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Thursday 26 April 2018



• By Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel
For Family Writers Press.

Once again, I am not writing as a foreigner or as an infant, but as an unapologetic Biafran from Ogoni, who chose to fight for Justice and the freedom of my people.

Ogoni is a large town in Biafra land, a relatively small but mighty set of people found in Rivers State, Nigeria.

It is a well-known fact, that SHELL and the Nigerian government destroyed Ogoni-land through indiscriminate oil exploration since 1958 till date while treating the people with disdain.
It is on records that between 1958 and 1993, Ogoni land alone yielded to SHELL and NIGERIA about $41Billion Dollars.

However, it is unfortunate and extremely excruciating that the people of Ogoni are left to suffer and die in abject  poverty. How can someone live in a place with air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution?
For God's sake these are the necessities of life and in the absence of these, it then means the Ogoni people have no life left in them.

These problems propelled Ken Saro Wiwa and others who rose up to ask questions on why such should be the portion of the Ogoni people, and the Fulani government of Nigeria led by the then Gen Sani Abacha in connivance with Shell led by Brian Anderson of Britain organized a military crack down on the Ogonies. At the end of it all, nine Ogoni intellectuals led by Ken Saro Wiwa were hanged to death in one day, amongst others in 1995.

Furthermore, since then has anything changed up until now? NO! the darkness in Ogoni land is exponentially alarming, despite large oil reserve in Ogoni land, the people have no  electricity. when it is night in Ogoni land there is total darkness everywhere, a situation even an owl will scarcely survive.
Recall that in 2011 the UNITED NATION ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM (UNEP) made an environmental assessment of Ogoni land and made recommendations as to what should be done, like to clean up the the oil polluted sites, and provide social amenities for the people.
But till today the Nigerian government has done nothing and will still do nothing about the situation of the Ogoni people of Biafra extraction. Rather they use it as campaign tools and political propaganda by the Nigerian Media to deceive the people to believe in hopelessness.

These have proven beyond reasonable doubt that Nigeria is a failed State, there is no hope in Nigeria.

The only solution we have now is to struggle for self-determination which is BIAFRA. Therefore I call on the Ogoni people to rise up and take what rightfully belongs to them.
I also call on good people, lovers of freedom, round the world to support BIAFRA Referendum .

Time is running out!

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