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Sunday 24 December 2017


{24th December 2017}

By Maxwell Chuks and Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel

Government's first duty is to protect the people, not to run their lives - That's notable word from Ronald Reagan. With that, we say welcome to Spotlight of the week.

»» First on our desk we have »»
• Nigeria: PENGASSAN begins strike, blames federal government for fuel scarcity.

• Down in the Niger delta; we heard the voice of its leaders from the region. Guess what they said.... "Federal government's plan to spend additional $1billion in the fight against Boko Haram, is discriminatory". Stressing further, they demand for fund, to cleanup Ogoni land.

• And we move down to Libya where Amidst migrants controversy, Gaddafi's son plans to run for president in Libya's 2018 election.
But the question is - If he eventually become Libya's president, will he restore sanity to the country?
Anyways, let's watch...

• "Ohanaeze are perpetuating Biafrans miseries" - IPOB cries out.

• As Buhari and his APC government are busy planning and hurrying for 2018 budget; Senator Olamilekan spoke out of anger. Guess what he said....  "Why hurry for 2018 budget when that of 2017 hasn't achieve anything?".
»Huh! That is same question which we on Spotlight desk are asking Buhari APC-led government.
Wait, the matter didn't end there. Senator Olamilekan further revealed that the executive set an end of the year target for the legislature to pass the budget when the lawmakers do not have adequate information.
Nigeria!! It's very unfortunate.

• Moving ahead; Biafra: World Igbo Congress (WIC) demands Nnamdi Kanu's whereabouts, says FG, South East governors' silence worrisome. The group added that "Federal government's intent was clearly to assassinate Nnamdi Kanu"
Hmm... Still watching Nigeria.

• Still in Nigeria, Buhari appointments head of Sharia court of appeal.
»And the question is - When did Abuja (FCT of Nigeria) become a state governed by sharia law?? Still the Islamization process?
Still watching...

• During the week; something big happened in Nigeria. Guess what happened...
EFCC in collaboration with GTBank arrested Innocent Chukwuma, the CEO of Innoson motors. But it didn't go down well with them.
Reacting to the issue, the masses blast EFCC over action. On the side of GTBank, it became a very big regret. After the campaign for the boycotting of the bank hit social media, many closed down their account with the bank.
Huh! Sorry to GTB. A big lesson for others to learn from.

• Still on issues concerning Nigeria..
More than 25.000 Nigerians held in slave and sex camp in Libya, in the year 2017. - that's according to an International report.
»It's very shameful that Nigeria which is said to be the giant of Africa is the very place where citizens run away from, and go to other countries in search of greener pasture to survive. If the said country is the giant of Africa as it is called, citizens won't move out searching for where to survive, to the extent of finding themselves in a big mess.

• "2018 budget is heavily padded, inconsistent and full of errors" - Nigeria Senate reacts to the budget presented by Buhari.
Ghen!! Ghenn!!!

• On the arrest of Innoson motors CEO:
"Can FBI interfere between City Bank and Ford Motors? - Senate president Bukola Saraki asks as he condemn the arrest.
Still on the matter, IPOB condemned the arrest, blames Ohanaeze for the frustration and humiliation of the illustrious son.

• While Buhari is planning to spend additional $1billion on alleged Boko Haram fight; IGP Idris seeks N1.3trillion annual overheads for police.

• Fulani herdsmen at it again.
As they continue their wild activities which include maiming, killing and causing havoc; they've now switch to full action. Guess what...
During the week, they shoot at Nigeria Air Force fighter jet in Adamawa state.
»Another terroristic act, But Buhari said they are not terrorists. Recall: so did Boko Haram grew to what it is today.

• "I was forced to declare Boko Haram technically defeated" - Lai Muhammed lament.
Recall: Lai Muhammed said earlier that Boko Haram have been defeated but now that they are being hit over $1billion which they allege is for Boko Haram fight, stories have change.

• "Nigeria is not working as a state; our population is faster growing than our economy" - Senator Ben Bruce.
» And we say "Gbam".

• After some countries, which Nigeria is among, voted against the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; Donald Trump says he'll cut off aids to UN member nations who voted against the recognition of Jerusalem.
»And that will be a big trouble for Nigeria. It didnt came to us as a surprise that Nigeria voted alongside Islamic countries, against the recognition of Jerusalem. That means alot, it tells you that Nigeria is officially heading to be pronounced an Islamic republic, and Christians are not safe. Threat to Christianity and more killing of Christians is


• Shortly after speculations has it that the Federal government of Nigeria led by Buhari, is using fuel scarcity to punish Christians this festive period; NUPENG backed the speculation, and say to FG - "Tell Nigerians truth about fuel scarcity". But guess what....
Buhari and his government are yet to give the people reasons for the ongoing fuel scarcity.

• Still on Fuel scarcity: PDP blames Buhari and said, people are languishing under his rule.
»And If you sincerely take a closer look into Nigeria, you'll know what PDP said is nothing but the truth.

• Jerusalem: Femi Fani-Kayode blasts Buhari for rejecting US recognition of the city as the capital of Israel.

• On the foreign scene, Spain precisely; Carles declares victory for 'Catalan Republic'.
Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont has declared victory for the "Catalan Republic" over the Spanish government in Catalonia's snap election, with secessionist parties having held onto their majority in the region's parliament.

• Nigeria again!
7.9 million Nigerians became unemployed in 21 months - NBS
 Still giant of Africa? Not at all.

• Still in Nigeria; during the week, Aisha Yesufu co-convener of 'Bring Back Our Girls' group, blasted president Buhari over failed economy and fuel scarcity.
»Hmm... Seems heaven and earth are now bearing witness against Buhari.

• Jerusalem issue again!
"Palestine can have UN resolution while we have Jerusalem. They can do nothing about it" - Israel talks tough in respond to UN's vote against the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

• "Buhari's administration allowed fuel scarcity to increase suffering of Christians this Christmas" - that's from Ohanaeze.
Huh! We're a bit surprise that Ohanaeze said this. Anyways, we are still watching.

• Down in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria; gunmen invaded carol service and kill four Christians.

• "Buhari is unwilling to fight herdsmen menace" - Former NBA president, Daudu speaks out, condemn the silence and inaction of president Buhari on the terroristic activities of Fulani herdsmen.

• "Buhari paid 3 million euros for release of Chibok girls" - Report revealed.
»Recall, this same Buhari and APC government said nothing was paid for the release of these girls. Who's really deceiving each other here?

• Still on matters arising;
"I'll expose your role in Chibok girls kidnapping" - Alhassan threatens Elrufai.
»Ghen! Ghenn!! The hidden about to be revealed? Anyways, time shall tell.

• viuummmm... Zimbabwe, we go.
Guess what we saw there.............
General who seized power from Mugabe, is appointed deputy of Zimbabwe's president.

»»»» Extract from Family Writers on »»»»

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