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Monday 8 January 2018



A Poem Written by Solomon Iwejuo of Family Writers Press

As I gaze at Nigeria as events speedily unfold, I see a country whose inhabitants are at crossroads, with hope lost, grave fate and misfortune staring them in the face.

Herein in Africa, lies a country founded on lies, nepotism, injustice, selfishness and disunity. She is an amalgamation primarily conceived and delivered for the exploitative satisfaction of her colonial masters (the British).

At her birth, fears and doubts of her survival and fulfillment of destiny filled the hearts of the people because of the events surrounding her conception.
And barely seven months after her delivery, thirty months of genocidal war occasioned by mutual distrust, unforgiveness and greed from within her divergent components, broke out.

Contrary to her cherished national flag in green and white colours, grave disunity amongst different tribal citizens became increasingly pronounced. There was virtually nothing in common to share in affinity. Even those remarkably endowed with natural resources became the worst marginalized, enslaved and oppressed.

Up till date, the war is yet raging more dangerously than ever. Lies, deception, hypocrisy, terrorism, extra-judicial killings and enslavement have peaked unrelentlessly.
It has become a land soaked in blood flowing daily from the killed with a cross section of the leadership turning vampires while others surrender their rights to unwarranted fears of inferiority.

As I gaze, I can see the future bleak. The colours of the respected national flag of green, white, green, wear off. I can see generations of children wandering about like abandoned orphans without parental care, and majority of whom are looking haggard, gloomy and rejected. Their hearts are saturated with flows of hurting blood, a state of gross social misdirection.

This is an anomaly which has tumbled their future with absolutely no hope of survival.

Oh Nigeria, a country conceived and delivered into fate and misfortune!

You are a country with no tint of redemption!!

The supposed mighty has irredeemably fallen!!!

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