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Friday 22 December 2017



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

The decision of Biafrans to boycott GUARANTEE TRUST BANK (GTB) is not an attack on Yoruba tribe. It is purely, the people of Biafra standing on the side of truth and justice. Some have tried to turn it into a war for both sides, but it is not.

This does not mean there is no tribal and ethnic coloration in this whole episode. I read what the politically correct Igbos wrote and I cannot but weep for them. This set of Igbos are the reason why dangerous histories of keeping Igbos down have continued to fester. This case is not GTBank or Yorubas hating Igbos. It is purely the Buhari's presidency, a representative of the caliphate doing what they know how to do best.

I was a kid when Savannah Bank was stamped and it folded up. I was a kid but yet I could feel the strength of Savannah Bank and how it suffered setback and finally was shut down. Everyone seemed to be banking with them and  Savannah bank was on every lip. One day the news broke out that the almighty Savannah Bank is folding. The Obasanjo of this world, a Yoruba man has folded Savannah Bank. That was what you were all told. But it is the real owners of Nigeria (HausaFulani), doing what they know how to do best. The war is still on and the economic blockade has not been lifted. Savannah Bank must go, and they need to use a puppet from the South to do it, hence Olusegun Obasanjo suits in. Many families were rendered moneyless and useless. People's hard earned life savings were destroyed and no one cared about the millions of businesses that were destroyed, no one cared about the job lost and many untimely deaths the bank's closure caused.

However, Clement Ibeto rose up from nowhere and started dominating. He never soiled his hands in the dirty and shark infested waters of Nigerian politics. He made his money and again he became a threat. He went above the level people from Eastern region shouldn't reach. He came from a very "wrong" part of the country and needs to be stopped. Obasanjo (caliphate) nearly crippled him until the shoeless Otueke man came in and gave him a lifeline. Did it last? No! The symbol of hate came in and killed him finally. Today Ibeto and his cement industry is history. Whatever Ibeto is known for has been taken over and pigeonholed. Ibeto cement became Dangote cement. Ibeto became a shadow of most of the tales in the olden days.

How can you all politically correct youths and elders not see the ethnic coloration in all these shame of a case?

It was mere business deal until EFCC bought it over and unleashed terror on a civilian in a case that is still in court. This case has been raging for many years now. GTBank stole a whooping and mind bugging 500million Naira from Innoson. Innoson won in court and GTBank was directed to pay Innoson billions. Report says, 8billion. Remember that all these was happening without any call for boycott from any angle. We looked front. It was a mere business deal gone wrong. Let them settle. The GTBank refused to pay, saying they can not remove such amount on money without it shaking the foundation of the bank. Innoson asked to be made a shareholder, yet they refused.

The case is still on, the case is between Innoson and GTBank. How did EFCC now came in? Why did they have to arrest the one that seemed to be victim here? Yes I know you will believe all the lies EFCC has been dishing out. No, not me. I have studied this nation and her government and know when they are lying. This is again cashing in. They are out to use GTBank to cripple Innoson as to maintain the economic blockade on Easterners.

The question, Why is it that the caliphate up North always uses the Yoruba in their dirty dealings, will be an issue for another day.

I am disappointed with all these youths that can not see the main thing and are pursuing shadow. Any Yoruba seeing the boycott of GTBank as fighting the Yoruba is being myopic and deceitful. GTBank is not the Yoruba.

We have seen a lot and won't like to see another crippling company like Savannah bank and Ibeto cement industry.

You can now know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was(is) right. The way Biafrans handled this boycott of GTBank shows that his messages sank very well. That he now live in each and everyone of us.

This will sound as a warning action to those leaders who think they will keep on betraying Biafra. We have found unity, we have formed a common force and we will take you all down when the time reach.

Innoson companies must know that it is the youths that saved  him from the hands of vultures in human form. He should know that many of these youths are jobless, yet they stood with him all the way. The youth sees you as a shining light in Biafra. Never you forget that or feign ignorant of that fact.

Before you continue your 'politico-correctness' dance of shame, ask yourself this question. If GTBank (caliphate) can intimidate Innoson after stealing more than 500million from him, what will they do to you when they steal 10,000 from you.

Know what you support today, because you might be indirectly encouraging impunity and who will eventually hunt and kill you tomorrow.

Innoson is not the only victim here, we all are victims.

Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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