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Saturday 3 March 2018

Fulani Herdsmen Strike Again, Chopped Off Man's Hand In Proda Enugu State

Breaking: Fulani Herdsmen Strike Again, Chopped Off Man's Hand In Proda Enugu State

Kingsley John Chibuzor Reporting from Enugu state, for Family Writers Press

Enugu - The Fulani marauders clamped down on a sand dealer in Enugu state putting his life in danger as he is currently battling for survival in Enugu hospital as am filling this report.

According to an eye witness, on Wednesday 28th of February 2018 at Enugu (ABO), Proda building sand site around the evening time, an averaged young man (name withheld) was taking his bath by the stream within the sand site when four Fulani herdsmen who also have thatched houses somewhere near the stream, came to him while he was still taking his bath and ordered him to vacate the place and excuse them so that they too(Fulani) will have their own bath. Though the young man has not finished bathing, but tried to explain to them that it was either they wait for him to finish or make use of the upper side of the stream.

As the young man was still explaining to them, they started threatening  to deal with the man mercilessly if he did not heed to their order to leave the stream immediately. The man thought that those threats from the Fulanis was mere words and continued  to bath. The four Fulani men at this point descended on him, beat him to stupor and gave him a deep cut on his arm that his hand was nearly chopped off with their sharp machete they are with.

The sand dealer was able to save his life when he went on his heels and  escaped dying in the hand of those Fulanis, and alerted his colleagues at the sand site.

The eye witness who declined that his name will be on print said that, when the victim alerted his colleagues, they went in search of those Fulani herdsmen and while reaching their thatched houses could not fine even a single Fulani man present. The eye witness continued, "as it stands now, there is serious tension everywhere within and around Proda building sand site in Enugu state as the Fulani herdsmen sensing the nearly dead man they gave a cut will alert his colleagues in the sand site called the Nigerian Police for protection". When the young sand dealer alerted his colleagues, they became angry and went in search of those Fulani herdsmen but could not find them before the arrival of the Nigerian Police.

As am reporting this, the killer Fulani herdsmen are nowhere to be found while the sand dealer who incidentally has been hospitalized and is fighting for his life is under the police hand-cuffs and is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. The Nigerian Police have also sealed the sand site till further notice, preventing other sand dealers from working and making use of the site.

Stay Tuned As We Bring To You Detail Of Events As They Unfold.

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