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Monday 23 April 2018



By Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya
For Family Writers Press

It baffles me that some people find it difficult to be consistent in their life and in whatever they believe or do. Today they are here, tomorrow they are the other side. They are unstable! Run away from such people even in relationships such people cannot be trusted with anything tangible. If you do trust them, you are on your own. They will smash your trust when you least expected it. Such people always find it difficult too to follow good leadership because of their unwavering manners and wrong attitudes towards leadership because they want to be seen as Oga or Madam "I know it all". Oga and Madam "I know it all", humble and follow people who can deliver. IPOB is that leadership that can deliver.

I came online yesterday and saw a lot of posts here and there about voting in 2019 elections. I just laughed Her Excellency's way and shook my head but with no surprises. Don't be surprise my people, this is just the beginning. Many political alignments are going on. They started this alignment since January ending. More people who have not spoken up yet will still speak very soon in an attempt to deceive our people just to undermine IPOB. These are the people that if they had told you 6-7 months ago will change like chameleon to take this position, you wouldn't have believed it. They have contacted some of us to join them since January 2018, but we rejected their offers and told them to die with their offers and that IT IS BIAFRA OR BIAFRA.

But where were all these self appointed advisers and political jobbers that are advising IPOB up and down on Facebook, these years our people were suffering and gnashing their teeth in pains and agony before Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB came to the rescue?

Also, after Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB raised high the tempo of Biafraexit last year, from no where these same people started singing "Restructuring" day and night. About 7-8 months ago, everywhere you turn to it was singers of "Restructuring" shouting on top of their voices; not because they are interested and serious but just for them to stop IPOB and to go against IPOB stand of total exit from Nigeria. That very call for "Restructuring" has monumentally and woefully seized and failed.
Now, they have composed a new song which is that Biafrans must "vote" just to still go against IPOB. This one too has failed and died a natural or forceful death before its arrival.

I love all the grammars and explanations I read on those their posts. They were beautiful oo, but what has it achieved for us? over 50years of constant sufferings, marginalisation? No infrastructures, no seaport, no airports, no functional refinery, no water, no light, no jobs etc that has been hitting our people badly before Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB came on board to chart a new course and way forward to a better nation for our people. These new things you said you saw now, why haven't you seen them since these past years our people were suffering? The devil is a liar. We cannot be deceived again. Our people have been deceived for too long. NO MORE. We Biafrans cannot miss this opportunity God has given us in Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB because if we miss it this time it shall be life time slavery and bondage in Nigeria. Tufiakwa! I forbid it.

As they are campaigning night and day, you will think their Oga and Madam has any good thing to offer our people. Nothing!
Now, that they are ceaselessly and vigorously campaigning for voting, who are we/they going to vote for? Ask them what has happened and what has changed between 2015 and today? Did you people just wake up and think that everything have changed because IPOB said boycott Nigeria's elections?

Biafrans, we must NOT follow these people to that destructive part of maintaining status quo. That part and that road they are telling you to follow leads to endless slavery and servitude. Reject it now!

Mazi Nnamdi KANU where are you?  Why did they take you away now? They did that because they know they can make our people change overnight. But we must remain unchanged, unshaken and unwavering.

Consistency wins the race. Why do you say the first boycott was not effective despite its successes?. Perhaps, you thought so because it did not stop the corrupt Nigerian system from manipulating the result as they usually do even when you voted. Who told you they were not rattled and threatened by that boycott? Who told you it didn't make impact? If it didn't make impact, why are they going about recruiting our people to stand against IPOB election boycott? That Anambra election boycott made serious impact. If you doubt it, go and ask Willie Obiano why he's quiet like a grave yard.

IPOB must remain consistent on the path and programs she has chosen, despite all these diverse and discouraging personal opinions and views driven by unstable and wavering emotions powered by greed.

I'm happy that Charles Ogbu and others I read their posts yesterday on this issue said their posts were purely personal opinions just like any other person's opinions. Those things you read yesterday and will still read after now from any other fellows on PVC and voting are NOT IPOB's OPINION. Therefore, it does not stand and not an issue for consideration until IPOB says so. And if IPOB says so, we will equally tell you. For now, disregard those dissenting voices and remain resolute.

We must continue to follow Mazi Nnamdi KANU, IPOB and not any other person. Any other person is a hired servant. To us, any opinion and advice contrary to Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB's order is against our collective good and Biafran interest and we stand to reject them at all times.

IPOB is the only one who cannot change at the middle of the road!

IPOB is the only one that cannot be bribed by anyone or any government in the world!

IPOB is the only one who has the interest of all Biafrans at heart.

IPOB is the only one who has the clear road map on how to take Biafrans out of Nigeria and get us Biafra and not any Biafran politician or supporters of politicians.

As I end this piece, read a comment of madam Ij Onuigbo on Charles Ogbu's post:

"Charles I am just worried that when our people start voting, things will go back to status quo".

MC Holyman comment on the same post:

"The fulani strategy is yielding fruits faster than they could believe.
Strike the head and the sheep will scatter.
Nnamdi KANU is out of the way and his greatest allies now spit on his ideals.
Money buys a lot of things" end of quote!

Victory is surely ours.

Biafra restoration is a done deal. it doesn't matter what contrary view anybody has or thinks about it. It is Biafra or Biafra. They came late. Their mistake is waiting until we know that Biafra is real. Since we have known, no going back.

Support The Republic of Biafra Referendum!

#Boycott #Boycott #Boycott #BiycottNigeriasElectiobs

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