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Saturday 20 January 2018



By Ekwenye Samuel
For Family Writers Press

It is well known all over the world that 20% of the supports and votes which saw to the victory of Donald J. Trump to the White House came from the Biafrans residence in the United States of America. We do not only vote for him overwhelmingly, but also made use of our judicious time campaigning vigorously for him in all platforms of social media network to make sure a God fearing man ascended the highest position in one of the world's most powerful country. Biafrans saw every reason of supporting you as something that is not supposed to be in vain, even when you promised making America great again and also said that Africa needs to be recolonised, we believed every word that you said because we know you to be a man of action who keeps to his words.
But, we the Biafrans who stood by you throughout your campaigns, inauguration and till now felt being abandoned recklessly without you trying to find out the depth of marginalization and injustice being meted against Biafrans in Nigeria today.

Biafrans across the states in Biafra land has staged a peaceful rally today, 20th January 2018 in remembrance of those that were shot dead by the Nigerian military a year ago.
Recall that it was exactly today, 20th January 2017 a year ago, at the White House, United States of America, that you were  inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States in which out of joy, Biafrans rallied in solidarity with your inauguration in Biafra land were shot with live bullets and massacred in their numbers by the Nigerian joint military forces comprising of the Military, Navy, Airforce and the Police while those they could not shoot, they arrested illegally and up till now are still incarcerated.

Not fewer than hundred young Biafran youths were killed directly or indirectly on that day due to sporadic shooting  of live bullets on unarmed Biafran agitators albeit peaceful by the Nigerian military.

The rally which took place today in Biafra land  was simply to ;
1. Mourn the death of the innocent souls of Biafrans killed on January 20th, 2017 by the Nigerian armed forces, while they were shouting '' ALL HAIL DONALD J. TRUMP OUR PRESIDENT ''.

2. To let you know that those who are freed were being supported by those who are already freed before them if not, freedom would not have been freedom today. Support Biafra for a referendum, and save the lives of innocent people being held and on daily bases are being slaughtered and sacrificed in Nigeria by the Nigerian government and her soldiers.

The light in Africa will shine again but that will be when the rising sun of Biafra from the East has fully risen, then it's rays will extend to brighten the world at large. We say and we believe that Nigeria is not a nation which is now crystal clear to all when few weeks back, four people among those president Buhari appointed into office had died many years ago, in which process, you described Nigeria's president as a senseless living being.

Nigeria is not a one nation bound in unity as they normally recite because had it been she is, all the citizens would have equal rights to living within the country without suppression and negligence.
We urge you president Trump to say no to one Nigeria unison by supporting referendum for the marginalized people of Biafra. Help save the hopeless people bound and held captive for slaughter in Nigeria.


Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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