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Sunday 14 January 2018


{14th January 2018}

By - Maxwell Chuks
and Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel

"We are nothing on earth if we are not in the first place the slaves of a cause, the cause of the people, the cause of justice and liberty" - that's a notable/immortal word from Frankz Fanon. With this, we say Happy New Year, and welcome to the first special edition of Spotlight Of The Week.

• First on Spotlight, we have the statement from Reno Omokri, where he said: "Nigeria is satanic slaughter house, it is no longer a nation".
Hmm... Recall, when Nnamdi Kanu said this in 2014 and warn of the dangers ahead, he was called a war monger and purveyour of hate speech. Now, here is the handwriting on the wall.

• "Nigeria is few inches away from civil war" - CEDRA cries out over herdsmen killings, demands emergency NASS session.

• Northern elites panic as new Biafra Radio Hausa makes wave in Northern Nigeria.

• On herdsmen killings,
"Buhari has abandoned us, I'm losing control" - Governor Ortom cries out after Fulani herdsmen slaughtered dozens in Benue state.

• We then move over to BiafraLand, Umuahia Abia state precisely, where Nnamdi Kanu's family cried out loud and said: "Tell DSS to stop harassing us".
Recall - Reports has it that DSS and other Nigeria security agencies have laid siege in the home after they stole properties from the family house.

• Still moving ahead with what we have on Spotlight desk... "Federal Government of Nigeria yet to pay us N88billion compensation" - that's according to Civil War victims.
Heheheee... Sounds somehow funny. The question is - Weren't they told that it's a mere promise used by Nigeria government to seduce and divert their attention from the struggle for Biafra? Obviously, they were told and warned when the promise was made.

• During the week; Nigerian Bar Association slammed president Mohammadu Buhari over the way he is handling the incessant slaughtering of people by Fulani herdsmen. They said "You see nothing wrong in killings by your kinsmen".
In support to that, we on Spotlight desk said "Gbam".

• Matters still arising in Nigeria,
Guess what it is again...... NUPENG versus NNPC.
"NNPC spent billions of dollars maintaining refineries with no results" - NUPENG kicks because of Fuel scarcity.
* Now, looking at what's going on, the fraudulent activities in the administration in Nigeria, you'll understand that the funds meant for the maintenance of refineries are looted back to personal pockets. There is no refinery maintained, all are lying critically bad. With these, they say Nigeria will be better for the masses? Story.

• "Forget the noise, Boko Haram insurgents have been defeated" - that's from Buratai, Nigeria's chief of Army staff.
Lol... Here they come again!. Same people who told us early 2016 that they've defeated Boko Haram but the insurgent group grew more wild and became worse. Hmm....
The matter didn't end there... Nigeria military also added that Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau is in terrible state of health.
* Another story.. But the question is - Is he a pussycat that have 7 lives which makes him resurrect each time the military says they've killed him? And another question is - Do the military now communicate with him to know his state of health?. Anyways, these are ponderable questions which need answers.

• Still moving on,
After Fulani terrorist herdsmen slaughtered dozens in Benue state; Miyetti Allah, said "Benue MUST modify grazing laws for peace to reign".
Hmm... This tells you that these people slaughter people because of grazing bill, they want to forcefully take over people's land. Mind you, the 'MUST' in that statement indicates that if the grazing law is not modified, they will continue slaughtering people. Welcome to Nigeria!
But the big question is - Is it by force for people to give out their own land? Very sad indeed...

• During the week, Amnesty International condemned the killings carried out by Hausa-Fulani herdsmen. They asked the government to arrest and punish all those involve.
* Again, the question is - Will federal government of Nigeria led by Buhari, ever arrest and punish Fulani herdsmen(his kinsmen) for killing Christians? Let's watch.

• Biafra - "Produce Nnamdi Kanu and his family within three weeks or face our wrath" - two Igbo group tells Buhari.
Ghen! Ghenn!!!!

• IPOB have voiced out again!
Guess what they said...... "Nigeria government is terrorising Nnamdi Kanu's community".
This came shortly after report from the community has it that the Nigeria military have laid siege in every part, nooks and crannies in the community.

• "We will resist 'Grazing Colonies" - Yoruba group says as they condemn the killing carried out in Benue state by Fulani herdsmen. The group further said president Mohammadu Buhari is promoting ethnic supremacy through his indifference to Fulani genocide and savage manslaughter.

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