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Sunday 28 January 2018


{28th January 2018}

By Maxwell Chuks
and Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel

People shouldn't be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people - that's an immortal/notable word from Alan Moore. And with that, we say Welcome to Family Writers trending Spotlight of the week.

Let's move straight to what we have here on Spotlight desk.

• Nigeria: Container loaded with military uniforms and weapons, disappears from Apapa port.
This happened on the heels of wanton killings in the country by Fulani herdsmen. *Now the question is - How can a container loaded with arms and ammunition vanish in the midst of Nigeria forces securing the port?
Hmmmm.... Conspiracy.

• Bishop Kukah on it again!
"You are not prepared for governance" - Kukah slams president Buhari over herdsmen killings.

• During the week; Our Spotlight camera focused in Delta state where traditional ruler (Ovie) of Uvwie, His Majesty Emmanuel Sideso cried out and say: "Nigerian military is selling our land". He called on the Federal government to direct Army to stop retailing unused acquired land for 3 battalion army Effurun, to outsiders.

• Still on issues concerning Nigeria!
During the week, Benue group protest herdsmen killings in London, petitions British Prime Minister. They embarked on the protest by what they describe as 'The Fulani terror group who have killed more Nigerians than the Boko Haram'.
*It's good they noticed that Fulani herdsmen have slaughtered people in Nigeria more than Boko Haram. But the question is - Without doing the most needful and switching to immediate self-defence, will ordinary protest bring to an end these barbaric killings by Fulani terrorists known as herdsmen? Still watching...

• NNPC! Guess what they did again......
They said they are planning to sell petrol, others to West African countries by 2019.
*Lol.. Same NNPC who couldn't produce enough petroleum products for Nigerians, planning to sell products to other countries? Lol.. Sounds somehow funny.
Anyways, we are watching.....

• "We're delivering our campaign promises" - that's according to Buhari.
Oh yes! They are really delivering their campaign promises and plans. At least, there's hardship in the country, fuel scarcity, bad roads, harsh/unfriendly economy, unemployment, Lies from the government to the masses, herdsmen killings etc. Applause for them.

• "Send Army after killer-herdsmen" - Anambra monarch tells president Buhari.
*Recall: This isn't the first niether is it the second call on Buhari to send Army after the terrorists called Fulani herdsmen. But Mr. Bubu have refused to respond to the call.

• Cattle colonies: Southern states shun federal government's request for land.
*Very GOOD.

• Moving ahead on Spotlight.
"The arms being used by Fulani terrorists are coming from Nigeria armoury" - Prof Iyorwuese Hagher voice out.
*You know we've been wondering and also questioning how these herdsmen got the sophisticated weapons which they do use to carry out attacks. Also, we've severally ask why the military appears immediately after attacks, and arrest/stop youths whenever they want to revenge or go after the killer-herdsmen. Hmmm.. More is yet to be revealed.

• Buhari and his APC government!
Guess what they did again........................
They've vote N5.30bn for grazing reserve development. During the week; the federal government led by Buhari embarked N5.30 billion  on what they refer to as 'National grazing reserve development for 2018 budget' which is being considered by National Assembly.
*Surprise? You don't have to because this is all about Buhari and Nigeria.

• Let's move ahead.
Cattle colonies: "Buhari pursuing Fulani supremacy agenda" - that's from Prof Nwabueze.

• Shortly after Nigeria's former President, Olusegun Obasanjo wrote a letter to Muhammadu Buhari, telling him not to contest for presidential seat again; IPOB hailed Obasanjo, mock Igbo politicians who endorsed Buhari for second term.

• "We can never allow young Nigerians take over power, simply because they insulted us" - that's from prominent APC member, Governor El-rufai of Kaduna state.
*Hmm.. This tells you that "The youths are leaders of tomorrow" which they say, is a mere grammatical expression. These people have vow to manipulate the country till they die. Welcome to Nigeria!

• During the week; confirmed report has it that an outbreak of cattle disease in Kastina state, have killed 13 persons, government vaccinate 3000.
*There is fire on the mountain. At this point, I don't think we need a prophet to tell us to boycott beef. Boycott cow meat (beef).

• Matters still arising in Nigeria.
Federal government of Nigeria orders security agencies to monitor social media in Nigeria.
*You may love to ask who the targets are. Anyway, the answer is not farfetched. IPOB and anti-Buhari government. You know, in recent time, social media have been a means by which the ills and evil activities of the government is often criticized and exposed. So they want to shut the people up.
But whatever be the case, we are still watching...

• During the week, federal government of Nigeria rejected US conditions for sale of fighter jets.
*On this issue, only those who know what it's all about, will understand why US government came up with the conditions. Alright, let's not go deep into it till further notice.

• Again, still on Fulani herdsmen and Cattle colony. Guess what.............
Yoruba leaders rejects cattle colonies, ask FG to declare herdsmen terrorists.
*There have been calls on Buhari to declare the wild killer-herdsmen terrorists but the government bluntly refuse to adhere to the call. From Spotlight desk, our submission on this issue is that there's no need to wait for them to be declared terrorists because everyone already knows they are terrorists. The major thing to do is to sit up, reject anything which have to do with them, and also deal decisively/treat them as terrorists which they are.

• Restructuring: Eastern Consultative Assembly calls for election boycott.

• "Fulanis are unbeatable, Nobody can fight us" - Fulani leader boasts.

• Moving ahead.....
Groups to honour Nnamdi Kanu for enlightening and opening the eyes of Nigerians on issues.
*Good, well deserved.

• Matters still arising...
During the week; Federal government of Nigeria led by Buhari, engaged international media consultants to tackle IPOB.
*Hmm.. So they did when they were trying to stop Radio Biafra but woefully they failed. They just want to waste another billions of dollars.

Here, we draw the curtain. Always keep in touch with us, and do not forget to visit our website for updates and articles from Family Writers.

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