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Thursday 1 February 2018



By Ogeh Friday Igiri
For Family Writers Press

There's no gain saying that Biafra is our only inheritance and the only nation we can proudly call our own. A lot has been done by our forefathers who fought the good fight to defend Biafra against alien invaders in the form of the Nigerian government and her cohorts in preserving Biafra nation for us. Despite all said and done, the fight for Biafra - our inheritance is stronger today than ever before.

Inheritance is what was inherited from parents, guidance, friends or partner. It is to be preserved with all level of carefulness and diligence as to hand it over to someone else who will hand it over to another person for continuation. Biafra is like an inheritance bequeathed to us by our fore-bearers. It is like  light that ruminates all dark forces and which we will hand over to generations coming after us.

We inherited Biafra from our forefathers and we ought to do everything within our human capacity to protect the country irrespective of what the enemies may do or try to do to take it away from us.

The Hausa Fulani, those elements of perfidy and destruction from Futa Jalon, who came into Nigeria illegally with the singular aim of causing war, destruction, domination and contaminating everything they come into contact with that perversion called radical Islam. They are doing everything they could to subdue and overpower Biafra by all means with the use of terror, force and political subjugation. But failure and confusion shall overwhelm them because Biafra is an ideology that can not be destroyed.

In all parts of Biafraland which is our inheritance, they are scattered with the same objective and in some areas they have commenced their terror attack by rapping our women, killing our people, destroying our farmlands and crops, all with the same goal which is nothing but to conquer; overtake and force their Islamic  religion on Biafrans.

The only way they could have their way is by giving them the free hand to operate. The only way to resist the devil is by rebuking it and it will simply flee from you. The only way to resist the devilishly Hausa Boko haram and  Fulani herdsmen from taking over our inheritance is to resist them by rebuking them and their activities hence avoid giving them our land for greasing of cows.

The enemies prepared properly before coming out for this assignment. They are well equipped to carry out this satanic operation and they owe nobody any explanation in executing that. They have  men and women that command fame and money in different sectors of the country, who also give them all the needed support to function effectively. But the only way we can protect our inheritance from being taken away from us by this agents and sons of perdition is to gather the boldness to face them in all angle they may come.

There is a great need for Biafran young men and women to stand strong because plans have been concluded to take over their inheritance from them, if that is done Biafrans will remain slaves forever. For those who are still hanging on the fence, the time is not too late to join hands together with IPOB under the supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi kanu to prevent the plans of the rampaging Hausa-Fulani from coming into fulfilment. If there is anyone who by any means is scared of doing his/her bit in this noble inheritance, then he is not worthy of being part of the inheritance in the first place.

Our fathers have suffered a lot to build this territory which they handed over to us and we must not let the enemies destroy it. What stories shall we tell our children if we carelessly lose this inhabitance to the enemies? We can not afford to cover our faces with shame and perpetual regret should we let that happen. History will pronounce anathema on our names and that is one recrimination too many, that we can not afford.

There is no better time to stand up to our right than now, Biafra is our right. Let us unanimously say no to Fulani  supremacists disguised as herdsmen, let us stand up against jihadist attacks disguised as boko haram attacks, let us stand against maiming and subjugation of our people, kick against radical Islamic agenda being enforced on our people, let us support the restoration of Biafra as a sovereign state. Only in Biafra will our future and that of our unborn children be secured.

Edited by Ikeyahkadibia Onyeji
For Family Writers Press

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