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Sunday 18 March 2018



- 18th March 2018 -

•••• By Maxwell Chuks
and Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel.

Welcome once again to the trending Spotlight of the week from the news desk of Family Writers Press. As usual, we'll feed you with trending updates, info and reactions which took place during the week.

First on our desk we have
• "Mass protest imminent in 88 countries without Nnamdi Kanu's return" - That's from IPOB.
Recall: The home of their leader Nnamdi Kanu was invaded September 2017 by the Nigerian military who also abducted him. The group said they'll embark on protest if he's not released by the military.

• Next on Spotlight is of HURIWA.
The group condemned persistent Fulani instigated genocide in Nigeria, blames presidency for failing to proscribe Fulani terrorists known as herdsmen.

• Still on matters arising in Nigeria; "IGP's plan to disarm vigilantes in South-East suspicious" Igbo Ekunie Initiative react to the order by Inspector General of Police of Nigeria, Ibrahim Idris for all firearms to be submitted to the police.
*Really suspicious.

• "Be ready, never allow infidels to rule Nigeria again" - a Muslim cleric, Abubakar Giro Argungu tells Muslims in Nigeria.
He said: "The infidels of this country are busy poking their fingers at us. We also want to poke our fingers at them."
Hmmm... Still watching.

• Down we move over to OgoniLand.
Guess what......
MOSSOP vowed to resist alleged Federal government plan to build prison, cemetery in the area.
* Huh! And we ask, why prison and cemetery? Why not build infrastructures that will improve the well-being of people in the area? If really the government cares for the people, why not cleanup the oil spill in the region? Anyways, we are still watching...

• Nigeria: Libya returnees says they prefer going back to Libya, suffer and die there rather than face the corrupt government and unfriendly hardship in Nigeria.
*Very pathetic.. If your really know what people are going through in Nigeria you'll see reasons with them.

• "Use peace and love to fight evil" - Nigeria vice president, Osinbajo tells Christians.
This came as an advice on how to tackle Fulani herdsmen who have been causing havoc, killing Christians in all parts of the country.

• Buhariiiiiiiii...
Guess what he said after the masses blast the government over insecurity which led to the abduction of Dapchi schoolgirls.
He said "Unlike Jonathan, I acted fast".
Huh! Jonathan is very lucky this time, that Buhari didn't blame him and past administration for the abduction of the girls.

•  "What manner of president gives order in January and only realised in March it was disobeyed? - Fayose questions president Buhari's claim that he ordered IGP to move over to Benue state where Fulani herdsmen slaughtered citizens, but he disobeyed.

• Still on Spotlight, report has it that Nigeria and 28 African countries need food aid.
Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said the condition and hardship in these African countries remain unchanged since 2017.
*Are you surprise that Nigeria, the giant of Africa is among? You don't really have to because Nigeria is the worse.

• Biafra -
During the week, African Union upheld justice against Nigerian government, tells FG to hands off issues concerning IPOB, and stop harassing the group and rights of the people till its final ruling on the matter.
Ghen! Ghen!!!!
But the question is, will the government obey the order? Let's watch...

• Still on Spotlight,,, something happened during the week. Guess what it was......
Trump fired US Secretary, Rex Tillerson via twitter. Hush!
The matter didn't halt there. In reaction, report from IPOB intelligence revealed that he was fired over visit to Nigeria where he had some black deals with the government of President Buhari.
* Oh! Bad market for Mr Rex Tillerson.

• "Rex Tillerson's sack won't affect Nigeria" - FG of Nigeria led by APC condemn and react shortly after the sack of Rex by President Donald Trump.
* But the question is, Why the panic if the report dropped by IPOB intelligence, as reason for his sack isn't true? Huh! Wonders shall never end in Nigeria.

• Nnamdi Kanu and paresnts' disappearance: Ibeaku community cries out, demands to know whereabouts of their missing traditional ruler, wife and son. They also said the Nigerian military who invaded the community where they destroyed the palace and killed many persons, desecrated the peaceful community and Royal Palace.

• Shortly after FOA cried out over the bad condition and hardship in Nigeria; World Happiness Index dropped a report.
Guess what they said.....
"Nigerians are getting happier".
* Holy Jesus! What a pathetic and deceitful statistics.

• Catechist, several others killed in Benue as Fulani herdsmen strike after Buhari's visit.
* Recall, Benue people observed Sit-At-Home during President Buhari's visit to the state but barely 3 days after the visit, the terrorists whom Buhari said are not terrorists and refused to proscribe, invade the state and slaughtered dozens again.

• Still on Benue state and Fulani herdsmen.
"Herdsmen have destroyed 500 churches in Benue" - that's according to Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

• "Who cursed, bewitched Nigeria with this leadership" - Fani-Kayode questions Buhari's red carpet walk in Plateau after Fulani herdsmen slaughtered citizens in the state.

• Still on Fulani herdsmen matter;
Herdsmen invasion: Ebonyi community deserted, over 30 houses was razed during the week.
But Buhari said "Fulani herdsmen are not terrorists". Welcome to Nigeria.

• During the week;, Many died in Lagos as Yoruba, Hausa youths clash.

• Boko Haram and APC government of Nigeria at it again!
Guess what.......
Report has it that Boko Haram allegedly demands for 20billion dollars to release the abducted Dapchi schoolgirls.
Hmmm... Recall: The government paid ransom before the release of some Chibok girls last year. Note: The ransom initiated and paid by Buhari-led government, strengthened and made Boko Haram to be financially buoyant to buy more sophisticated weapons which they use in carrying out deadly attacks and abductions.
*There's conspiracy somewhere...

• "Fulani herdsmen killings in Kogi State is a family affair, we shall resolve it" - that's according to Yahaya Bello, Governor of Kogi state.
*Huh! The terrorists razed communities, killed 35 people and the governor say it's a family affair. Who is really deceiving each other here?

• We move back again to issues concerning BIAFRA and IPOB.
During the week,, Human Rights lawyer, Bar Maxwell Opara blamed Nigerian military for Nnamdi Kanu's disappearance, says they should account for his whereabouts.
*And we say GBAM.

• Down in Zimbabwe; during the week, youths protested by planting banana trees in potholes to get roads fixed. The protest bore fruits, Kadoma municipality is now rehabilitating most of its roads after the protest.
*That's Zimbabwe, not in Nigeria... In Nigeria, even if you plant coconut trees or Iroko trees in the potholes, the government cares not.

• Biafra: IPOB writes UN, USA, Office of the Prime Minister of Israel and others on the ruling of African Commission On Human And Peoples Right (ACHR), against Nigerian government, and ask International community to prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari's administration to obey court order.

• Still on Issues concerning Biafra;,,
During the week, IPOB participated at the biggest national event in Ireland.
*Good. Despite the proscription by Nigerian government and falsely declaring IPOB 'a terrorist group,' the group is still gathering momentum and gaining more international recognition. That tells you that the whole world knows the truth about IPOB.

----- With this, we draw the curtain on Spotlight of the week. For articles and more updates from Family Writers Press, visit ------

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