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Thursday 30 November 2017

BIAFRA: This message is for all my white family out there around the world

This message is for all my white family out there around the world

By Rosie Omalicha Chukwu Segura

You may have seen some of my Biafran brothers posting and speaking against Christianity, let me explain to you why...
When the Britain empire went to Africa, they found that the land of Biafra was rich in crude oil and other minerals and resources so they acted to be friends of the Biafran People and they began to give them BIBLES and introduced them to the Roman Catholic Religion which they still call up to this date... Christianity.

Rosie Omalicha Chukwu Segura
The Britan empire deceived the whole world by giving BIBLES and sending "CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES" to the Biafran People and began to teach them about Love & Peace & Submission and all those good things (supposedly) in front of the cameras, news, reporters and so on, so the world would see the Britain empire was coming to Biafrans and Africa at large in peace...

Biafrans being loving, peaceful, kind and free human beings welcomed them all not knowing that the Britain empire had hidden agendas against them. (THIS IS WHY I ALWAYS PRAY FOR OUR GOOD FATHER GOD TO REVILE EVERY HIDDEN AGENDA AGAINST ME... I CAN BE AT PEACE BUT SOMEONE MIGHT HATE ME IN SECRET AND WITHOUT ME KNOWING BUT I THANK MY GOOD FATHER GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING) In back of the whole world they were arming Hausa/Fulani people (who are extremists Islamic Muslims) and Yoruban people (who can turn into whatever it suits them at the moment) with massive weapons to steal from them their crude oil, mineral and all other precious resources that belonged to Biafrans.

Hausa/Fulani with the Yoruban people backed up by the Britain empire started a cold blooded war against Biafran People in 1967 to 1970 killing 3.5 million people including woman and children and are still killing Biafran People up to date still being backed up by the British government...

This is the reasons why SOME ((NOT ALL)) Biafrans hate Christianity with passion because of what the Britain empire did to their ancestors and you might read their post in my wall because they tag it to me, just like they might read your Christianity post on my wall that you tag me to it...
My point and messege is this...
Insted of harken your hearts towards Biafrans, PRAY for them to be completely free SPIRIT, SOUL & MINDS and also to be free from the Islamic regiment that is being governed by Nigeria today.
Iseeeeee (Amen)
Thank You Beautiful Family ❤ I Love You All

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