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Saturday 20 January 2018



By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi
For Family Writers Press

From time immemorial, Africans have divided themselves into three groups. Group that places' the blame about the underdevelopment of African countries on Africans themselves, those that placed it on Europeans who came to Africa and for 300 years carted away millions of human resources, natural resources and artifacts from Africa and lastly the docile group who cares less if Africa is growing or not. Those who blame Africans maintained that even if Europeans decimated Africa, 50 years after the Europeans left Africa, Africans ought to have shown seriousness in their bid to be placed among developed nations of the world.

In this write up, I am going to try to find a truce between these two sides, use some events in Nigeria and some other African countries to do adequate justice to this topic.

The recent development on the "shithole" tag by the first citizen of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, many Africans have been attacking the outspoken President for allegedly referring to Africa as 'Shithole countries'. Some called him a racist President, some said he shouldn't have used such a negative name to describe a whole continent. Personally, as an African, I am also not happy that someone perceived and described my continent in such an ugly manner, but truth be told. This is not about who said it but what we should be looking at is the truthfulness of the statement. And to help ourselves further, we should ask some pertinent questions like 'Is Africa really a "shithole" continent? If No, why did President Trump regard it as such? And If yes, why? This will enable us shun hypocrisy and face reality.

I expected Africans to show their frustration and anger not on President Trump, but on themselves and their leaders who have held them down for centuries. Is it not funny that in Africa, some leaders have ruled their countries for more than 30years and counting, with nothing to show for it and how they continue to win elections is something I can not fathom. As Africans, we should start tasking our leaders, instead of this smelly acts of hypocrisy. We should in a sincere revolutionary act, challenge those that are leading us today because they are the reasons we are belittled. For the fact that Africans channeled their anger on President Trump depicts that Africans are not ready to tackle the demons that have vowed to make life difficult and miserable for them.

Nigeria prides' herself as giant of Africa but in Nigeria, the government does not provide citizens with housing, no pipe- born water, no steady electricity and no security, in fact, all the social amenities that aids in making life easy are lacking in Nigeria. Fulani terrorists masquerading as cow herders, wiped out a whole village in a night without the government  blinking an eye in condemnation to such absurdity. The government defended the fourth world  deadliest terror group (Fulani herdsmen) saying they are not terrorists but ordinary criminals and in the same vain branded the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) a terrorist group, you can imagine such imbecility cum idiocy of the highest order. These Fulani invaders kill Nigerians with impunity and in most cases threatens another bloodletting if their murderous demands are not granted, yet the government shields their barbarity hence, aiding and abetting them. What a hypocrisy of a failed state.

Sometime ago, the Nigerian military bombed a well known IDP camp where those who were chased out from their homes by Boko Haram terrorists were seeking refuge and claimed it was a mistake. This  shows how untrained and unprofessional the Nigerian military could be.
The government budget outrageous amount for irrelevant things like barbing of the presidents hair and paying of Aso Rock rents. They pay  themselves huge salaries and allowances, yet we provides every thing for them and still bear the brunt. We even pay for every of their holiday trips, medical trips and even spontaneous luncheon abroad. The people who ought to put them on check are unfortunately aiding them in their evil dealings against the masses. The people have been so strangulated and shortchanged in every aspect of life, yet they worship and sing praises to the same leaders who sees them as animals and perpetrates evil against them. This is very very unfortunate. What a pitiable and shameful situation we all found ourselves.

However, Libya today has been transformed into a colony of slave marketers. This was a country that has been growing economically under Gaddafi before the European and American leaders in connivance with the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, killed Gaddafi using Libyans themselves and thereby destroyed the country by letting if fall prey in the hands of the Islamic terrorists (ISIS).

The Western world seemed to be targeting every courageous African leader who tries to liberate his people from the shackles of European slavery and supremacy.

These abnormalities in Africa that prompted this 'Shithole tag' can not just be blamed on Africans alone, neither can it be blamed on the visitors who came and carted Africans away for 300 years. The two sides of the coin is adjudged guilty here. The Africans who gained independence since 50 years ago have practically refused to grow. Nigerians with oil could not transform themselves. Instead of building a united country, they rather enthroned bigotry, injustice, ethnicism, nepotism and marginalization among numerous others. Also the West apart from their atrocities of the past on African continent, have continued to work with corrupt African leaders to loot Africa and keep her down from growing.

Therefore, instead of attacking the only American President to ever tell us the truth about what we are without mincing word, we should rather look inwards and take a decisive action against these selfish and corrupt African leaders and their Western collaborators. Africans should drop the blame game and face their problems head on.

Join the revolution now and stop being docile on the issues concerning Africa. Biafra must resurrect to liberate Africa because in Biafra, Africa died and in Biafra an egalitarian Africa for all, will be rebirthed.


Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press

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