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Saturday 28 April 2018



Dear President Donald Trump,

   I am delighted to write this warm and heartfelt letter to you. Ever since you emerged as the US President, this is my first time of writing officially to you. Perhaps, words are not sufficient for me to express my joy over the pyrrhic victory you recorded in the last US Presidential election. Though, there was a serious clandestine gang up among the power brokers. Many fought tooth and nail against your candidacy

Media giants, such as CNN, BBC and a host of other media outlets took it upon themselves to defame and run down the political efficacy of your person. But against all odds, you surmounted and rattled many political Thomas in the global politics. Once again, congratulations over your victory and also for the giant stride your administration has recorded in the shortest period of time. I have always believed in the political mojo of your candidacy and that was the reason why Biafrans all over the universe campaigned vigorously for your success when you went to the poll irrespective of the strong repudiations from some political mischief makers that miscalculated our collective resolve

Sir, this letter will be presented in three folds. First, to remind you the plight of the oppressed people of Biafra. Secondly, to bring to your knowledge again, the murderous disposition of the man (Mohammed Buhari) you are slated to meet on the 30th of April, 2018 in the White House and lastly, I will summarise by  making a passionate appeal to your government to act now before the situation of things will get out of hand. Remember, a stitch in time they say, 'saves nine'
               PLIGHT OF BIAFRANS

Sir, Biafrans are the indigenous people occupying the Eastern part of the British creation called Nigeria. 95% of Biafrans are Christians and republicans in nature. Since the forceful amalgamation of the Southern and Northern protectorate in 1914 by the British economic hitman named Lord Lugard, Biafrans unfortunately have continue to be an endangered specie. Millions of Biafrans have been killed and chased away from their ancestral homes by the marauding children of Othman Danfodio. From 1966-1970, Nigerian government in collaboration with Britain orchestrated the worst genocide in the history of mankind against the children of Light (Biafrans) which saw the starving of one million children to death and the total of 6 million innocent Biafrans losing their precious lives in a war that was completely avoidable

Biafra is a land blessed with rich natural resources and great human potentials. Our natural resources ranges from crude oil, coal, gas, limestone, rubber and many more that time and space wouldn't allow me to outline but in the midst of this plenty, Biafrans are still fraternising with poverty. It is a known fact that Nigeria is called today an oil producing country as a result of the huge crude oil deposit in Biafra land. Even the best brains that navigate the economy of Nigeria are Biafrans. We constitute the economic live wire of Nigeria. Without the material and human potentials of Biafrans, Nigeria is nothing but a walking corpse

Biafrans are facing the worst fate in the history of human race. Shell with other multi national corporations that are into oil exploration have polluted Biafra land through a wide spread oil spillage. Our old retirees can't cultivate on the farm land again (unprecedented oil spillage has contaminate the farm land) and aquatic life totally destroyed.This atrocious act is been executed with an affirmative approval of the Nigerian government. As an oil producing region, coupled with the billions of US dollars that accrues into the government coffers annually, there are no good roads, schools, hospitals, no standard international and local airports, seaports, no job opportunities for Biafrans and the penchant for official corruption is rife. Only infinitesimal nonentities from the region are benefiting from the lopsided structure of Nigeria.These political scoundrels only fight to protect the interest of their family members and cronies at the expense of aggrieved millions of Biafrans scattered all over the world. They have never represented the interest of Biafrans and will never do

Biafrans have continue to live in fear and misery. More than 30 million hard working Biafrans are domicile in Europe, America and Asia as a result of these economic and political emasculation. There is no better life and future for Biafrans in Nigeria hence, the frenzy to seek for a greener pasture beyond the shores of Africa becomes inevitable. A people swimming in abject poverty in the midst of plenty. The most humiliated and oppressed people in the world. How long will this persist? This is an important question that is begging for a serious answer


Sir, frankly speaking, I am highly elated that you have finally invited Mr Buhari to the White House. It is a political move I have been expecting to see for a very long time but remember, he that dines with the devil must do that with a long spoon

Sir, are you aware that the man you will be meeting on the 30th of April is a mass murderer? He was among the psychopathic beasts that ordered and supervised the killing of 6 million Biafrans from 1966-1970

On the 20th of January 2017, he ordered the slaughtering of 11 peaceful and armless Biafrans who were on a solidarity march to your government (Trump Solidarity Rally) in the city of Port Harcourt on the day of your inauguration! Are you also aware that between 2015 and 2018, more than 10 thousand Biafrans have been killed with machine guns and chemical weapons? And unccountable numbers illegally incarcerated in military dungeons? The man named Mohammed Buhari singlehandedly spearheaded the military invasion of the home of the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (Nnamdi Kanu) in Afaraukwu, Abia State under the code name, 'Operation Python Dance II' which led to the killing of 28 innocent civilians and many decimated and rendered incapacitated for life. What a collateral damage! Till date, nobody knows the way about of the leader of IPOB, the mother and father after the brutal military raid

Are you aware that between 12 and 14 December 2015, over 1000 Shiites (IMN- Islamic Movement Of Nigeria) were massacred through a bloody military operation under the command and control of the man you will be meeting on the 30th of April? Not only that, the leader of the Shiites movement (Sheikh Ibrahim Elzakzaky) was brutalised, humiliated and shot several times. As it stance now, he has lost one of his eyes and partially paralysed because of the ruthless torture and inhuman condition of the dungeon where the murderous government of Nigeria dumped him. The wife was not spared. She was shot multiple times on the stomach while three of his sons who were on vacation were shot point blank in different locations

