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Friday 22 December 2017



December 23, 2017

Written By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers Press.

The contraption called Nigeria is a British colony, created by a British colonial accomplice, Fredrick Lugard, alongside his  girlfriend, Flora Shaw. Nigeria is a British experiment consisting of three different nations- (Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa nations), with extremely different value systems, language, cultural backgrounds and most notably, religious beliefs. In other words, Nigeria is simply a conglomeration of people who have nothing in common. A people who have never seen or related with each other prior to the unholy and bloody amalgamation.

Nigeria can best be described as a British property, concussion and experiment that has yielded some disheartening and horrible results. Nigeria is the only country in the world in which three different nations are forcefully joined together, without each other's consent, either through a referendum, plebicite or opinion poll. Nigeria is summarily an enclave created for the economic sustainance of the  British government. A contraption, damnation and a zoo created to enslave Africa and it's light, the great Biafra.

Nigeria is a so called  democratic entity where power belongs to some set of fantastically and fanactical corrupt politicians. A country created to empower a set of people, the northerners ( The HausaFulani people).

A country where the looters of the national treasury and killers of the future of the youths and children are celebrated as kings and champions, while the poor citizens are stoned and burnt to ashes, for rising up against injustice.

A country where people vote by coins and not by choice. In this part of the world called Nigeria, leadership is sold to the highest bidder, and not to the person who has the people's​ problems and needs at heart.

An entity of ethnocentrism and egocentrism.

Nigeria is a country where the media is well known for habitual  spread of lies and propaganda, instead of the truth or investigative journalism. Nigeria is a country where people love and petronize lies more than the truth. A country, where judges love and cherish pervertion of justice.
A country where the rich get justice while the common man (the poor) perish in anguish.

A country of political gangsterism. A country where your hands must be heavily soaked in evil before you lead the people or become a government official. A place where some people believe that they are born to rule.

A country created for the perpetual enslavement of Africa and the best brains of the black race.
A county where the people never patronize the works of their hands; rather, they prefer the foreign or imported things.

A country where the politicians train, treat their children and themselves in schools and hospitals in abroad, and abandon the local hospitals completely delapidated and horrifying.
A country where the minds of the youths can never be the same, because there's no basis of unity. A country that's over 50 years of Independence, yet can't boast of a world-class motorable roads, clean water and steady electricity for its citizens.

A country that's built on fraud, deceit and lies.

A country where only the politicians enjoy a luxurious life, while the stuporous impoverished masses die of hunger and starvation.
A country where politicians kill and murder their ways into political offices and positions​.
In Nigeria, the politicians only remember that the masses exist during elections or during aspirations into various political offices, after which they turn blind eyes to the masses who voted them into office to represent their interest.

Nigeria is the only democratic entity, in which during elections, people's vote doesn't count, rather, a winner  is determined by how much money one paid to the electoral commission who are controlled by the same set of corrupt politicians. In Nigeria's political system one is free to bribe and buy over the electoral commission even in the face of public awareness, just to win political offices.
Every crime and evil imaginable and even unthinkable is obtainable in Nigeria.

Honestly, the descriptions of Nigeria as you just read above, is nothing compared to the true nature of Nigeria and what it actually represents.
Nigeria is not a country, it is even worst than a jungle. The truth is that words cannot put together the evil Nigeria actually represents, or it's real definition and description.

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