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Tuesday 23 January 2018



Written by Moses Agbo For Family Writers Press

The frequent release in thousands of the members of the globally ranked dreaded terrorist organisation, Boko Haram by the Mohammadu Buhari led APC government is something any sane person should properly think about, especially with the present brutality orchestrated by a glorified set of individuals who believe and always brag that Nigeria is an estate of their forefathers.

It is not only unfortunate but disheartening, that a supposed government whose responsibility is to protect lives and property regardless of religion or ethnicity is even the one exposing their citizens to danger and destruction, with some hidden agenda out of hatred and religious extremism.

The unabated slaughtering of Christian indigenous populace in different parts of the Nigerian States is not alien to the activities of Boko Haram terrorists, who always believe that any other religion apart from Islam is a scam. But what makes the matter worst is the interest and passion that the Buhari led administration is having for this so called herdsmen who are ravaging all the regions of the country, terrorising everywhere using all kinds of sophisticated weapons, slaughtering in hundreds, the indigenous Christians, raping the women and destruction of goods and property. This is far beyond the normal nomadic cattle rearers we used to know.

What is more worrisome is that rather than the authorities to cub the perpetrators of this continuous ethnic cleansing, they  shield them with securities. The Nigerian government imposed grazing franchise on the people, giving some flimsy reasons for such and going after anyone who tries  to defend him or herself from the Fulani killer squad.

From the above assertion, it points to the fact that it is not far from the  rumours that there is a massive conversion of the so called repented Boko Haram members into its 'baptised' Fulani herdsmen who have the same passion and aspirations of killing like that of the Boko Haram. I wonder when and how these killings will stop.

One would also wonder why any responsible and reasonable leader would like to release in good numbers,  members of  one of the most dreaded terrorist organisation even when they are still in control of their acclaimed territories, killing civilians and the Army in higher rate, or does it really mean what the rumours about the conversion of Boko Haram members into a 'baptised' phrase called Fulani herdsmen is taking place? Why would any caring leader also think about seceding some portion of lands nationwide to a set of private nomadic farmers in a bid to stop them from carrying out terrors to the citizens? How much is the government generating from nomadic farming in Nigeria annually or what is their personal interest towards that?.

There are many questions begging for answers on why the Buhari led administration in collaboration with his co genocidist, massacred and labelled the most peaceful unarmed freedom fighters {IPOB}, as a terrorist organisation, made away with their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and others, coupled with many Biafrans who are still incarcerated unjustly for their political beliefs. The Nigerian government turned a blind eye to the Fulani herdsmen killings but has its eyes fully on a people who demand for self-determination peacefully without bearing arms.

While we alert the International community on the unabated slaughtering of indigenous Christians in Nigeria via a well planned Islamic agenda as masterminded by President Muhammadu Buhari and co,  we are also letting humanity to note that what is good for the goose is as well good for the gander. If the federal government of Nigeria deemed it fit to release Boko Haram members, who are known worldwide as a deadly terrorist organization, I wonder why innocent Biafran activists  still suffer in different Prisons. What they seek is nothing other than freedom, fairness, equality in life, equity and justice in all ramifications.

Edited by Ngozi Kalu
For Family Writers Press

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