Sir, are you aware that the man you are slated to meet on the 30th of April is a terror sponsor? Bokoharam (a terrorist organisation) once appointed him as their sole mediator. Since his government came on board in 2015, he has released and compensated dreaded bokoharm commanders with millions of US dollars.This has aided the rampaging and unrepentant killers to acquire more lethal weapons and reinforced to maim innocent citizens with impunity

Sir, are you truly aware that there is a serious ethnic cleansing that is on going in Nigeria? In a place called middle belt, mothers, fathers, young youths and children have been massacred in cold blood. Infrastructures worth millions of US dollars destroyed and thousands of people displaced from their homes. This pathetic situation compelled an influential former Major General named Theophilus Danjuma to accuse the military of colluding with the terrorists to snuff life out of innocent civilians. He called on the people to rise to the ocassion of defending themselves againt the marauding herders or they face the worst extinction in the near future. Devilishly, some criminal elements masquerading as 'ASO ROCK CABAL' angrily called for his head for speaking the truth

On the 24th of April 2018, two catholic priest and 13 other parishioners were shot and dismembered into pieces and the man called Mr Buhari sees nothing bad about it. Nobody has been arrested for all these mayhem. We have not heard any form of condemnation from the PAPACY. All we hear are conspiratorial condemnations that holds no ground from the Nigerian Presidency. They tell trivial lies of how the police and the army are working lazily to apprend these depraved killers (Fulani terrorist organisation) who are operating under a Presidential cover

I want to also bring to your knowledge that the man you are slated to meet on the 30th of April does not have respect for the rule of law and constituted authority. This is a man that has disrespected several court injunctions,  hounded and cowed the judiciary to become mum. He has intimidated and arrested political opponents on trump up charges. A man that has no regard for merit and competence. He appointed his cronies and incompetent love ones to man all the security formation in the country without considering the principle of FEDERAL CHARACTER. He is nothing but a treasury looter and a mass murderer enmeshed in clannishness and self ego


Sir, I am not in any way trying to castigate President Buhari or neither are my penning down all these things about him in other to flog up sympathy. I am only writing the truth and nothing but the bitter truth. A lot of terrible things have been committed under the political stewardship of Mr Buhari but surprisingly enough, democratic role models like America is not raising an eyebrow. Does it mean that Biafrans are not valued when compared to the kind of response that the power brokers gave to the Syria gassing saga? Is it because we are blacks that comes from a dark Africa? America with other power brokers (France and Britain) never hesitated to send ballistic missiles to bomb down Assad chunk of chemical facilities to ashes. Millions of Biafrans have suffered the worst fate more than the people of Syria but nobody has been held to account for it. What did we commit to deserve this wicked conspiracy from the people we share the same faith with and political inclination? It is rather disheartening that things are falling apart this way

Sir, I want to appeal to your conscience that America and other world leaders must 'act now' before the situation of things will blow out of proportion. I must state the obvious fact that Biafrans are running out of patience and if something is not done urgently, we might resort to any defensive mechanism at our disposal to revise this ugly trend which many will not like including you

We are not asking too much! We are not asking for Ministerial appointments, the position of the Senate President, to become the President or the vice President. We are only asking for a well organized and supervised REFERENDUM. Biafrans should be given the opportunity to decide their political future. It is their political right. The call for a REFERENDUM is never a call for war. We want to test the POPULARITY of 'one Nigeria' through the Ballot. One Nigeria through the barrel of the gun is nothing but a full blown fiasco

Instead of resorting to the use of violence in fronting our lofty demands, we whole heartedly embraced the path of REFERENDUM. We believe strongly that REFERENDUM will quell and solve all the problems that have breeded internal wrangling, suppressed peace and development for more than 57 years now and still counting, in Nigeria

Sir, your government must persuade President Buhari and his co travellers to set a date and conduct a transparent REFERENDUM. There is no alternative or option to this demand

However sir, you must order President Buhari to release all Biafran political prisoners that are languishing in different prison facilities in Nigeria. He must release Benjamin Mmadubugwu, Bright Chimezie Ishinwa, David Nwawusi, Chidiebere Onwudiwe and other legions of political prisoners unconditionally. Biafrans are peace loving people and not trouble makers. These innocent Biafrans have not committed any crime that will warrant their torture and illegal detention. Thousands of Bokoharam (a terrorist movement) members who have wrecked unimaginable disaster are been released, compensated and recruited into the army, police and secret intelligent agencies by Mr Buhari and no individual has the temerity to question him over such a security miscarriage. He is an overlord that rules with iron fist

Conclusively sir, I am so glad that you are making America great again! America has returned to it's glory because of your charismatic leadership. Obama almost reduced America to a toothless bull dog in the eyes of other power brokers. I will call you a child of necessity. You came when Americans and the world at large needed you the most. Thank you very much sir, for cleaning up some of the mess Obama left behind. But remember, to whom much is given, much is also expected of that person. You must make every concerted effort to reposition things in Africa. Africa must be a liberated people under your watch. This is a task you must complete

God bless Biafra!

God bless America!

In God we trust!

Accept my letter in good fate!

                         Yours Truly

                      Kalu Nwokoro Idika
                    For Family Writers Press

You can email Kalu [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @KaluNwokoro


  1. i'm deeply hoping, that president Trump will get and reade this message and chaging mind against the zombie zoo idiot and fight for BAFRA Independence.
    Long live the USA, long live BIAFRA.

  2. Apart from one or two "zoo expressions" this time, a great write up. Remember that every such a script meant for an audience or receiver at this level MUST BE VERY CAREFULLY WRITTEN AND INTERNALLY CONTROLLED before sending out. Every little mistake can destroy the intent otherwise. There is no excuse for any error. The world watches everything we do during this struggle to get BIAFRA.


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