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Friday 22 December 2017



Orji Uzor Kalu

Dear sir,

In my usual manner, I will not fail to ask you how you are doing? With utmost confidence, I believe you are doing great. My prayer for you everyday is for God to protect and guide you so that you will live to account for all your heinous crimes against the people of Biafra. This is my final response to your rejoinder to the piece of advice I first articulated through an open letter on the 6th of October, 2017.


Without fury or any form of mixed feelings, I digested your response to my open letter. I am a writer that is receptive to criticism. I do not write to twist fact or neither do I write to win trivial accolades from praise singers. I write to liberate mankind from economic and political predators like you. Your media stooge, in the person of Eberekpe Ogho made a futile attempt to tinker and bend what ought to be! Despite the parochial jabs from the writer on some of the salient points I raised in my letter,  the writer's 'defensive approach' could not neutralise the substantial truth contained therein.

Sir, in your response to my letter, you alleged that Nnamdi Kanu went about the agitation for Biafra childishly and also surrounded himself with childish minds. Well, I understand the motive behind your boyish vituperation. Nnamdi Kanu was too difficult for you to bend, excessively impregnable for you to corner with money. After Several efforts you made to persuade him to soft pedal, the whole fanfare met a brick wall. You became furious and jittery because you have already given the caliphate government of Nigeria the signal that you have the power to make Nnamdi Kanu to soft pedal but unfortunately, you met an uncompromising specie of human being. In other not to lose the trust and confidence of your co travellers ( Northern Oligarchy ), you opted for the endorsement of Operation Python Dance, a face saving approach that took dozens of innocent  lives.

Eberekpe Ogho
Sir, funnily enough, you see yourself as someone who was bold to challenge IPOB. I am tempted to ask, on what reasonable premise did you challenge IPOB? Notwithstanding, I will briefly bring to the fore, the sinister ways you have been able to challenge IPOB. First, you challenged IPOB by glaringly endorsing Operation Python Dance that killed innocent civilians! Secondly, you challenged IPOB when you nakedly lied about the whereabout of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra after the brutal military operation in his home. Moreover, you challenged IPOB when you fraudulently accused them of rape and extortion without any verifiable evidence to match your flippant rhetoric. Get it into your brain now that you have only challenged IPOB cowardly. You are not man enough to challenge the enormous strength of the Indigenous People. Stop living in a world of make believe! Orji Uzor Kalu is one man while IPOB constitute millions of Indigenous People scattered all over the world. How can the primordial interest of one man override the one of millions of people? It is impossible!

Sir, you also summersaulted again when you said Nnamdi Kanu could not learn from the legendary of the Biafran war lord, Late Ikemba, Odimegwu Ojukwu. Perhaps, you failed to grasp the simple arithmetic that if Nnamdi Kanu had failed to learn from late Ikemba, he wouldn't have opted for the path of referendum. He would have unilaterally declared Biafra through the barrel of the gun and damn the consequences. Yes, Ojukwu fought a war of attrition waged against his people and lost and also returned to contest for election.  His personal decision should not be used in any guise as the ultimate yardstick to measure for other genuine leaders who have returned to question the status quo. Human beings are dynamic and just like the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra is. You don't expect commanders in a war front to apply the same approach in their counter offensive against their enemies. Don't be deceived, Odimegwu Ojukwu lost the election because of the perennial irregularities that characterizes the Nigerian electoral process. Please, save yourself the usual abracadabra of people like us being the cause of his political failure. Such narrative is paltrily cheap for individuals with refined mind to swallow hook line and sinker.

However, how did you come to the conclusion that Nigerians and Igbo's alike doesn't like the kind of revolution Nnamdi Kanu and I is canvassing for? Or are you among the woodpeckers that derives so much joy in spewing lies from their comfort zone without adequate field work? If I may ask, what is wrong with Nnamdi Kanu's approach? A man that magnanimously called for a referendum! Is referendum no longer a veritable means of tackling issues like the question of Biafra? Maybe, he would have adopted the strategy of shekau of bokoharam so that the power that be will take him serious. If Igbo's are not in consonant with Kanu's kind of revolution, why did they complied overwhelmingly to his lofty call of boycotting Anambra State election? What about the one of 30th May? Sir, stop fabricating lies that won't stand the test of time. 95% of Igbo's are concretely behind Nnamdi Kanu. If you are doubting this obvious fact, advice the handlers of your so called great country to get ready for a referendum! It will be a decisive moment for every one of us.

Dr Kalu Orji Uzor, Sir, I expected you to analytically deflate some of the important issues I raised in my letter. Remember, during your days as the governor of Abia State, you and your cronies cornered 3.2 billion naira that belongs to the State. A State that has suffered cataclysmic economic plundering and backwardness since the return of democracy in 1999. Instead of you to account for your inimical role over the 3.2 billion naira that surprisingly developed legs and disappeared from the State coffers during your reign of financial malfeasance, the little you could do was to resort to grumbling and throwing of superfluous tantrums of how I never researched to know the actual sum your government was receiving as monthly allocation from the federal government of Nigeria. I am not here to pass judgement on you. I will suggest you remain bold enough to render account of your political stewardship in the court. Economic and Financial Crimes Commisssion have an unfinished business with you. Don't use IPOB as a bet in your drowning process.

By reminding me of the role you played to nip Obasanjo's third term ambition on the bud is outrightly needless.You don't expect me to start sponsoring jingles over a decision you took to protect your selfish interest as a political hustler. You were among the few lame ducks that mustered enough courage to challenge and knocked Obasanjo politically overboard does not make you a righteous man. Afterall, you only saw Obasanjo's rascality as an impediment to your ambition of contesting for the seat of the president and that was the reason why you fought him to a standstill. The 'angelic' picture you tried to paint yourself in that political brouhaha is rather laughable. There is no disparity between you and Obasanjo. Both of you contributed mercilessly to the mess that is exponentially and speedily eating up the British geographical experiment called Nigeria. You are among the political cankerworms that have arrested and retarded development in Nigeria. Your score card is there for all and sundry to see!

Sir, I will not mince words in commending you for the laudable feat you recorded at the age of 19 years by becoming one of the youngest millionair in Nigeria. During this period of time, people at least knew the way you were making your money. With all sincerity, what was your net worth before you became the governor of your State? Did you truly declare your asset? And after you left the corridors of power, you suddenly emerged as one of the richest people in Africa and in Nigeria! What kind of magic wand did you use? Please, people like Kalu Nwokoro Idika will like to know! There are millions of energetic and enterprising young men and women who will like to use this wand.

Moreover, it will be so immature for you to incite the women against me. I have never said anything that will warrant such an ominous conspiracy. I am a young man that ardently hold the womanhood on a high esteem. I have a lovely mother, sisters and several female acquaintance I respect and cherish so much. I have no reason to disrespect the womanhood.

Conclusively, sir, a day of reckoning is coming! It will be a day full of regrets! I mean, a day when Orji Uzor Kalu will stand on the judgement throne to weep profusely over his felonies against the children of light ( Biafrans ). Lest I forget, as we keep counting down to the day of reckoning, I wish you the best life can afford in this festive season. Cheers!

           Yours truly

            Kalu Nwokoro Idika

            For Family Writers Press

You can email Kalu at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @KaluNwokoro

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