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Wednesday 27 December 2017



By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press.

As the Nigerian government has defiantly chosen to pitch her tent against the biblical truth of ages by voting against Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel; the children of the most high God, I am emphatically calling on the government of United States of America as the world power and the government of Israel and their allies to declare total freedom of Biafra from Nigeria and recognize her as a sovereign nation in the world, regardless of any international protocols that may frown against the move.

With that, Nigeria government will feel the pain and respect American government for once. There is a great need for President Donald Trump of America and the  Prime Minister of Israel  Benjamin Natanyahu to as a matter of urgency declare Biafra sovereignty because Nigerian government has bitten more than she can chew in the side of Biafra human right violation and political marginalization over the years despite several warning from international  organizations especially the human right  organizations both in Nigeria and outside,  this frequent disobedience to international laws on the fundamental rights of every citizens by Nigerian government has in a way challenged the supremacy of the USA as the world number one nations of the world. The recent vote of  Nigerian government against Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel is a further prove of this, one will ask why Nigeria as a government would stand firmly against Israel and America despite the level of aid this two nations has given to her as a developing country, indeed it is high time the America government under the leadership of President Donald Trump disproved them by doing the needful as regard the struggle for Biafra restoration.

Nigerian government has defiantly continued treating American government and Israeli government without respect because of the duo deafening silence over Biafra issue. It was at the last United Nations General Assembly in New York City that all expectations were focused on  American government and other allies of America to publicly  condemn the barbaric slaughtering  of innocent Biafrans by the Nigerian army and other security agents but to no avail.

All these deafening silence of the western world countries on the issue of Biafra and the undemocratic process which Nigerian government continued applying on the matter continued making the principal officers of Nigerian government feel untouchable and basking of euphoria of being above international laws and at the same time believe that they can slap America and Israel even United Nations and go scot  free,  which now culminated in voting against Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel irrespective of what God said in the scripture and the stand of America as the world power. It is important for United States of America to override all the protocols governing sovereignty of nations and declare Biafra a sovereign nation and recognize her sovereignty. Nigeria government will not do anything because Nigeria government has disrespected American government and violated the international laws on human rights as documented by human right organizations, for too long hence the need for the declaration of independent state  of  Biafra will be  enough to remind Nigeria the level of the capability and that will equally serve as a punishment to them, knowing the rate of what they stand to lose on the Biafra exit from the evil contraption called Nigeria.

It is on news that the White House want to impose stiff sanctions on Nigeria, but I am of the opinion that the American government should just carve out Biafra territories out of Nigeria defunct federation and recognize her sovereignty as that is the only thing that United States of America will do to Nigerian government that will show her that America government is still the world power with absolute supremacy on Nigeria and every other member state of United Nation. When American government help to  restore Biafra as a sovereign nation,  the government of United States can forget about Nigeria or at best add her to the list of terrorists watch nations where Nigeria rightly belong. I personally want American government to understand that, as the Nigerian federation is an enclave of darkness needing no light in her, the sanction proposed on them by US government may not make much meaning to Nigeria government, but should American government declare Biafra sovereignty, then the  Arab world will join their fellow ally country Nigeria to make noise for some period of months and everything will vanish.

It is time for United States to override the United Nations obsolete constitutional rights to sovereign nations because United Nations has become incapacitated to enforce her laws on member nations and that is why their body language encourages impunity and breed oppression which is inherent in Nigerian government against Biafra agitators who are being decimated on daily bases and sent many to their dungeon prison with all manner of inhuman treatment. Let American government do the needful by shocking Nigeria government with declaration of independence for Biafra just as they did on the side of Israel by declaring the ownership of Jerusalem by Israel and stood on it,    Biafrans all over the world as well as lovers of freedom are looking forward to seeing the right thing done over this issue because many lives have been lost and lot of sacrifices made and it will be a big problem to humanity should America and Israel continue to keep mute over the matter.

It is true that if American government declare Biafra sovereign today, many countries may condemn the action but no nation under the earth  will reverse it. Biafra people are eagerly waiting to become strong ally to America, Israel, Russia and other nations that stand for justice and the progress of the earth when Biafra is totally restored. All the political, economic and other bilateral interest of all the nations of the world which Biafra government will inherit from Nigerian government will be respected 100% when Biafra is restored. Let no nation fear Biafra restoration as Nigerian government propaganda machine has made Biafra people to look. Biafran people are the most peaceful and nonviolent people all over the world and they are ready and willing to impact the world and humanity positively. All that withhold the manifestation of these is her total freedom and as we enter into 2018 in few days to come we anticipate a lot from America, Israel, Russhia, Germany, China, Japan and other nations of the world that stand on the path of justice.

God Bless America!
God Bless Israel!
God Bless Russia!
God Bless Biafra!

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