read and educate others, so that everyone knows their civic rights. With the above facts, the scaremongering about a State of Emergency by Madam Stella, is pure garbage, baseless and nonsensical. Nothing of such can happen. In fact, any budding lawyer will be praying for INEC to goof badly on that ground so he can make a name for himself by suing INEC and getting a favourable judgement because both the constitution and the electoral Act stated clearly what will happen when such constitutional emergency occurs.

Therefore, Biafrans in Anambra state, do not be scared into selling your future out of fear. Emancipate yourselves from slavery because this is our only chance. In fact, the keys to success of our journey to our beloved Motherland- Biafra is in the hands of Biafrans in Anambra state. It is therefore time for Anambra to arise and act like the "Okpara" (1st son), that it is, it is time for Anambra to liberate Biafra, it is time for Anambra to unshackle his brothers and himself too. Anambra will liberate Biafra, Iseeeeeee!

Finally, when next the merchants of fear like Stella Oduah and their agents of evil accost you, kindly ask them, if they are so sure of their position, why are they panicking and pissing their pants? Let them relax and allow the State of Emergency to prevail. We are already living in it, with all the road blocks and military checkpoints all over the places, extorting and crushing the life out of Biafrans.

What military emergency will be greater than the genocidal Python Dance? Let nobody deceive you Biafrans, November 18th is officially an "Ofe Nsala" day and you have the keys to liberate Biafra and sink this British game reserve, this Lugardian cage once and for all. They know so, that is why they are panicking. That is why Stella Oduah is digging in her reserve of lies and propaganda so as to distort the laid down rules and strike fear in the heart of the fainthearted.

Dearest and beloved Biafrans, November 18th is "Ofe Nsala" day, a sit at home protest, when we shall tell the world with a silence that shall reverberate across the length and breadth of this country and beyond, that we have rejected this damnable union called Nigeria. No state of emergency will be imposed. The Speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly will hold the fort for three months, after which Fresh elections shall be conducted and we will continue to boycott them until a date for Biafra referendum is announced. Any other suggestion, is nothing but fried lies and horse manure. Stella Oduah in her capacity should, as an act of reparation and contrition for all her stealing while in power, prevail on the Federal government to conduct a Referendum on the Biafra question and allow Biafrans to decide their fate. That is if she still has a shred of honour left in her. I rest my case.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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  1. On "Biafra" we stand Say No to Nigeria Stella Ashawo Oduah, is a rubbish mad woman.


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