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Friday 1 December 2017



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

Nnamdi Kanu
The events of 1966 gave birth to one of the most trusted leader Biafrans have ever had. Biafra as a nation has not had such a unity propelling leader ever before, as we all are Republicans in nature. Even before the word republic came into existence, we had leaders, but it is in our small localities. We respect boundaries and sanctity of life. In fact, it was out of the passion to protect life that Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was created. This young man was very much trusted by every Biafran. There was no stories of betrayal or corruption emanating from this hero of Biafra. He rather used his resources into making sure Biafrans were protected. He was educated enough not to impoverish Biafrans under some foolish agreement with Europeans, sprouting from unnecessary desperation for taking over the natural resources. Ojukwu was the man whom in 1966 brought about the remedy for the continuous sickness ravaging Nigerian state till today. His Aburi Accord as we know, would have made Nigeria to be above many European nations. Yakubu Gowon jettisoned the Aburi agreement and levied a genocidal war against Biafra. Col. Ojukwu gave his best, fought gallantly without much ammunitions and foreign supports at his disposal, yet he held on.

It is very much on record that Nigeria lost many soldiers than Biafra in all. If not the arbitrary bombing and shelling of places where civilians were taking refuge such as schools, markets and hospitals by Nigerian military in connivance with their foreign allies, the more than 3million Biafrans mostly children that died in that war wouldn't have happened. After the war, Ojukwu paid the prize, by going on a compulsory exile to Ivory Coast. Till today, Biafrans have not forgotten what Ojukwu means to them. Ojukwu still lives a hero in the heart of every Biafran, be it young or old. He never died because his legacy lives.

Looking at the Biafrans of today and what our leaders have become, one will be forced to ask some sad questions like, "what happened to the leaders of the people of Biafra? What made them servants to the caliphate, instead of heroes of their own people?" After that ill-fated war, Biafrans were never allowed to get to the topmost political office in Nigeria. Many Biafran supposedly leaders unfortunately became boot lickers to the caliphate for political relevance. Some other Biafrans started smearing their relationship with their brothers in Biafraland. Some even denied their heritage as to be seen differently and be treated differently from other Biafrans or even not to be tagged tribalists by the unfortunate slave masters up North. Invariably, the so-called Biafran leaders have become beggars and shameless slaves to the oligarchy in Northern Nigeria, standing against their own people. For them, anyone with the mark of the North wins every political office in Nigeria and it continued like that until a man with divine mandate rose up to say enough is enough.

Since Biafrans saw no leaders in our today's  supposedly leaders, the need for a genuine leader continued to arise. Biafrans, especially the younger generation who have seen their mate in other parts of the fake nation and will rise to become their masters tomorrow, continued to search for a true leader. They can not trust the governors who after Buhari ordered the military to massacre their youths gathered in Ebonyi State to give him an Enyi Ndi Igbo one of Ebonyi state chieftaincy title.
 The people could not have seen leaders in Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, that stood without doing nothing as the Nigerian military killed their innocent youths. The Ohaneze Ndi Igbo that gathered around Buhari but could not summon the courage to ask or demand for the much touted restructuring of the nation that became their slogan, are not worthy of leadership. Simply put, today's leaders failed the entire Biafrans because of their actions and inaction.

However, when it seemed that all is lost, there came a leader, whom like Odumegwu Ojukwu was willing to give all he has and he indeed gave all he had. He started from nothing to becoming something. A dedicated young man who has shaken the fraudulent foundation of Nigerian state like Ojukwu did. The man who pushed the dirty Nigerian politicians to start running around promising to restructure the country. The man who demystified the governors and senators in Biafraland. He single handedly brought back the consciousness of Biafrans towards freedom. He made sure the unity of the hinterland and the coastal areas of Biafra is assured. Even when they were persuading him into accepting an incomplete Biafra, he stood his ground for a complete Biafran territories. The man who was arrested, put in prison without trial for years. The man who after many legal fights was granted an inhuman and conditional bail albeit stringent. He refused all kinds of material inducement for the sake of Biafra. The one that gave the North in 2017 what Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu gave them in 1967.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the most trusted leader after Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in Biafraland. He successful ordered the boycott of Anambra election, this he achieved even when he was attacked and kidnapped by Nigeria military who invaded his abode killing everything that moved. But the people still respect and trust him wholeheartedly. They kept his orders even when they have not heard or seen him for the past 72days.
Finally, Biafrans have got another leader and with him Biafra will be achieved. We will continue to rally around him and it is still on boycott till referendum comes.

All hail Biafra!

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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