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Friday 22 December 2017



Written By Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers Press.

December 20, 2017.

When I joined the heavenly ordained noble course to restore our dear and beloved nation of Biafra, spearheaded by IPOB under the leadership of  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and having a little or zero knowledge of what freedom fighting is all about; I thought that the freedom for Biafra can be achieved under a twinkle of an eye. Wallowing and gnashing my teeth in subjugation, and the horrors of the rancid Nigeria, the best thing I desperately wanted is to exit Nigeria.
 After I took the oath administered to me, my zeal to exit Nigeria was burning like an unquenchable wild fire, and if to compared with the speed of a car, I wouldn't mind driving thousands of  kilometers per minute. Coupled with the inspiring voice of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu roaring like a lion, I was moved in my soul and vowed to do anything humanly possible to ensure that Biafra is restored, such that I can have a taste of what freedom is all about, and so that my younger ones and the generations yet unborn will not pass through this hell called Nigeria.

However, on this road to freedom, I have learnt a lot, I have seen a lot, I have heard a lot, I have read a lot, I have studied a lot and more importantly, I have also encountered lots of difficulties that made me understand that freedom fighting is beyond seeking for the freedom of your people. I have acquired some uncommon knowledge, thereby attaining a peculiar height of intellectual grade. Now, I am happy and proud to announce to the world that I am a worthwhile new creature while working under IPOB on the road to freedom.
While walking on this road to freedom, I came to understand that;
We must always take into cognition that the road that leads to freedom is not built of gold and silver. The road to freedom is not filled with bed of roses. It is a bloody road, filled with gallops and potholes that is capable of swallowing human beings. The road to freedom is crooked, it's filled with thorns and lots of unimaginable uncertainties that keeps popping out from time to time.
A fight for ones freedom is not always smooth; it is not straight forward; it is zigzagged, jinky and most times, tedious and irksome.
It is also noteworthy that I realized that it is not everyone who chants 'freedom! freedom!' is a genuine fighter or activist. Some came to steal, defraud, derail and to completely destroy the movement; but persistence and diligence of the determined ones will always frustrate and send them away.

In every freedom fighting movement, not everyone that started it fights to the end. Many will fall by the road side, whilst others will continue without looking back. Sometimes the front runners do fall, as well as the percieved hardcores. On the road to freedom, sabotage is unavoidable. Betrayal is prone to occur and gossips are inevitable. Some will fall, stand up, dust their clothes, beat up their chest and keep on moving. While the weaklings fall and never stand again.  The true hardcores keep going with fierce courage and untamed determination, though they may sometimes may stagger, but they will never fall.

 Above all, I came to understand that IPOB IS A STRONG TOWER BUILT ON THE IMMOVABLE ALTAR OF THE TRUTH that can never be shaken nor destroyed. IPOB is a heavenly established project. That is why it takes only divine knowledge to understand what has kept IPOB moving, despite  the heavy and chronic state-sponsored terrorism continuously unleashed on it's adherents.
The world must understand that we have come to restore Biafra come what may.
I am clearly stating without any prevarication that Biafra freedom is a task that must be accomplished irrespective of who likes or hates it.  IPOB is here to get freedom for Biafra, we are here to get freedom for Africa, honestly we are here to get freedom for the entire black race in the whole wide world.
IPOB is highly determined with a peak of diligence in pursuit of freedom for Biafra. That is why  persistence has been our closest friend and all deeply rooted into an unflinching resolve for freedom.

Millions of hardcore Biafrans are walking on the road to freedom. Even though The road is narrow and crooked, and we have stumbled severally, we shall never fall aside; Though as a being made of flesh and blood, we do feel weak sometimes; But we will never give up. We are standing strong, and I will never fall aside.

We are working and walking on the road that leads to Biafra freedom. A road to Africa's greatness; a road that leads to the restoration of Africa's honour and dignity. We are working to ensure that freedom of Biafra is attained within the shortest period of time. Though there are lots of distractions everywhere; but we are focused and unflinchingly determined not to be deterred by anyone or anything, and we will never to get weary until freedom is finally attained.

We know where we are going, and nothing will ever stop us until we get down to our destination, which is nothing but a free nation of Biafra.

You may try all you can to stop us, but you shouldn't forget that we have God's mandate, therefore, we are obviously unstoppable. We will never relent in whatever we are doing to ensure the restoration of Biafra. For freedom for Biafra is the only opportunity and avenue we have to liberate ourselves and the entire black race from the shackles of mental slavery and execrable subjugation.

We are freedom fighters, relentlessly working and walking on the road that leads to freedom. In this journey; love, understanding, unity, courage, and determination will definitely land us into the promised land of Biafra.

Edited By Paul Ihechi Alagba.

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