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Monday 1 January 2018




Whenever I discuss the issue of Biafra with my colleagues and mention economic boycott, some of them will say “are you sure of factors that determine the success of economic boycott?  I do know that rights acivists have been experimenting with economic boycotts and business shutdowns to highlightl issues that  create human righs abuses.
If Igbos know how to play the economic game, the battle for Biafra is won and every other thing will take care of itself. Igbos are the economic breathe of Nigeria and  you know what happens when you have shut of breathe. Igbos can produce everything they need by themselves. Igbos can have their own bank and ensure that every Igbo man's kobo stays in Igbo bank supporting Igbo businesses and providing jobs for the Igbo youth. The question is, why are they not doing that. Some people question the effectiveness of disrupting "business as usual" and fear it could end up doing more harm than good.

I personally don't entertain this fear, if Igbos know their worth, Igbos can shut-down Nigeria in one day. Igbos developed  the whole of Nigeria, Igbos create jobs in every part of Nigeria and Igbos own the highest amount of money in all the banks in Nigeria. Therefore, I advise that Igbos spend their money at Igbo-owned businesses. The first step is to begin "shutting down business that are in Igboland, but don't necessarily put resources back into Igbo communities. For example, so many Hausas and Yorubas live and do business in Enugu, Onitsha, Port-Harcourt and other major business cities in Igboland, but they contribute absolutely nothing economically in the region, rather they take away plenty of money from the region and quickly sent it back to their own region, North and west. If other regions that make up Nigeria do the same, consciously or unconsciously, we will be going back gradually to the real constitution that brought the regions into one independent Nigeria. Since the system doesn't value Igbo lives, they shouldn't like Igbo money.. However, that's not the case, Nigeria want Igbos money but not the Igbos. Therefore, it is not the duty of Nigeria to change their attitude towards the Igbos, rather, the Igbos to change their economic attitude towards Nigeria.

Nigeria works to decapacitate Igbo businesses from the creation of this fraudulent country.  Yet, Igbo political jobbers chose to sell out Igbos and their land to keep their selfish political ambitions with Hausa/Fulani within the fantastically corrupt Nigeria kwowing they have no chance in good governance. Onitsha main market is the biggest market in West Africa and people from all works of life come to Onitsha to buy their goods. Igbos go to China , US, Europe and other parts of the world to buy goods, what makes them think that they have to take their goods to people in their door steps before they can sell? Igbos made themselves a plantation everywhere they go.

Igbos are bush clearers, water wagers,  people show them forests where they should build a market as a way of welcoming them, and this goes on and on. But after they must've cleared the bushes and built the markets, the same people conspire against them to demolish the markets , the reason being that the government needs the area and they will map out another bush for them to clear. So, when will Igbos stop clearing bushes for other regions of Nigeria? This has even extended to Cotonou. The government of Benin Republic has given Igbos a bush to clear and build their market as we speak. What is happening to Igbos? How is it  difficult for the Igbos to continue to expand their own markets in Igboland instead? It feels like there's a curse following the Igbos. Wake up people, it's time to end this stupidity with Nigeria and all others.

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